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Definition of a Pyramid: A pyramid is a polyhedron with one face (known as the "base") a polygon and all the other faces triangles meeting at a common polygon vertex (known as the "apex"). Mayan pyramids, as opposed to the relatively smooth Egyptian pyramids, have a stair-like shape that lends itself well to replication with sugar cubes.
Cut a cardboard square large enough to fit a pyramid that will be 10 sugar cubes long on each side. Continue in this fashion to make the rest of the layers, each being one cube shorter in length and width than the last, until you reach the top layer, which requires only a single cube. The Mayans were a powerful tribe of people that thrived in Mesoamerica from 2000 BC until 900 AD. This is a food pyramid exhibit at the 2006 Kansas State Fair; ignore it for a few days if you want to enjoy yourself at the fair.
A friend with whom I'd roamed the Kansas State Fair, called a little bit after ten PM the other night as she was passing some agriculture buildings on her way out. As we reported a few days ago, Ye Old Mill, the 1915 "water dark ride" of the Kansas State Fair, has had a face lift for 2006.
In the woods, near field and brook, Ace happens across a rough tooth refugee from the meadows, who only wants peace through understanding.
From his base in Hutchinson, Kansas, Ace Jackalope ventures forth - sometimes to foreign lands and sometimes to his own backyard - in order to drink in the wonders of the world around us. A right pyramid is a pyramid for which the line joining the centroid of the base and the apex is perpendicular to the base. Sugar cubes are a relatively sturdy building material, making them great for school projects for younger students, and with sugar as the main ingredient, many kids would be happy to construct it, even though the project takes some time to properly complete. Cut a larger square if you want to have room to create a surrounding "landscape" for your pyramid. Sebelius is a bit of an anomaly in that she is a democrat in a state where republicans out-number members of her party almost two to one.
This is a road that is called, somewhat absurdly, NE 150th Street between Newton and Cassoday, KS. So the King of Nubia is going to hire an Egyptian architectural team to design and build a pyramid in his own kingdom. The performer attempts to weave designs in the air by executing maneuvers of varying complexity.
Today, and for that matter, every September 19 to come, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.Why? Last night (September 16) at the 2006 Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, lightning preceded a rain storm that ended most outdoor revelry at 10:50 PM. Time Magazine has called her one of the five best governors in the country; she is up for re-election this year.
This being the case, I enjoy the agrarian aspects of the fair and often park in the lot across Plum Street just so I'll walk through that same concentration of agricultural buildings and maybe see something new to me. Animals, bugs, rocks and minerals are a big hit with the science geek in me so I hope you enjoy Fun with Animals at the Fair.
An n-gonal regular pyramid (denoted Yn) having equilateral triangles as sides is possible only for n=3, 4, 5. Because John Baur (who calls himself "Ol' Chum Bucket") and Mark Summers ("Cap'n Slappy") said so in 1995, syndicated humor columnist Dave Barry agreed when he heard about it in 2002, and whole bunch of us in several countries like it.
If you wanna have some fun, watch for people who've just casually stopped by it when it's not active. Although professionals use a clipper with nine flared teeth so they can work at a zippy pace, amateurs tend to use one like Carolyn has, with 20 teeth.
You can see Ron and his hypno-monkey put people through zany antics in a feature we call Pigs and Tigers and Hypno-Monkeys. It's not that long a stretch by Kansan standards - only 45 minutes (yes, we use time for distance) - but it does plays tricks on me as it is so flat in places that a sense of motion is given only by the passing fence posts.But it is beautiful out here.
One thing I like about the inexpensive Olympus C-60 I use for 99% of the shots on this sight is that it's possible to hold it still, with practice, for a second or more.
My lunch or dinner favorite is the Central Christian School Help Yourself Buffet; the place is about non-descript as you can get. This means she is less likely to cut the sheep; I'm sure he'd be appreciative at this particular moment.
Oh yeah, there were also racing pigs, performing tigers and a cool Egypto-ride.Do you have an army?Do you have WMD? This is the flat brown and green plane from which Clark Kent leapt into blue superness, and you can see why - the sky is a god of wonderment and joy, and you want to leap into his arms. Dalalope hangs out in the booth of the Lindsborg Marketing Association.We ran into an old friend, Alan Montgomery, on the tram which circles the perimeter of the fairgrounds.
Do we think your Estes rockets might count as WMD?Do you have a fortress of salt-a-tude?Do you have a tabletop ionic thing-a-ma-jigie?

