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A young boy is saved by a guardian angel, a deceased relative pays a visit and more on this edition of Campfire! Bender was not the first person to encounter one of the creepy MIB, but there’s no denying it was thanks to him that the enigmatic issue became known widely. A resident of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Bender was not just a devotee of all-things ufological.
As Bender’s interest in UFOs expanded, he established his own journal – Space Review – which attracted a sizeable, worldwide audience. Gray Barker – an author and publisher on matters relative to UFOs – was an acquaintance of Bender and ultimately became a friend. The purpose of this article is not to delve into all of the intricacies of the Bender controversy, but to demonstrate the incredible extent to which Bender’s account influenced the world of entertainment. The Invaders is hardly a solitary example of how the Men in Black have infected the world of on-screen entertainment.
Then, there’s the equally popular and successful Matrix movies, starring Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Laurence Fishbourne.
There are also “The Observers” from Fringe, a sci-fi-themed show that ran on Fox from 2008 to 2013. In my view, and based upon my lengthy studies of the MIB phenomenon, the Strangers of Dark City are the closest fictional things to the real Men in Black.
Dark City, Men in Black, The Matrix, The Invaders, and Fringe – and more – all owe a debt of gratitude to Albert Bender. One of the most prolific Fortean writers on the planet, Nick Redfern is the author of many books, including Men in Black, Chupacabra Road Trip, and The Bigfoot Book.
The legendary Brad Steiger joins us to talk about all things paranormal including his latest work. Micah & Jim talk about a mysterious UFO sighting by commercial pilots, updates on the Loch Ness Monster, reincarnation, the universe as a simulation and more on this edition of The Paranormal Report! On December 5th, 1945, five US Navy bomber planes were making their way over the waters of the Atlantic during a training mission. This is one of many tales surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, an extremely enigmatic area of the Atlantic Ocean, that when viewed from above, creates the shape of a triangle. While these theories all harbor serious debate and controversy, the mystery remains as to why this certain area seems so active with unexplainable disappearances.
Stretching from Ludington, MI to Benton Harbor, MI, and then all the way to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, this triangular portion of Lake Michigan has inspired many anomalous events. The legend behind this mysterious triangle began to spread, and more and more stories began to be told of tragic accidents and unexplained phenomena surrounding the waters. The Burle Triangle is comprised of Mount Pilat, Mount Mezenc, and the small town of Le Puy, in France.
One of the more peculiar aspects of many of these plane crashed were that of UFO sightings in the areas making up the triangle. Whatever was happening over the skies of the Burle Triangle, it seemed that some sort of aerial phenomena didn’t want the planes there. Similar to the Bermuda Triangle, this area of water is located in the Philippine Sea off China’s eastern coast. These disappearances led the Japanese government to acknowledge the area as a danger zone and to send a team of scientists to study the triangle. Situated in southeastern Massachusetts, the town of Bridgewater sits smack dab in the center of an area whose points stretch from the neighboring towns of Abington, Freetown, and Rehoboth. Other areas of the Bridgewater Triangle have boasted high amounts of UFO activity throughout the years, including one in 1760 that could possibly be considered one of the first recorded UFO reports in history. Perhaps one of the more terrifying aspects of the Bridgewater Triangle were reports of cattle mutilations in the forested areas. While some of the activity in the Bridgewater Triangle has been documented, not all of it can be substantiated.
While no singular answer can explain the plethora of mysteries in each and every one of these areas, it is interesting to note that they all seem to run the sharp three lined path of a triangle. According to western culture, the orientation of a triangle can have powerful meaning as well. One could speculate endlessly as to why such mysterious and terrifying things have happened at each and every one of these locations. An entity seems to possess a woman, loved ones come through to their loved ones left behind, angel stories and more on this edition of Campfire.
Casper is an online retailer of premium mattresses for a fraction of the price because everyone deserves a great night’s sleep. Each piece of SCOTTeVEST clothing is engineered with a TON of pockets to hold all of your gadgets and gizmos…everything from a memory card to a tablet! A strange ball of light, a haunted childhood home, special messages from passed loved ones and a story revolving around a beloved pet are all part of this week’s Campfire! Since the years following World War II, “flying saucer” has been widely recognized as a household term. Descriptions of UFOs vary greatly enough, in fact, that no single explanation has ever been offered that accounts for all of the kinds of aerial phenomena observed over the decades. Among these are reports of the so-called “flying triangles”, objects which are typically described as large, silent, slow-moving triangular objects which are dark enough in color to nearly blend in against the night sky, save only for lighted portions which are often reported at the corners, as well as the center of the base of the objects. Clearly, the FAS entry excerpted above does appear to reference the giant triangular UFOs which have risen to prominence over last few decades. Indeed, many have asserted that these strange aircraft are the result of some secretive U.S.
