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Or something along those lines a 15 ,20 yr old aluminum bass boat with a blown motor for a grand. I saw a Bass Tracker TX 17 on Craigslist for $1700, that would make an awesome rig within your budget. Guy tells his friends they are going for a drive to shoot a video, what they don't know is they are going to drive though a garage door!
If it's the latter I'd look for a boat around $2,000, and plan on putting the next $1,500 in repairs, electronics, trailer, add ons, ect.
I have a 1652 g3 with a 80lb fortrex in the front with 2 80 lb traxxis in the back and a lorance 7hdi, but I set this up for tournaments.

If you were looking to fish two people I would say the smallest to go is a 1448, but you also have to think about if its elec or gas powered. If you are looking to save money an old Basstracker you rebuild yourself isn't a bad option and was what I had before. It's simpler to go bigger on a gas boat, because you won't have to have monster trolling motors with 3,4,5 batteries in it that you would to make a big jon boat move with electric motors. We fish a 1442 Fisher semi v with a big front deck (compared to the boat size) and it's a good boat. I got an old 10 footer that's about 40 inches wide I thought about turning into a project but its nice to have a lightweight John Boat to throw in the back of the truck every now an then.

3 people, 1 battery, 55# trolling motor, 2 fully stuffed bags of gear, 8+ rods and a 15hp outboard.
Runs 23mph fully loaded with 2 guys (225&165) 26mph with me and all the gear (225#) I feel a 1552 would be just a bit better as for stability and little more room.

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