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The LEGO Group today announced that LEGO® Universe will launch this October in the US, UK and Western Europe. The Founders release makes LEGO Universe available to LEGO fans before the official launch, with the game sold exclusively through LEGO channels including LEGO Stores, LEGO Online Shop and LEGOLAND.
LEGO Universe brings the LEGO play experience online in the first MMOG – massively-multiplayer online game – created for LEGO fans of all ages. LEGO Universe represents a collaboration between the LEGO Group and fans, who have been called upon to help shape the game world – from testing and contributing ideas, to building actual game content alongside professional developers. In LEGO Universe, players can build, explore, battle, make friends and express their creativity – all in an exciting online world of LEGO past, present and future. Customize – Players customize their own Minifigure avatar to explore the LEGO Universe, expressing their personality or becoming someone entirely new. Socialize – Interact with LEGO fans from all over the world through in-depth community and social features, designed with children’s safety in mind. Play – LEGO Universe features a deep original storyline for players to explore, encountering new worlds and collaborating with other players to complete quests and achieve common goals. I think all beta testers (Yeah I was a beta tester)would agree with me that LU is an epic game and all founders will soon (if not already) find that out. Its a shame I didnt know that some of you were beta testers, cause then we could have made a Eurobricks beta team. This is the fortress gun tower that is a sepcial power for assembly enginners (the best special in the whole game).
We've just combined forces with The Mary Sue to bring you more and better content, all in one place. LEGO Universe est un jeu en ligne massivement multijoueur dans lequel les joueurs ne doivent pas s'affronter, mais bien allier leur force pour progresser et accomplir plusieurs missions.

Disponible aujourd'hui aux Etats-Unis, LEGO Universe s'offre un trailer de lancement que voici. Pour feter sa sortie en grande pompe, le MMORPG base sur l'univers LEGO nous offre images, artworks et video.
The LEGO Group has announced its plans for an upcoming free-to-play offering for the MMOG LEGO Universe. The first MMOG (massively-multiplayer online game) based on the LEGO play experience, LEGO Universe will offer early access to LEGO fans – the “Founders” – starting October 12th, and will officially launch on October 26th.
On October 26th, the MMOG will officially launch through all retail channels via a distribution partnership with Warner Bros.
In LEGO Universe you will discover a world that sparks the imagination, full of opportunities to build, play and interact with LEGO fans from all over the globe. LEGO Universe is a great way for families to play together in a safe online environment, and is designed to foster creativity and social interaction in young children and veteran gamers alike.
The game features several ways to utilize the iconic brick, from simple, gameplay-oriented building challenges to complex creative designs. Exercising their creativity with LEGO bricks, players can bring their wildest creations to life with a user-friendly programming language. This is the new one as legos original that had the jacket has been changed to a worse version. I intend to make some models to with them like the fortress tower for engineer(you may have seen a little bit it the last picture?) and other related things such as animals, but as I dont have the live game I cant get any referance pictures. I have made a few changes with the design of the engineer and have made a bit of progress with the fortress tower. Also when you start the best fraction join is assembly (imho) as you will find everything easier to do.

Beginning this August, the free-to-play option will welcome players to try LEGO Universe for free, as long as they like, before deciding whether or not to become paid members. Coming in October is Lego Universe, the first ever MMO that has anything directly connected to the brand. The new content unveiled at E3 centers on the game’s building and behaviors features, which enable players to create anything they can imagine, and bring it to life with a basic programming language. Build anything you can dream up, and help shape the constantly evolving LEGO Universe through adventure, exploration and battle in an original storyline.
The sentinal was my second favourite faction (Its a shame few people like it) and sentinal is a lot better than knight(take that as a hint all you founders).
Planned for global release, LEGO Universe will be rolled out to additional territories after the initial launch. The game will be available via free digital download only. LEGO Universe will continue to generate revenue through paid memberships, and there are no plans for micro-transactions at this time. Players can try out the free-to-play zone for an unlimited period of time, and can pay $10 (USD) per month to become a LEGO Universe member and receive full game access.
Those who sign up for extended memberships will continue to receive discount pricing. The LEGO Universe free-to-play experience will offer a limited selection of game content, including two adventure zones and one player property area for building their own virtual LEGO models. Paying members will have access to all areas in the full game, along with membership benefits such as competitions and community events. In addition to the 15+ robust adventure zones and instances as well as 5+ property worlds currently in-game, access to new expansions, like major Ninjago content coming later this year, will require players to register for full membership. “The LEGO Group remains committed to success in the digital space and to LEGO Universe,” said Jesper Vilstrup, Vice President, the LEGO Group.

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