Whatever their origins, as stated previously the “flying triangles” are indeed unique among UFO reports for the consistency they provide. The first of these, which I collected from a South Carolina resident named “Aaron”, occurred in October 1998, just outside the town of Liberty, South Carolina.
As I opened the door to get out of the car, I looked up, and at around a 45 degree angle to my line of sight was a black triangular object. At the time, I was 17 years old and thought that I had witnessed something extraterrestrial.
I grew up in Enon and as a child there were B52s at this airstrip where the triangle was headed. The witnesses’s description that the object appeared to move more slowly than he did while traveling by car is not unusual, per se, at least as it relates to flying triangle reports.
I’m hoping that one day soon the pentagon will take the wraps off these things so I can be vindicated in the eyes of my family. Note here the recurring sense the witness expresses that these aircraft are some variety of military aircraft, rather than being of exotic origins. A final report for consideration here was supplied to me by a woman who, along with her late husband, observed a large, black triangular craft as it passed above them at low altitude in August, 2002. The witness noted that the object moved perfectly silently, and that she had been given the impression that she and her husband observed it for much longer than they realized, as it was nearly 2:30 AM when they returned indoors. Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests include history, science, current events, cultural studies, technology, business, philosophy, unexplained phenomena, and ways the future of humankind may be influenced by science and innovation in the coming decades. One of the many curious aspects of the UFO phenomenon is that relative to so-called “waves” and “flaps.” Over the years, there have been more than a few occasions upon which UFOs have intruded into our airspace to a significant degree.
Even a cursory examination of the history of the UFO phenomenon demonstrates that sightings of so-called “black helicopters,” “phantom helicopters,” and even “silent helicopters” abound. Official documentation on the encounters has surfaced from the Air Force, the FBI, and the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD). The odd saga proceeded to get even stranger: “…personnel reported the object as low as 200 ft. Of particular note is Unidentified Helicopter Sighted at Low Level Over Loring AFB, a file that adds further weight to the theory that there had been major, serious invasions of secure facilities – facilities that appeared to be not so secure, after all.
A NORAD document of November 11 provides the following, which demonstrates even more high-strangeness: “This morning, 11 Nov 75, CFS Falconbridge reported search and height finder radar paints on an object up to 30 nautical miles south of the site ranging in altitude from 26,000 to 72,000 feet. An encounter with a violent demon, synchronicity, a practical joking spirit, a guardian angel and more on this edition of the Campfire! Christopher shares many little known facts between the true story and how the movie differed from the reality. Millions of people all over the world suffer from “coulrophobia,” or an excessive fear of clowns. Not to mention the fact that many clowns are more garish and gaudy than silly and funny, and their exaggeratory movements also cause children to recoil, not knowing what to expect or how to react.
But adults hate clowns, too, and no doubt it’s the deep trauma to the psyche they experienced in the past, a continuation of fear of unfamiliar, masked beings that often appear to be happy, yet tragic…nice, yet homicidal.
But aside from the perspectives of child psychologists are researchers, clowns also have a dark side to their history. Native Americans have their own clowns, called “tricksters” who represent the mischievous Coyote spirit and are considered sacred to the community. The first known use of the word “clown” comes from the English “clowne,” meaning “rustic, boor, peasant,” and often clowns were considered clumsy, poor heathens in the 16th century.
More modern clowns don the recognizable red nose, big shoes, crazy colorful clothing and wigs, with features hidden behind makeup, and are comical in nature.
Clowns usually perform routines without dialogue, but often involve props such as today’s squirt guns, unicycles and tricycles, hoses, fake flowers and hoops. Today, clowns run rampant through our pop culture, with television, movies and novels offering up everything from Red Skelton’s tragic Dodo the Clown in the 1953, “The Clown,” to the popular 1960s television show, “Bozo the Clown,” to the guy who sits on benches in front of millions of McDonald’s franchises, Ronald.
