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This entry was posted in Around the House, Carving, Fun Times and tagged Dowel Pins, Made from Scratch, Miniature Kitchen, Wood carving by ritaann. For centuries, Japanese Zen masters have cultivated gardens of harmoniously arranged rocks and raked gravel, creating silent havens for peaceful contemplation.
A number of different Christmas tree ornaments for a miniature scene can be made from supplies in your local bead store. Plain metallic beads in gold, silver and copper are all commonly available in various textures, sizes and styles from a bead store. If you want to have the beads hang similar to full scale ornaments you have several options.How to Hang Beads as OrnamentsTo hang beads, insert a fine wire, or special headpin from a bead store, through the bead. Tip When you find a style that will work as a Christmas ornament, buy it in several sizes to help spread the look over the entire tree. A Swarovski crystal makes a miniature Christmas tree ornament for a dolls house or Christmas village scene. Swarovski crystals make eye catching miniature ornaments, especially where lighting is limited.
Crimp the wire loop with pliers to keep it small and hold the threads in place and draw it up into the base of the bead.
A gold bead cap, a dragonfly bead and a white seed bead combine to make this miniature Christmas tree decoration.
A number of different winged beads and filigreed beads could be used in combination to make similar bead angels. It was easy enough to restore and re-decorate, but I left several things out that were in the original kitchen. The fruit on the counter only needed cleaning, it was carved from a dowel pin, then painted.

If you don’t have room for a full-sized rock garden, a miniature Zen garden provides an opportunity to appreciate the same relaxation and harmony.
ToPort is an excellent source for purchasing a rake or you can make one by following these instructions. For a moment, the day’s problems are reduced to a few waves of sand against the rocks.
Keep an open mind when you visit and think how shapes can be combined to create a finished ornament. To use plain beads to decorate a dolls house or miniature Christmas tree for a village, choose shades that catch and reflect the light, especially if your tree will not have powered lights.If your tree will be permanently decorated and you have worked out your design, you can glue the beads in place on the tree.
If the wire is straight with no headpin to hold the bead, form a small loop in the end of the wire, and flatten it with pliers then pull the loop tight to the base of the bead. Gather the loops of thread together and twist them tightly below the base of the bead so the threads all hang down.
I wish I could get some creative souls out there to try this carving thing, it is so easy and terribly fun. The ornaments on the tree above have all been created from commonly available beads, found during one trip to an average bead store.
The wire should be cut off a suitable height above the bead, and bent to form an ornament hanger.Beads with oversize holes can be filled with white pva glue and have fine metallic thread glued in place as a loop hanger. Use fine tweezers to twist the ends of the cellophane so that it wraps tight to the bead like a candy paper.Slide the wrapped candy up to the correct position against the other candies. When you have them twisted to stay together, trim them to the correct length for the size of crystal you chose.Small round crystals can be hung from transparent thread loops by threading the transparent thread through the bead then knotting it tightly to the top of the bead (a thread will be slightly visible on the back of the bead). The wings were removed from a dragonfly bead by cutting them free of the body and they were glued to the back of the cone to form the angel's wings.

This was my next to last room to fix up and I was ready to get crazy~not from the work but from the mess. When the glue dries, it can be left clear, or covered with metallic ink or paint to disguise the hole.Small beads which look awkward on a wire, can be threaded through with fine thread which matches the bead color. Once the bead is knotted to the thread, create a hanging loop above the knot in order to hang the bead.
I have sometimes used attractive picture frames that I found at thrift stores (after removing the stand or any hangers on the back that would keep them from lying flat). If a knot is formed on one side above the bead, it will hold the bead hanging from the thread which can be made to form a loop for hanging on the tree. On the counter there is a block of Velveeta cheese, a cheese grater and the start of Chicken Enchiladas. The canisters are from different size dowel pins, the pots are metal perfume lids that I cut around the center, leaving one little piece in tact and then bending it down to make a handle.
The line of thread which runs from the base of the bead up the back of the bead to the knot, will not be visible from the front.
Wherever you want popcorn on your candy garland, apply a bit of glue to the string, then add a piece of foam to either side of the thread or fine wire.
When the glue is dry you can apply a small amount of pale yellow paint to the point where the foam meets the thread.

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