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This is a tumble-log devoted to the "Alien" and "Predator" film franchises, especially designs by HR Giger (and direction from directors Ridley Scott, James Cameron, et al).
Crossovers in your mind often end up being more epic than they do on the big screen, but nonetheless they should be applauded for jumping tremendous logistical and legal hurdles alone. The perpetrators in this alien abduction series are the Classic Alien minifigure from Series 6 of the Collectible Minifigure series; perfect with their passive expression and seemingly unresponsive to his screams. I hope the abducted victim wakes up before any experimentation or probing begins! Kiwi builder Grantmasters has been plugging away at the Cheyenne dropship from Aliens over this past week. Regular readers will know that many LEGO builders have recreated creatures, scenes and vehicles from the Alien movies over the years. But instead of reviewing a lot of older builds, I’d like to show you some completely new ones! Aliens meets Bionicle in the latest cool creation by Kyle Peckham called Cervatus and his Power Loader. We’ve seen plenty of LEGO models inspired by the Alien universe over the years, including some lovely Ripley and xenomorph minifigs by Tyler (Legohaulic) back in 2008.
Zemata gives us a look at the decidedly otherworldly: a creature from a planet where insects have the mastery.

Giovanni’s rifle includes several working functions, including triggers, cocking handle, pumping grip, and removable magazine.
I hear thy pleas, my disciples!Because of its large size, the C-5 Galaxy must eat twice its bodyweight in smaller aircraft per week to maintain its active lifestyle.Oldie but goodie.
But I think Grantmasters is the first builder I’m aware of to tackle the massive ore refinery that the Nostromo is designed to haul through deep space. Calling it done for now, he’s shared this fantastic build that highlights the dropship and an APC (which fits inside) in a cool diorama.
It has everything a little boy would want: cool SHIP, fun dropships with APC, lots of action, and of course let’s not forget adorable aliens! So it seems fitting for us to celebrate Giger’s life with some Alien-themed LEGO builds.
Flickr member Missing Brick has carefully recreated memorable scenes from the 2nd movie in the franchise using customized minifigs, huge sets, creative lighting, and vehicle designs adapted from the work of fellow builders.
Tyler’s latest LEGO upload takes him back to LV-426, this time in microscale, and with a bit more firepower. I like the texture created from using of bent rigid tubes tacked on the tiled hull, which mimics the feature seen on the actual ship.

Predator films, simply seeing two of Hollywood’s greatest space monsters duke it out was well worth it. At this scale, the famous freighter is built from only eight pieces, but is still quite recognizable. While the highly functional dropship is excellent, I also really appreciate the contrasting backdrops — the planetary surface and the power plant. So with the TBB’s Chibi MicroFighter contest, I was absolutely delighted to see not one, not two, but the three iconic builds from my favorite movie.
Kiwi builder Grantmasters is aware of the crossover appeal, and having previously built separate portraits of the Predator and Alien, he has now constructed a scene with them fighting to a literal death.

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