Over the evolution of the clown, the exaggerated movements and increasingly garish make-up and clothing began to take on a more sinister tone. Grimaldi wore bizarre costumes and stark white face paint with bright red cheeks, and a blue Mohawk. Grimaldi was followed by a more sinister clown figure in France in the early 1830s, that of Jean-Gaspard Deburau’s “Pierrot,” a white face clown with garish red lips and black eyebrows that mimed his performances. Twisty was, in fact, so horrifying he spawned a formal statement in 2014 by the Clowns of America International group, who distanced themselves from this more brutal, negative portrayal of clowns in the media. In May of 1990, a Wellington, Florida woman opened her front door to a man dressed as a clown holding balloons and flowers. In 2014, towns across France experienced a wave of teenagers dressing as clowns and harassing people. The clown crimes in France gave rise to a whole new breed of vigilantes known as “chasseurs de clown,” or clown hunters, who stay on the lookout for aggressive clowns and costumed criminals. Gacy created a character named “Pogo the Clown,” and would dress up for parades, children’s parties and local fundraisers in his clown costume, which, since his death, has become a popular Halloween costume annually. The association of clowns with the most horrific and brutal of crimes was solidified by Gacy, because he made real the imaginings of fictional stories. Then there are those clowns that really exist in houses just like the one next door, stealing our innocence with crimes of such brutality, it makes the mind spin.
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When the “modern era” of Ufology kicked off in June 1947 – thanks to the famous encounter of Kenneth Arnold at Mt.
He was also heavily involved in – and interested in – all manner of paranormal, supernatural, and occult phenomena.
When he learned that Bender’s exit from Ufology was prompted by a series of chilling, intimidating visits from a trio of ghoulish men dressed in black – and with nothing less than glowing eyes and sporting fedoras – Barker knew this was a story that had to be told. Five years after Flying Saucers and the Three Men was published, ABC aired a short-lived, but well-remembered show called The Invaders. In the show, the Observers dress in dark suits, wear equally dark fedoras and skinny black ties, and have pale skin and emotionless faces and characters. Had it not been for that strange and sinister series of encounters in Bender’s “Chamber of Horrors” in the early 1950s, it’s highly unlikely any of those shows and movies would have turned out the way they did. Lieutenant Charles Taylor was in constant communication with the base, updating them on the progress of the mission. Dating all the way back to 1891, a schooner by the name of Thomas Hume, and seven other men, were making their way across the lake to retrieve a shipment of lumber. Eleven members of the Benton Harbor House of David were making their way across the lake in the Rosa Belle ship. Some even claimed that the triangle was some sort of inter-dimensional portal where ships were hopping in and out of time. The area was named after the extremely high winds and snow storms in the area, and it holds the French record for unexplained aircraft accidents; surely a record nobody wants to hold. One in particular occurred in 1943 when a fighter plane plummeted to the ground, leaving a sole survivor. Their vessel, the Kaiyo Maru No, also went missing, prompting the Japanese government to abort the study. They include USOs (unidentified submerged objects), time warps, and electromagnetic anomalies. Unlike the other triangles that encompass mountain ranges or bodies of water, this triangle mostly stretches across land, and is littered with countless claims of paranormal activity.
This is a five-thousand acre area that includes an eight-thousand year-old Native American burial ground. A multi-witnessed event occurred in 1968 when five people claimed to have seen a strange all of light hovering through the trees of Rehoboth. In 1970, there were various accounts of a seven foot tall hairy beast wandering through the area. But one thing is clear; whatever is going on within the confines of this area is beyond unusual, and many paranormal investigators continue to travel its supposed points of origin, trying to narrow in on one of the most active paranormal hotspots on the planet.
One can speculate endlessly as to why this may be, but perhaps the symbology of the triangle itself could bring us a bit closer to an answer. But one thing is for certain; we have, throughout many decades, shaped the narrative of these incidents around that of a triangle, almost fearing the word when tragedy strikes. I think you should try their products. CLICK HERE AND use my special discount code JIMHAROLD to get 20% off of your SCOTTeVEST purchase. However, within the broader range of UFO reports that have been collected over the last several decades, there are some reliable examples that have emerged, which also present consistencies from case-to-case, particularly in recent years. In fact, the prevalence of triangle UFO sightings has resulted in a number of books, articles, and television documentaries devoted almost entirely to solving the mystery of their appearances. Military project, with some further asserting that the triangles are likely a variety of platform blimp developed by DARPA.