Besides, it'd be pretty dull to just go about for a day regaling each other with pirate facts. Fortunately, a bit of unpleasant irony was avoided and the storm brought only wind, lightning and rain to Hutchinson. Alan was an impressive newspaper reporter for many years and now teaches journalism at Hutchinson Community College.John Doll of Garden City, KS, is running for congress in the 1st District. Short-bristled brushes, similar to what you might use on a dog or cat, are used to remove the remaining hair; the animal reacted much as if this was a massage.
Better watch out, Ace goes a bit megalomanic in World Domination.Sometimes being a cultural detective means finding out how other people live.
The grain "quadrotriticale" in the 1960's Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles" was based on the actual wheat, triticale.
He certainly deserved one.This part of the process is a fine trimming called "blocking" and is performed with large scissors. According to the Kansas State Library, cattle are brought to Cassoday from all over the country to "go to grass" using the grasslands of the Flint Hills.
Many common pirate sayings are actually from Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel, "Treasure Island" and the 1950 Disney movie adaptation. The salesman's statement was more art than science, but he was essentially correct.It is a misconception to think that one has to be really fast to shoot pictures of lightning.
Triticale is a popular variety in Kansas.Speaking of Star Trek, if you're a trekkie, you might notice that the seat and base of these fair info both chairs are almost identical to chairs seen on the iconic 1960's sci-fi show. See 'lopes go bad and people get wet in Friday at the fair.National Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19 this year, just after the fair this time. According to wikipedia, "shiver me timbers" comes from the book and "Arrr", from the movie. Another method - and that's what I did last night - is to utilize the fact that lightning travels repeatedly down ionized pathways in the air.
It was placed in 1973 and is to be opened in 2013.The missile is a "sergeant" surface-to-surface ballistic missile. This year, it's even been fixed up a bit; that siding is new, so are the porch and the gingerbread. The building is now used as the Cassoday Historical Museum.Trucks do most of the hauling now, but the Burlington Northern Santa Fe still rumbles through the city. I like to think of them as the channels Bradbury's lightning rod salesman mentions.Realizing this, you only have to be humanly fast, not lightning fast.
This is scenic Kansas highway 177, north of Cassoday and south of Matfield Green.Cassoday is a town of wide dirt streets and wooden-porched buildings.
Barrie's early 20th century creation, "Peter Pan" also made contributions to pirate pop lingo, as did the subsequent movie version. Just frame your shot within the general area of the lightning you've already seen, wait for lightning to occur and release the shutter as fast as you can, without shaking the camera, and try to hold it absolutely still until the exposure finishes. In 2013, we'll find out what it's packing now.The statue in the front window of the restaurant run by the Our Lady of Guadalupe church in South Hutchinson, appears to regard the bullet hole or the reflection of Ye Old Mill. The only sign that suburbia even exists is the steady stream of Wal-Mart trucks that stops at the Cassoday cafe. Above, Ace checks out Captain Hook from the 1953 animated Disney adaptation, rendered as a scarecrow by Mary Jo Cole at the 2005 Kansas State Fair.Of course, Disney makes money from pirates, which is rather an ironic twist. This is a cut-out onto which people are invited to apply a sticker indicating where they've been bitten by a brown recluse spider.
In fact, one reason for the the cafe's popularity is that a Wal-Mart driver "discovered" it and passed the info on to his friends.The focus of business in Cassoday is the Cassoday Cafe.
Here's Ace Jackalope at the classic Disneyland theme park ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, last year. They've had a problem with bees being attracted to the stands, drawn by the sugar, I suppose, but I've seen little of that this year.You'll need something to eat with that root beer, and I suggest peanuts from Allen's P Nuts. The right half of the building dates from 1879 and, according to present owner Dianna Carlson, has always been a cafe of some sort.
I did a lot of that, too.Consider carefully your choice of foregrounds and try to visualize what everything will look like in a time exposure. It reminds me of the Better Homes Shows my parents dragged me to when I was a kid; I was fascinated by the beach balls suspended in the low pressure column above upward-turned fans.
Sometimes the preparations are more elaborate.Back at the other end of the building, Carolyn has had to unhook the sheep's restraints to apply it's cloak.
This spectral ship's wheel and the pirate skeleton on his treasure were the only salvageable images I got. I started out in the carnival and, though some shots worked, the lightning was dim, relative to the neon and fluorescent tubes of the Ferris wheel.
The previous owner was a fair institution for decades and the current owner has kept the age-old signs with the peanut guy on them in order and seems respectful of the heritage of which he is part.Now that you overdid the salt with those peanuts you'll need another drink.

