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Tyler Daniel Cellini: Hey I used to be haloDSismygamertag but the account got closed due to copyright reasons. UnitOne EightySix  October 11, 2006 Why does it not surprise me that Tienxia thinks that? Bryonna Robinson  May 16, 2012 Dude, Jordan Rice's buddy icon was my face when I found this! Alkone Darkstrider (Darth Tohale)  February 4, 2010 This is by far the cooooolest Warthog on Mocpages! The Red Baron  January 7, 2010 Awesome, only thing is the turret is to big, but everything else is good. Chasing Cars  October 23, 2009 Great job on this, but what happened to ur newest version?

BEN AFANA  August 16, 2009 HAY the warthog is freakin awsome can u send me instructions? Angus Fieldhouse  June 4, 2009 you should make a halo wars warthog (it has a net behind the driver and passenger seat). You should try to build the warthog that has an extended back so it can carry more marines into battle or out of battle. Havent played halo 1 so i cant compare the sound, or the traction, but i trust your judgment of it. It shows how many ideas can come up and further the effort to make it perfect or are not good enough to prevail. Dont worry, I gave all credit of the design to you but I added my own custom turret and color scheme.

I know the inners of the Warthog because I bought the instructions and built the warthog except the only difference is that my one is arctic. I think that vehicles should change color in multipalyer to make them more recognizeable to avoid friendly fire, right?

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