Over the years, this author has collected reports and corresponded with a number of individuals who have claimed to have had their own encounters, a few of which we will review here (though some of the names of the individuals who supplied these reports have been changed or omitted, due to requests for anonymity).
As I came around a bend in the road my headlights malfunctioned causing me to stop the car. In many instances, these objects appear to be capable of hovering, in addition to a number of other unusual airborne maneuvers that involve such things as clockwise rotation, as described by “Lance”, a contact who reported observing one of the craft behaving in this manner in the evening sky over Jacksonville, Florida, in 1999. We kept checking in that direction and watched as the now amber light kept coming straight at us. With his writing, he has covered topics that include controversial themes such as artificial intelligence, government surveillance, unconventional aviation technologies, and the broadening of human knowledge through the reach of the Internet. In part, it reads: “The past two evenings at one of our northern tier bases, an unidentified helicopter has been observed hovering over and in the near vicinity of the weapons storage area. The site commander and other personnel say the object appeared as a bright star but much closer. Christopher Saint Booth has compiled The Exorcist Diary which details the real story on which the film was based. In fact, fear of clowns is one of the most widely known phobias in the western world, alongside snakes, heights, and Sharknado movie sequels. In a 2008 study done by the University of Sheffield, England, 250 children between the ages of four and 16 were asked how they felt about clowns.
Other studies point to the inability of children, and most adults, to read a person’s facial expressions when covered in make-up and masks, thus giving a sense of distrust to all things clownish. In fact, clowns might even remind us of our own dual psyches and serve as mirror images for society in general, and the ongoing battle between good and evil, known and unknown, revealed and hidden, ugly and beautiful. Dating back thousands of years, most cultures have some sort of clown, trickster, jester or joker that employed masks, make-up, wigs and bizarre clothing.
Native clowns usually don masks instead of make-up and each one has a part in the greater mythology of the tribe. Some people blame Stephen King’s 1986 novel, “It” for putting clowns in the sewer, literally, with his horrific “Pennywise,” and others say it was that nasty clown doll in the movie “Poltergeist,” but clowns-gone-bad have a deeper history.
Andrew McConnell Stott, Dean of Undergraduate Education and English professor at University of Buffalo, New York wrote in his “The Pantomime Life of Joseph Grimaldi” about the famous pantomime of the early 1800s Regency London stage, Joseph Grimaldi, whose theatrical portrayals of a clown are celebrated every year in an East London church where congregants dress as clowns in his honor.
His physical comedy was masterful, with leaps and handstands mixed in with hilarious satire.
Deburau may have added to his clown portrayal’s dark nature when he (Deburau) killed a young boy with his walking stick in 1836 after the boy shouted insults at him. Horror movies in particular love to take liberties with clowns, turning them into psychopathic ghosts (“All Hallow’s Eve,”) or interdimensional ancient demons stealing children (“Sinister”), and perhaps the creepiest of all, the terrifying Twisty of “American Horror Story” fame. He shot her in the face, killing her, and drove off in a white Chrysler LeBaron, as per a story in the May 26th Sun Sentinel. Some clowns have gone further, such as the axe-wielding clown arrested in Besancon, France, or the clown who beat a 35-year-old man during an attempted robbery in Montpellier. In Mulhouse, five teenagers were arrested after forming an anti-clown resistance with tear-gas, baseball bats, batons and brass knuckles. Gacy’s story has spawned a few movies and even “Gacy” Halloween parties where people dress up as Pogo the Clown. Up until Gacy, we could be afraid of clown killers, but figured we might never actually encounter one. In a study published in the January 2013 issue of “Journal of Health Psychology,” the presence of “therapy clowns” actually helped reduce pre-operative anxiety in children being prepped for various surgeries. Ryan managed to get some killer shots of Walker Wilkerson's reverse entries from the trackside scissor lift that are definitely worth a look in their own. Tony Angelo and Ryan Tuerck were on hand in Belarus to oversee operations and give drivers tips. Chris Szczypala put together this video highlighting the weekend's events from the biggest East Coast, and possibly National? The World at PBIR Watch this in car camera document all of Ryan Tuerck's runs up until his defeat against Justin Pawlak.
He was the man who thrust the Men in Black – and the mystery surrounding them – into the public domain in the 1950s. Rainier on the 24th of the month – it prompted numerous people to get involved in the study of the phenomenon. He even converted his attic-based abode into what he termed his “Chamber of Horrors.” It was a dark and foreboding place filled with paintings of demons, witches, ghosts, and more – even an “altar,” one that was designed to summon up who knows what from who knows where.
