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The pattern provides the sail, the boat, the length of the mast and the holes you need to cut. Next, place the sail pattern on the paper and trace around the shape lightly with your pencil. Origami boat, How to make Origami boat, fun and easy kids origami project with diagram. With few sheet of papers and some crayons, you can help your kids create beautiful work of arts. Ask the kids to colour the drawing bright and let them choose the colours so that they will have some fun seeing how their works appear at the end. Using a scissor, cut along the external outline of your drawing and remove them from paper.

Now, make your kids to do the same for the assortments making them choose which assortment will hang in which strips and ask them glue the same. Android  Apps is growing millions day by day with apps targeting all age groups and in almost all fields. Whatsapp is a great tool for sharing and when it comes to videos, it is simply fast and fun.
The below craft idea for kids and toddlers is very simple to make with very few things that we already have in our home. The top of the paper is the base for hanging little stuffs that we might gather for our project. When doing so, speak to the kids about the cakes and sea lives letting them know which belongs where and why.

We can also use the same technique creating different mobile hangings using just paper and crayons. And if you ask your kids, they will come up with more art and craft ideas for mobile hangings.

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