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You will need to print the pattern onto card stock as the pattern will become part of the hat . Spray the back side of the card stock with glue and center on each piece (there should be about an allowance all the way around – except for the hole in the center of the brim. Using a glue gun, fold over the excess fabric and glue down along all the edges of the pieces.
Note: You should check to make sure that the wall and the top of the hat will fit together properly before gluing the ends of he wall together.
Glue cording along the edge of the brim, all the way around the hat (this will give the edge a nice finished look)  Then glue the smaller brim piece onto the cardstock, taking car the glue the edges really well. Place glue on the bottom of the wall of the hat (lining up the bottom circles) and press firmly onto the brim. Trace the pattern onto scrapbook paper and make hats from paper for an even cheaper alternative.

Angel Hickman PetersonCreator, Editor and Author at Fleece FunAngel has a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from the University of Utah, with a professional background is in film, television, radio and ad production. Everytime I try to print out the pattern for the Tricorn HAT, I can not get the part about folding and finishing.
Unfortunately you did not invent the tri-corner hat so you cannot claim it as your intellectual property. I just want to leave a little suggestion; depending on what pattern size you use take a few pipe cleaners in the brim. How to read a sewing patternOpening up and looking at your first sewing pattern can be intimidating.
All images & content are © 2005-2016 Neldoreth of An Hour of Wolves, all rights reserved. Depending on the thickness of the fabric you are using you will need to adjust the overlap for the perfect fit.

Add ribbon, tulle, beading, feathers, buttons, brooches, glitter, you name it and make this hat your own. You would need to design something that doesn’t exist in order for you to claim sole right to sell these hats. I'm married to one of the most understanding men on the planet, who has given me the most amazing gift: a room of my own to create in. You could also  use a length of  elastic thread  and make it stay on the head like a party hat.

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