Running for just two seasons, The Invaders told the story of a man named David Vincent (actor Roy Thinnes) who finds himself caught up in a nightmarish battle against hostile aliens.
Of course, the most visible and obvious example is the incredibly successful trilogy of Men in Black movies starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.
They’re known as “The Agents,” computer programs whose job it is to prevent anyone from getting close to the truth of the simulated world of the Matrix of the movies’ titles. Would they have even existed without Albert Bender’s widely publicized run-ins with the MIB? Not unlike The Matrix in many respects, Dark City – which was released in 1998, one year before The Matrix surfaced – is an intriguing production. The second traces down to San Juan, Puerto Rico and the remaining point to complete the triangle is none other than the island of Bermuda.
And while no clear explanation can solve the puzzle, it has become a cautionary tale to steer clear of the Lake Michigan Triangle at all costs. Supposedly, more than sixty people have died in miscellaneous plane crashes throughout the years.
This man went on to claim that he’d witnessed a multitude of small, multi-colored lights surrounding the aircraft before it made its tragic descent. Could something more mysterious even be hiding the mountains, making this planes lose control and spiral to a fiery end?
While may unusual explanations could attribute to the disappearances, seismic events seem to be the main culprit. One of the most extensive studies on the area was done by author, Charles Berlitz, who ambitiously connected the Dragon’s Triangle to the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. When archaeologists stumbled upon a site of tombs, they noticed that the red ochre around the graves began to bubble, and then mysteriously disappeared. Another major event occurred in 1994 when an law enforcement officer reported seeing a triangular craft with red and white lights ominously floating through the night sky.
Both Bridgewater and Massachusetts State Police conducted an extensive search for the creature, assuming it was a bear. But legend also has it that grisly murders of the human-kind have also taken place in the forest, attributing this to cult members as well. Could this possibly have something to do with why these triangles seem to form over bodies of water? He is the author of the upcoming book, “Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon”, published by Richard Dolan Press. Air Force investigator Edward Ruppelt introduced the term “unidentified flying object”, or UFO, which was devised with hope of employing a more ambiguous, catch-all term that could be applied to a wide variety of alleged aerial phenomena. While this may be a likely explanation for the origin of the objects, no conclusive data has been presented which helps confirm this. It appeared to be about the size of a large commercial airplane, and had three dim red lights near each corner. As I have grown older, I have come to think that this may indeed have been very terrestrial in origin.

When it was almost on top of us it was like we became frozen to the spot staring at this light that we could now see had a dark shape behind it. Whatever the case, the number of similar reports of these objects, now spanning several decades, does seem to support their existence… which is more than can be said of many other varieties of alleged UFOs which have traversed the public consciousness since the late 1940s. Micah lives in the heart of Appalachia near Asheville, North Carolina, where he makes a living as a writer and musician. Attempts to identify this aircraft have so far met with negative results.” In other words, something intruded upon the most secure part of the base and no-one was able to determine what was afoot or even why.
While the papers in question definitely suggest that a helicopter (or something that, superficially at least, looked like a helicopter) was the culprit, other reports are not so easy to explain. But how and why did something so seemingly innocent as a man or woman dressed in polka dots, a funny wig and a big red nose become such an example of evil, a depiction of demonic, and a symbol of sinister? Most of the children disliked them, and even feared them, including images of clowns, claiming that they were “odd” and not funny and also felt “unfamiliar.” No kidding. Not being able to gage the person’s emotions or intentions behind the face paint creates a sense of anxiety and uncertainty, and on the flipside, allows the clowns to engage in manic behavior they wouldn’t even think of without the cosmetic coverings to hide behind. They also serve as an archetype to the Peter Pan within us all, and the fear of “adulting.” The director of talent for Ringling Bros. Known as Auguste, or “red clowns,” these happy clowns originated in the 19th century world of theatre and variety shows and all tend to look the same in general, and have separated themselves from what we know as tricksters, jesters and fools (each having their own distinct look and mode of dress). We can look to the work of great authors and playwrights for evidence of evil clowns afoot, such as the notorious murderer “Pagliacci” in the Italian opera of the same name by Ruggero Leoncavallo.
