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I'm sure everyone has seen the new Mini Star Wars line that comes with the plastic planets.
Anyway, It got me thinking how cool it was to showcase things that I love, in a minimalist way.
So, starting with my new Hobbit set, I'm going to use the Mini Star Wars Planet series as a template for my new LEGO obsession. Long term goal is to workout a way to make little plaques like the Star Wars sets, but I think it turned out pretty sharp and have some cool ideas for the future! I have gotten both Star Wars Advent Calendars and the minimalist ships in those sets are just great!
I only bought one planet set so far, the one with Lobot, because I wanted a flesh Lobot and the Bespin could be a nice dome for a Tatooine house. If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member.
By using the pieces in these pictures, you can put together Slave I, the cool ship that bounty hunter Boba Fett flies around the galaxy as he hunts for his next target. Sandcrawlers are massive vehicles that the Jawas travel around in, filled with junk they try and sell at each city they stop at. If you’re looking for something from the prequel trilogy, then this Naboo starfighter will be just up your street. Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and Jar Jar escaped from the Gungan underwater city using this submarine. If you need a ship with lots of firepower (how about twelve turbolasers and twelve laser cannons?) then try a Nebulon-B Frigate. If you build any of these Star Wars ships, why not take a photo of them and send them to us in a comment on Twitter?

Wow-wow, now if you are a fans for both Star Wars (lol) Star Trek and Lego block, this Lego Spock Ship might be a good inspiration for you to start a weekend project to build one for yourself!
Once this ship is done it will be a Star Wars ship in my eyes because that is what they will use it for and because many of the pieces I am using come from Star Wars sets from old and new. I think the best way to make a ship fit into Star Wars, it should try to mimic the general style and colors of each faction's ships.
I hope that I've helped you get the general feel of how different ships are designed, and I wish you best of luck with your project.
I agree with this for the most part, with the obvious exceptions being already existing ships like TIE fighters.
I can understand what you are saying, in most cases I think it is easier for people to consider it a Starwars MOC, but there are exceptions. So perhaps we can say if the thing can lead people to think of Star Wars instantly no matter what you use, then it is ok. I guess I can also blame him for our Town theme turning Star Wars, he has turned them both to the dark side. With just a handful of different pieces, you can easily make some amazing starships from the Star Wars films.
They defend the Death Star from rebel attacks and are used for swift and shocking raids on enemy planets, crushing all resistance to the Emperor’s rule.
You may remember them in action in Return of the Jedi, as the Storm Troopers tried to fight the Ewoks on Endor with them.
If you build it from LEGO, you can recreate the scenes where they get attacked by massive fish monsters.
These pictures show you how to build both Anakin Skywalker’s and Sebulba’s pod racers, so you can get them to race against each other in exciting laps!

It’s kinda of mind blowing for fans because this Big badass of LEGO Spock ship looks interesting and amazing.
They both are pulling, pushing and basically enticing me to alter our LEGO Country into a Star Wars Country.
The kids just want a ship that will hold up but I'd like to build something I can show off. When I look at the two Death Star Lego sets (#10143 and #10188) I see one as a display piece and one with massive playability.
You’re just a few snaps away from having a fleet of Tie Fighters ready to go, or a Pod Race set up to speed with.
It will be well rounded in the Hull which I think the will bring attention to it when I finish it. You'll find many examples of designs both canon and non-canon, most of which use similar design principles. And Beware, trekkies will kill you for placing one of their beloved in a cheesy lucas film lol. I've seen all six Movies, watch the Clone Wars cartoon and have read and looked at some of the fan fiction and IMO just about anything I build could be called a Star Wars ship since they really had a broad look to them, again, IMO. A larger stern section with larger engines 'ala Star Destroyer type and a Bow with a larger cockpit area.

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