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At the beginning, it is useful to follow the instructions, but when you are getting the hang of it, you will discover the best folding techniques for yourself and maybe even a new way of folding paper planes.
In order to make the plane fly straight, it must be as symmetrical as possible and the perforation lines must be properly folded. Although flying paper planes is harmless entertainment that is also suitable for indoors and a fun activity for children’s birthday parties, it still could not hurt to apply common sense. It is not a paper plane in the regular sense, as it does not fly horizontally but rotates to the ground. Cut a strip of paper about 10 cm long and 2 cm wide and use scissors to make three incisions like shown in Figure 1. To make the helicopter fly better, you can attach a small weight, such as a paper-clip, on the bottom end. This is the simplest paper plane that each parent should know how to make from back when they were kids.
Now fold the upper corners of the paper into the centre making sure that the curve of the paper’s centre line bends towards you, not the table.
A striking paper plane resembling a fighter is made of tinted paper and carries marks of identification. 20 games enclosed with the cards help to introduce the world of letters through fun and play! 20 games enclosed with the cards help to introduce the world of maths through fun and play!
Also, it is a necessary skill for all fathers, who wish to establish themselves as all-knowing heads of the family. It develops spatial thinking and hand dexterity and offers joy and excitement to adults as well.

Newspapers are somewhat thin and only suitable for making small planes, since a big plane will be too flabby.
Unsymmetrical planes can be used for different tricks, for example for trying to make the plane around corners.
Sometimes, for an unknown reason, a properly folded plane will not fly well, so there is nothing else to do than to fold a new one.
Everyone can quickly learn how to fold simple planes, but more complicated planes that are made in a few dozen steps even seriously test the wit and dexterity of adults. It is easy to make and also fun for girls who are not too keen on planes or the world of technology.
It is relatively easy to fold and definitely deserves a try, because it does not require a strong throw, but if folded carefully, it glides straight and far. Now fold the upper corners of the paper to the centre, making sure that the curve of the paper’s centre line bends towards the folder not the table. Fold back the end of the sharp tip that has been folded upwards to give the plane a stronger nose. Although its heavy nose needs a strong throw, the nose is sturdy and resistant to collisions. Now unfold the paper and fold the square into a rectangle along the existing fracture lines. Now use the narrow paper strip to make a tail, folding the strip lengthwise, so that there would be a fracture line in the middle.
Fold the two corners of the double triangle that are on your side upwards to the tip of the triangle.
In addition to writing paper, thicker magazine paper is also very good for making paper planes.

It is a light plane that does not require a strong throw to fly, but its fragile nose gets dented easily when it collides with an obstacle. If the plane happens to pull up or down abruptly, the back parts of the wings should be slightly bent upwards or downwards respectively. To do so, fold the shorter edge of the paper sheet against the longer side and cut off the rest of the paper. Fix the nose by sticking the two corners that you previously folded upwards in the pockets on the sides of the triangle’s tip. If the paper is too thick, it is hard to fold properly and flying the plane requires more strength. If you wish to see it fly longer, throw the helicopter straight up as high as you can or toss it down from a higher spot. The nose of the plane can be made reinforced by folding the upper edge of the paper in two.
To do so, use scissors to make an incision in the tail end towards the nose and fold the tail rudder so it would be three-dimensional.
Put the remaining narrow edge to one side, since you will need it later to make the falcon’s tail.

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