Plenty of urban legends exist of phantom clowns that terrorize towns all over the world, usually men dressed as clowns standing on the side of deserted roadways, or knocking on doors of lonely single women. These vigilantes triggered an official warning by the Police Nationale that anyone, either clown or clown hunter, found with any kind of weapon, would be arrested. His mode of death was strangulation or asphyxiation, and he buried many of his victims in the crawlspace of his house in Norwood Park Township. Another 2011 study in the “Natural Medicine Journal” showed significant improvement in children with respiratory illnesses after they played with therapeutic clowns.
We cringe at the inconsistency of a colorful clown with a terrible frown (forgive the rhyming!). He even headed over to China for the WDS series and took home a victory over other American drivers such as Matt Powers and Kyle Mohan. The video produced by Andrew Escarcega highlights some of Matt Powers performance while in China. Throw in YouTube hype man Ken Block and off-road truck racer Brian Deegan and you have one assembled team to drive you to your limits and potentially become a champion. If you pay close attention to this video you can even catch a cameo appearance by Ryan Tuerck drifting an S14 before running into mechanical issues. It should be noted, however, that Barker omitted most of the really weird material, preferring instead to imply that the MIB were from nothing stranger than “the government.” Then, six years later, Bender came briefly out of “retirement” to pen his own book on the eerie affair, Flying Saucers and the Three Men. In the movies, the primary characters are “J” and “K” (who were named after MIB pursuer and author John Keel, of The Mothman Prophecies fame).
It stars Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connolly, Richard O’Brien, and William Hurt. The triangle, however, isn’t officially recognized by the United States Board on Geographic Names, nor acknowledged on any maps. Let’s take a look at several places throughout the world that also boast these three-pointed tales of mystery. When locals didn’t hear from the men for a few days, a search and rescue team were sent out for the crew. Another similar event occurred in 1965 over Mount Mezenc, where two F-104 planes went down. Whatever was happening at the Burle Triangle remained a mystery, and continues it’s enigmatic lore even up until today. According to the myth, dragons live deep beneath the surface and their movement can suddenly churn up waves, whirlpools, thick fog, and sudden storms.
The Dragon’s Triangle is a very volcanically active area, and were said to be the fault for the disappearance of the vessel of scientists. No matter the case, the myth of the Dragon’s Triangle continues, with more answers laying somewhere in the depths of the sea. At the culmination of a ritual, the summoning of some sort of spirit or entity is expected to appear within a triangle inscribed upon the floor. Even more interesting is that triangles that point downward symbolize the formation of air and fire. He co-hosts both the Into the Fray and UFOmodPod podcasts, both available on iTunes & Stitcher. However, today the use of “UFO” is generally accepted as representing the presence of extraterrestrial spacecraft in our skies, despite a lack of any sufficient evidence that can support, without dispute, a belief in this exotic origin.
With the book, Marler has, as described at his website, “collected, collated, and analyzed hundreds of reports. There are suspicions that at least some of the helicopters originate with so-called “black projects” that operate outside of the regular conventions of the military.
I have since childhood and chances are pretty good I’ll go to my grave hating the darn things. Most of us have been to the circus as kids and the clowns no doubt gave us the creeps, even if we did find some of their antics a bit silly. Ancient Greeks and Romans incorporated clowns into their theatre as “rustic fools,” characters that behaved and played as children or peasants did. On the other hand, the French clown blanc or “white clown” was a more distinguished character, and often portrayed as sad and tragic. His first wife died in childbirth, his father drank himself to a young death, and because of his physical performances, Grimaldi lived in constant pain.
In 1981, an actual “clown panic” occurred when a group of children in Brookline, Massachusetts reported men dressed as clowns trying to entice them into a van.
These are perfect examples of people preying on the public’s fear of clowns, despite psychologists insisting that the percentage of people who dislike clowns is low. I looked up therapeutic clowns and they apparently use gentle play, spontaneous humor and fun activities, as well as less garish make-up and clothing. We respond on a deep subconscious level to our childhood anxieties of the unknown, especially humans that don’t look normal. Whereas Bender’s MIB were clearly supernatural in nature, in the movies the Men in Black work for a super-secret agency. The term was coined by author, Vincent Gaddis, in an article he penned in 1964 for the pulp-magazine, Argosy. Witnesses in the area claimed to have seen six spheres, pink in color, surrounding the impact site. These myths became startlingly true between the years, 1952 and 1954, when a total of five Japanese military vessels were lost in the waters of the triangle, racking up over seven-hundred people missing. The Wampanoag Tribe, of the Algonquian nation, avoid the area because of many supernatural occurrences, warning others to steer clear because it’s what they consider “the place where spirits dwell”. This could perhaps have something to do with the fiery plane crashes in the air that brought many pilot’s lives to a tragic end. In the process, he has created a detailed profile of these objects and written a rich narrative of their history.