It (it doesn't have a name; I asked) is thinking now might be a good time to leave, but she has other ideas. The interior is unpresumptuous and well-suited to the cafe's clientele - mostly locals, truck drivers, real cowboys and bikers.
When I was a kid, one of the plastic model companies made Pirates of the Caribbean model kits with rubber band-powered actions.
Carolyn nixes my Mexican wrestler or killer sheep theory by telling us the covering is to keep them clean for judging. Above the mantle you'll see pictures of the much-vaunted but seldom seen prairie chicken, along with an autographed still of actress Janine Turner, who appeared in "Stolen Women, Captured Hearts", a movie filmed near here.
Bright man-made lights can be a problem and there was one in this shot until I eclipsed it with the vendor's wagon in the lower right corner.
I haven't seen Smokey Bear used much these past few years.I'm continually amazed and impressed at the fossil collecting and display abilities of the 4H kids. The cafe has become a biker's haven the first Sunday of every month from March to November, when the town can accommodate as many as 2,000. Sam Sumpter of Shawnee County found and prepared this backbone of Xiphactinus, a fossil fish of the Cretaceous era. Ace liked his lemonade shaken, not stirred, and his new friend Micki does just that, then pours it back and forth between cups for a bit and serves it up. The next day, and another eating venue - this time it's the Grace Episcopal Church in Hutchinson, KS for the annual Victorian Tea fundraiser for the Mental Health Association (MHA) of Reno County. For your interest, I have included a graph of the approximate number of pirates versus the average global temperature over the last 200 years. This was quite a switch from yesterday's cafe frequented by bikers.The menu included a cucumber sandwich, egg salad with fresh royal pepper, tuna salad on seven grain bread, bacon - basil tomato bites, prosciutto and rosemary on carrot chips, calla lily with herb filling, butter cake with cherry topping, chocolate heaven, lemon tart, sugar cookie, raisin walnut fudge cookie and frosted petite grapes. As you can see, there is a statistically significant inverse relationship between pirates and global temperature."I can't go anywhere without running into pirates - not that I'd want to do without them, mind you.
They're snappy dressers and accessorizers and the world would be poorer without them.For the second year in a row, I've seen pirates while covering the Kansas State Fair.
I believe only one of those remains, in Fontana, CA, preserved in a Wal-Mart parking lot, of all places. Here, a nice woman named Teresa hears a secret from her granddaughter, Kenzie, as her other granddaughter, Kylie, looks on.
Here's Ace communing with Leann Woleslagel's first place entry in the pumpkin painting contest at the 2006 fair which concluded just two days ago.
I guess that means the lemon at the fair, even though it is only eight years old, is in a better setting. Entertainment in the form of story-telling was furnished by "Scarlett." Ace is reminded of Wilber T. Debi Hawkins (left) and Kari Baker were manning the Slumber Parties booth, which was awarded "first runner up single space booth" by the fair.With potions and lotions on my mind, I rounded a corner a few minutes later and saw this row of "adults only" chairs. It's portable, of course, and the Wichita owner totes it other places, too.Another place that friends have turned me on to is the Kansas Dairy Association's Dairy Barn, under the grandstands. Wrangler in that humans are not always what they seem.Ace settles at a table of animated ladies and studies their interaction. It's nothing too unusual, though - just a booth selling foot massagers.What heartwarming environ is this where a 1960s aluminum Christmas tree brings back memories of a time when America knew how to decorate? MHA Director, Patsy Terrell, said of the gathering: "I think people are eager to have a reason to dress up a little bit and do something out of the ordinary.
Further investigation shows this is the Department of Corrections building where you can buy hats with a handcuff design on them. Yeah, you read that right.Imagine - they have taken one of natures healthy gifts, green beans - and deep fried them. I'm not sure what sort of fashion statement is being made here; maybe these appeal to the bondage crowd?
I could gobble down a whole sack of these while driving.As I left, I was treated to a perfectly framed reflection in an adjacent building.What shall we eat tomorrow? On TLAP Day - When dinner is served you'll make quite an impression when you say, "Well, me hearties, let's see what crawled out of the bung hole." That statement will be instantly followed by the sound of people putting down their utensils and pushing themselves away from the table. A breeder in the pen area also told me the meat of these animals is lower in cholesterol than that from "normal" cows.
I couldn't find much online about Watusi cattle, but here is info from Cattle Today and wikipedia.
The fair has had a decent history of booking acts before they were "someone." The Judds played the free stage here in the 1980's and two years ago, Evanescence played the grandstands, just as they were hitting the charts.

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