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You will find instructions and step by origami picture diagrams here to make a simple boat.
Easy Origami Boat The easy origami boat is even simpler than the traditional made from hat. Unfortunately a lot of newspapers have made their paper smaller than they were when I was kid.
How to Make Paper Mache mache comes in handy for a lot of craft activities, including making different floats during carnivals. There was still some water left in our wading pool and given the severe drought we are suffering from here in Israel, I wanted to make sure we got every last ounce of usage out of that water before it is finally used to water plants and clean the porch. Nonetheless, paper hats would be fun to make, child-size from newspaper as my mother used to do for us, or from letter sized paper for stuffed animals and dolls! Paper folding in itself is a wonderful activity, especially for older children who can follow directions themselves and make multiples to use as decorations.

Fold your boats with colorful, quality scrapbook paper, vintage wallpaper, maps or pages from an old falling-apart children’s book (or other weighty paper). Like many adults, you probably remember the children’s picture book story of Curious George*, the good little monkey who lived with his friend –– the man with the yellow hat.
Launch the boats at the starter’s signal by letting go of the straw and allowing the air to escape. Origami Instructions and Step by step instructions to make the best paper airplanes on net.
Children can draw on the boats or hats as my son did, or even decorate them with stickers, but I wouldn't invest too much time in them, as their lifespan is somewhat limited. There are many origami books on the market, as well as a specifically Jewish one, so spend some time encouraging your children to learn some new paper folding tricks, and they'll use them over and over again! Pick, choose and arrange the boats on a plastic, cardboard or willow branch (vine) hoop with fishing line or strong thread.

If you remember Curious George and the Man with The Big Yellow Hat, then you know origami paper boats can also fun to share with older children.
Alison Osinski was named by Aquatics International to the Power 25 – the 25 most influential people in aquatics in the past 25 years. I sat down to see if I could remember how to actually make one, but my memory got me only as far as a paper hat, which didn't float very well!
Try 6 or more boats of varying size; shuffle and adjust them until you find the balance and hang them in the sky.

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