I watched for about 1-2 minutes as it moved over the road, and it then began to accelerate and moved out of view.
We sat transfixed as it seemed to take the triangle forever to pass overhead due to the extremely slow speed that it was travelling at. There are even claims that the helicopters are “UFOs in disguise,” which is surely the most controversial of all the theories offered to explain the phenomenon! SAC also advises female civilian reports having seen an object bearing south from her position six miles west of Lewsitown.” The events were never explained.
Clowns cloak themselves behind make-up and strange clothing, which, as children, sends a direct signal to our brains that “this is not someone I know,” and therefore, should have fear of.
The 19th century also introduced the circus, originally in the form of a riding school in England that incorporated clowns to amuse spectators during the breaks between equestrian events. Today, most people only know of Pagliacci from the hilarious, yet anxiety-provoking “Seinfeld” episode where “Crazy” Joe Davola, obsessed with Elaine, plays the character in an opera the gang are going to see. He died a penniless alcoholic in 1837, Charles Dickens edited Grimaldi’s memoir and presented a portrayal of a bleak figure behind the colorful comedic mask. As the panic spread like a virus, new reports turned up years later as far away as Phoenix, Arizona; Orange, New Jersey, and Chicago, Illinois. They also engage the children in wearing costumes and make-up to create less of a barrier between the clown and the child. The show is filled with MIB imagery: the aliens on The Invaders often drive black cars (as do the real MIB), they wear dark suits and fedoras, they are very good at dishing out threats and intimidation, and they can control the human mind – something which has been reported in many MIB encounters.
Nevertheless there’s no doubt that the Hollywood movies – based on Lowell Cunningham’s The Men in Black comic-book series of the 1990s – was, to some degree, inspired by Bender’s experiences.
We get to meet the people who inhabit it, and we soon learn that the city is not what it appears to be. In the article titled, The Deadly Bermuda Triangle, Gaddis compiles many anomalous events that occurred in the boundaries of this area where many planes and ships in the water seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth. Even if this were so, not a single shred of evidence turned up any other ship, nor any reports of an accident of any kind. Another area of Hockomock Swamp is known as Anawan Rock, located along Route 44 in Rehoboth. But it was reports of an alleged creature in flight that caught the attention of many others. Could this practice hold some meaning in terms of the Bridgewater Triangle, and the Native American spirits said to haunt the area?
And perhaps the best action we can take is to steer, swim, fly, or walk as far away from these areas as we can, knowing that some mysteries are best left unanswered. He tackles the arguments made by skeptics that dismiss these triangular UFO reports outright.
More recently in England a highway clown continues to terrorize drivers, even though all he does is stand on the roadside holding a single balloon. And we recoil at the modern media’s distortions of happy, bumbling clowns into diabolical, horrific, pointy-teethed killers who lurk in sewers and inside closets.
In other words, there’s very little doubt that the Bender saga had a major influence on how the brains behind The Invaders chose to present the alien menace. Since then, the Bermuda Triangle has been the subject of countless books, television shows, and movies. There simply was no conventional explanation for the brutal damage to the ship, and missing bodies. It is named after named after Chief Anawan, and is the site where he and his tribe had surrendered to the colonists during the First Indian War. Since the early 70’s, many reports have come in about unusually large black birds, with wingspans stretching well past eight feet.
He also addresses the claims of so-called insiders who claim these objects are a creation of the U.S. As it was about halfway over I realized that the triangle was so massive that it filled my entire field of vision. Not as bug-eyed little critters or as tentacle-waving monsters, but as emotionless men in suits. Theories on what is actually occurring in these waters range from magnetic vortices, space-time warp, electronic fog, UFOs, ancient technology from the lost city of Atlantis, methane gas hydrates, and even more unusual; the souls of slaves. The angry spirits of Anawan’s men are said to haunt the area, dancing and starting fires. Perhaps the form of the triangle itself has prompted the unusual frenzy of the bizarre and strangeness that occurs there. Notably, and thanks to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, we can see just how seriously matters were taken.
Many have reported hearing the sounds of the spirits echoing through the swamp, the flicker or fire being witnessed from the roads nearby.

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