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Now here is a very cool set from 2012, based on a ship from the Old Republic, the Lego Star Wars 9497 Republic Striker-class Starfighter.
This ship belongs to girl Jedi Satele Shan, and is built mainly in red and dark red with some white and orange bricks for detailing. It?s a single seater starfighter with astromech droid, and the wings can change position from outwards to swept-forward. The T7-O1 droid, unlike a simple R2 or R5 unit, is built up with pieces to make it a lot more interesting and larger.
The ship itself is a fairly straightforward build, well thought out and with plenty of interesting pieces. When the wings are swept forward it looks a bit like an A-Wing or a Jedi Starfighter, and when the wings are swept outwards it looks a little like an X-Wing in cruise-mode. Afer several sets of combat capital ships and starfighters, it's time to shed some light on planetary bound combat craft. One of the most popular vessels of the GAR is the Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT) also known in short as Republic Gunship.
A very rarely seen, and probably lesser known vessel appears in Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.
As so often, I'd like to close with a vehicle from the Expanded Universe, this means it does not appear in either of the six official movies. And lastly the Republic Assault Gunboat, is a very nice mini model, Ive only seen this once or twice but it looks very accurate, well done. Get immediate access to my COOL and FREE Star Wars Quotes screen saver, subscribe to the Galactic Gazette now! When compared to the old mini Republic gunship, this one wins by a landslide, even though this is much smaller.

Thanks for the review Inconspicuous! The prices some of these brickmaster sets sell for on ebay is outrageous. He has white body armor with red arms and details front and back, but he has no helmet because it’s his day off. I like the cockpit layout with computer pieces and the two rear engines the best, the engines are finished with purple clear pieces just to add that feminine touch. Altogether it’s a really nice set for the price, with plenty of interest for the young builder and the older collector. It's the High-Altitude Entry Transport-221, also known simply as Republic Assault Gunboat, not -ship. Nonetheless it's quite popular and well-known as it appears in a number of computer games. This MTT building set also had a part of mini Y-wing, that you can create if you have all 4 boxes in the set.
This mini lego MTT has very nice colors, and another example of how good they can make these look!.
For days, I anxiously watched the mailbox, and this tiny 94 piece set was the only thing that haunted my mind. The polybag is the same size as all other BrickMaster promotionals- about 8 inches by 9 inches. Each have their good aspects- the new one is sleek and the old one is more accurately sized and shaped. If you want to have a terrific crash, it's probably better to use the mini and not the full size. I honestly thought this would be a terrifically good mini, with high hopes left from the mini AT-TE.

I like the little lime green strip by the front turrets cause it contrasts the red really well. Ah well, one day I might try to make one from parts I have on hand, there does`t seem to be anything too special in there. Comparing it to the actual thing, which I have as well, it is very accurate, and I love how the guns, just s the one on the ship, can be angled in any way. She comes in light-green with gold detail, flesh colored arms, dark brown hair and a 2-faced head.
However he still carries a huge blaster weapon made up of 7 pieces, just in case he comes across any Sith.
It features all four gun glass emplacements, twin cockpit, angled wings, rockets and colour scheme. The great thing is that even for this small scale, it can really carry a combat walker! It is attached by a great piece, a small pulley wheel which also allows for a studs inversion. The other boxes are the Millenium Falcon (4488), the AT-AT Walker (4489), and the Republic Gunship (4490). The January Brickmaster is supposed to be a secret, but I highly suspect it's from Atlantis. I had to use a connection I usually avoid and don't like that much, but there are so many 2-wide versions of the LAAT out there, that I said to myself to make a 1-wide version.
There is a ridiculous amount of open space inside, and the bag has a tendency to flop around like a dead fish.

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