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Chocolate and white frosting (You’ll need two-three tubs of each or vats of your own homemade recipe). I wasn’t sure exactly how much cake I would need, but ended up going with the three cake mixes. I have this tutorial printed and ready to be made for our Pretty Pirate Party this weekend for both of my little girls, who LOVE Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Two ways to do pecan crusted chicken that have worked out rather well for me that do not include using flour or breadcrumbs.
To be fair, this is not directed towards the schools themselves , but rather the mandates that are handed down to them.
January 13, 2014 by Mackenzie 2 Comments We recently celebrated Little Brother’s 3rd birthday Pirate Style! When all the pieces were baked and frozen for a few hours (2-3), I then stacked them (without icing) on top of each other and began shaping the ship.
Using brown (chocolate flavored fondant) I rolled out large sheets and began covering the top sections of the cake first. When the ship was finished, we added railings by covering toothpicks with fondant and connecting them. You know, the Lord blesses us with mates that are just right for each other when we follow His guidelines polling for a mate.
When making special cake designs like this, I really recommend baking the cakes at least the day before. With those, I did a 9×13 pan, 1 large loaf pan (yes, cake in a loaf pan), and 2 rounds. My son just turned 8 and my daughter turned 3 and they are only 2 weeks apart, so I did a joint pirate and mermaid party. I am doing a Jake party for my daughter’s second birthday and I really want to try this. Little Brother announced he wanted a pirate birthday party with a pirate ship cake a few months before his birthday. When the shape was formed, the cake was becoming a little crumby, so I refroze the cake before adding icing between the layers.
The next day, I removed the shaped cake from the freezer, separated the layers by sliding an icing spatula between the layers, then added a thin layer of chocolate whipped icing (store bought) in between each layer.
The sides of the ship were not completely covered but that was fine because I was planning on later securing stamped fondant pieces on the sides. The stamp forms are easy to use as you simply press the fondant into the mold then remove it and piece the pieces together. The masts were made with simple paper and twine, and the port holes on the bottom of the ship were made with candy melting disks simply stuck to the ship with icing. I'm a follower of Jesus, wife, mama of two toddler boys and a baby girl, teacher at heart, and coffee lover. Our party was on Saturday evening, so I baked the cakes Friday evening and then put them in the fridge.  That way, everything is very cool, making it easier to cut, the frosting go on better, etc.

I had made some years ago (for Big Brother’s 2nd Birthday) and it was time to try them again. To attach, use some of the melted chocolate (you will need to sit and hold in place for a minute or two).
My first thought was… how in the world would I be able to make a pirate ship birthday cake!? The characters were part of a Jake and The Neverland Pirates toy Little Brother received earlier for his birthday. In my "free" time I love to cook and create.Cheerios and Lattes is place for us to share our "little blessings" with you and your family.
Not only was the pressure on to make a cake that actually was shaped like a pirate ship, but the boys wanted it to look just like Bucky! Once I had things arranged that way I wanted, I then carved the edges a bit, making it look just a little bit more pointed instead of a perfect round shape.
I’m SO glad the post gave you inspiration and ideas for making everything turn out like your kiddos wanted.
I bought 2 chocolate and 1 yellow so that the island could be all yellow cake and ship all chocolate…. Made of chocolate cake, various candies, a peanut butter cup crows nest, and a few unedible parts like poster board sails and a dowel rod mast.
As the pieces of cake were done, I placed them in the freezer to help them hold shape when I later began stacking them.
I bet he’s so pleased with your baking for your children and he shows his pride by helping with the follow thru ideas. Also, I recommend decorating the cake on a piece of sturdy cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil (I usually just cut pieces from cardboard boxes). I tried to even attach an extra piece on the front end, but it fell apart trying to frost it. For added fun, add some malted milk balls (coconuts)!  So, yes, this is indeed a bit tedious. I also don’t think I would be able to make the cakes we do without my husband, he is truly amazing at creative details, and whenever I get stuck I step back and ask him for help.
But the end result is all edible and super fun, like this…So, the last part in this cake creating process was to get everything set up on the table and creating the water! Then, put the cake back in the fridge or freezer is possible to get the crumb coat frosting to harden some.
We are perfect for each other when it comes to parties, I dream up the crazy ideas, and he makes them a reality while he’s rolling his eyes at me! In fact, this cake is just made from plain ‘ole boxed cake mix and store-bought frosting (gasp. I started with the back of the ship by cutting one end of the loaf pan cake and cutting some strips off the remaining half of the 9×13 cake.
Once all those pieces are in place, then do one generous layer of frosting (your crumb coat) over the entire cake.

I couldn’t transport the cake with the bases already frosted, so I had to carry both cakes out to the table, put the cardboard pieces together, and then do the water. I canNOT stand when I see a super awesome cake creation just left on a plain cardboard or aluminum sheet. I only made the island because I had those leftovers (it wasn’t part of my original plan). So, without further ado, here’s a full tutorial on how to make your very own Bucky pirate ship cake!
While that was in the fridge, I decided to make use of the remaining cake pieces (no part of my original cake plan) and do a little pirate island.
So, I cut another piece of cardboard (to match the width of the one for the ship), covered in foil, and started to work on the island.
I used the remaining cake round (cut in half) and the remaining section of the 9×13 half. So, I just used a cut piece of cardboard (from a food box), covered with frosting, and helped attach it by poking toothpicks through it. By the end of the night, it had started to come away from the rest of the cake just slightly, but really not too bad at all! Since the whole cake gets covered in crushed graham cracker, you don’t have to worry about your frosting job at all! First up, you need to do a second coat of frosting on the ship (to cover up the crumb coat).
I used cut wafer cookies for the windows & ramps) and rolled tootsie rolls for the railings.
For those, I used the small tootsie rolls (for the beams going into the ship) and rolled out tootsie rolls into longer, thinner strands to be the railing on the top. A bright red fruit roll up would have potentially worked well as an edible item, but I didn’t have any (I had planned for that). So, I took some aluminum foil and shaped it like a slide, then covered it with a piece of red plastic table cloth. Once that was attached (just stuck on to the frosting), I then outlined the ship in yellow by piping yellow frosting all the way around.
Last step was adding the mast & the characters (I let the boys pick where they should go). To make the mast we lashed together a couple of bamboo skewers (one broken in half) and attached a small piece of blue & white striped fabric (from the GIANT outside DIY Mast).

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