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The rowboat from many Pirate sets is known to float, along with a couple of minifigs, treasure and other elements on board.
Lego boats like the ones shown below float, not because the bricks are buoyant, but because the model displaces water. The plastic is a bit heavier than water and should sink, however in practice I have experienced that 2x4 bricks (and the like) have a tendency to trap air inside them and actually float rather well.
It probably isn't failsafe, however for shorter periods of time (like a half to a full hour) would probably work fine.
Yup, I have one red and one brown of the boat shown above and they came with a 1990's pirate set.
If you want to motorize your boat, keep in mind that means extra weight, which has to be countered in some way.
I believe many of the other Lego pirate ships could float, particularly if they had molded single piece hulls - see this list. For a very small "boat" - something like a 4x8 plate with 1x8 and 1x2 brick sides it might stay afloat for a short amount of time before the leakage takes it down. There were some sealed-hull boat sets I remember from childhood that were designed to float, so using the special parts from them would make it possible. Most Lego bricks are made of ABS plastic which has a specific gravity greater than 1 (but only slightly). I'd have to say that in general, only the parts that are designed to float will do so reliably.
I haven't tried Lego bricks in water (other than a police boat set), however, when using Duplo's in the bath tub we were only able to make submerged structures. Yeah they float but make the hull wide not narrow as it will stay up right if you make the hull wide.
February 17, 2015 By Jay 2 Comments The new 2015 LEGO City sets started showing up in Australian toy stores earlier this month. Today, we’re going to have a look at one of the most comical LEGO City sets I’ve ever owned, 60073 Service Truck aka the Portaloo Set! What happens when your construction site’s portable toilet (or portaloo as they’re called here in Australia) breaks down? The City theme is primarily aimed at young boys and this year, the sets return to a very familiar locale – the construction site.
There are two minifigures included in this set, a driver who could also be a site supervisor and a regular construction worker. The construction worker comes in a standard issue orange fluorescent uniform which has a faded reflective strip on the front, as well as some minor details like zipper pockets and a belt. The construction worker comes with a jackhammer and the photo above also shows off the new hard hat-earmuff combo in better detail. Here’s the service truck which pulls along a small trailer where the portable toilet goes on.

Kids should have a lot of fun playing with this set and using the crane to load the portaloo onto the trailer. Final thoughts: The Service Truck is a pleasant and quick build that checks all the boxes when it comes to what I look for in a City set. If you’re a City fan, I feel the Service Truck will be an excellent addition to your sprawling LEGO metropolis.
The only thing I really hated about this was is the stupid amount of stickers that I had to apply. All in all, if you find that your LEGO City construction site is in dire need of sanitation services, the Service Truck will deliver in spades. Enter your email address here to receive updates about new posts from Jay's Brick Blog - straight to your inbox! Jay is passionate about LEGO and the endless creative adventures made possibly by this complex interlocking brick system. I appreciate you couldn't make it watertight but would a LEGO boat float by itself due to the buoyancy of the bricks themselves?
However while I did push it around from time to time, it was still in still water and stationary most of the time. For larger stuff, LEGO is just too heavy when you get in to building the necessary structure for a real boat. The issue of floating is displacement - this is how steel and iron ships float - they displace as much water than they weigh, and so are buoyant. I took advantage of a Myer Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale to pick up some of the new vehicles at great prices, paying $20 each, which I think is the ideal price for these small vehicle sets.
He has a pretty manly ginger handlebar moustache and a thick leather belt which holds his tools such as a ruler.
Being a manly construction worker also means having a 5 o’clock shadow as facial hair, and he comes with a new hard hat variant which has black earmuffs fused to it.
I particularly like the details on the construction worker’s back like the hoodie and walkie talkie in his belt holster.
I found it quite interesting as the last I came across these earmuffs in City sets, they were detachable. The service truck has plenty of space behind for equipment and a crane as well to help hoist the portable toilet. Like most standard City vehicle, it’s width is 6 studs long to comply with LEGO City road laws. I really enjoyed the steps below the door as it just looks like something a real truck would have. If it’s one thing I really hated about this set, it was the painful number of stickers I had to apply.
There’s plenty of stuff going on the back such as a control lever for the crane, a couple of barriers, a beautiful green bin, a fire extinguisher as well as a shovel and broom.

I do wish that the crane was longer, as its articulation feels quite restricted, but this is a pretty minor grievance. The truck has a decent enough design and plenty of accessories in the back that greatly improves the set’s playability and displayability. The truck is quite versatile, you can use it for a myriad of purposes beyond just picking up faulty portaloos and the portable toilet is jut hilarious.
Do try and wait for retailers to discount this set – the best possible price you could get for it is $20. In here, you'll find independent LEGO set reviews, commentary on LEGO trends & news, bargain hunting tips and an inside look into the life of an average LEGO fan. The long flat wings did the trick : ) It is not exactly due to the buoyancy of the bricks themselves as wanted in the question, but might help as a complement. Even if there are very small water waves in our bath tube, water enters the boat which then becomes to heavy and sinks. The driver’s torso printing is really crisp and I was quite impressed with how sharp the lines and colours are.
I much prefer this version instead – it’s probably great for kids as well, as I can imagine detachable earmuffs getting lost quite often! There is also a stickered round piece which is meant to be the truck’s fuel tank (I think) which is subtle but adds a nice amount of detail to the side. You would think having years of sticker-application experience would count for something, but it never gets easier. The Service Truck really is a means to the portable toilet which is the standout feature of the set. These sets go on sale pretty frequently, so there’s no harm in waiting to pick one up unless your LEGO City inhabitants really, really, really need to go.
I expect this is down to a center of gravity but I'm not a sciencey type so I can't confirm for sure. So if you are planning to built your own lego boat i would make sure the sides are high enough to prevent water from entering the boat. The Best Fishing Resort in the World has provided the ultimate in offshore and inshore fishing adventures for our guests for .Tingly Bubble Shooter is a fun and colorful arcade bubble shooter game by Tingly. I don’t have a kid of my own, but I would love to know what young children think of the silly amount of stickers they need to affixto their LEGO sets.

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