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These cozy mysteries feature Utah O'Brien-a paper mache artist and accidental sleuth who gets a lot of help from her Border collie, Jocko. Subscribe to my mailing list and get interesting ideas and great new projects in your email inbox. June 18, 2010If you are planning a birthday party this summer or any party with games and want a little wow factor make the kids your very own paper mache pinata! 5) Cover cardboard of tail with newspaper (to give even painting surface), attach by adding long strips of paper over the top of tail down the balloon and the diagonally across these. 9) Cut one inch wide, maybe 2 inch long strips of tissue paper (I roughly use one large sheet). This is amazing, how did you know that I needed a little inspiration to complete a half completed pinata project? The idea for using a stuffed plastic bag for a form came from Laurie Bakera€™s guest post showing her wonderful Halloween pumkins. I admit my first little snowman does not qualify as great art, but for just a few hours of my time, I think he came out OK. Now cut round or oval piece from scrap cardboard and tape it to the bottom of your snowman so he has a nice flat surface to sit on. I then reinforced the connection between the cardboard bottom and the plastic bag, and made a nice smooth transition, with more masking tape. Sit your snowman on a piece of cardboard or a baking sheet, which you first cover with plastic wrap.
I just updated my original video that shows you how to make the clay, because I’ve changed the recipe just slightly. If you don’t want to run to the hardware store for your clay ingredients, you could make your snowman with the traditional paper strips and paste. I decided at the last minute that my snowman needed a scarf, so I added more clay in that area and used my knife to sculpt the scarf.
Next time I make one I think I’ll give it a wide-brimmed hat, like the kind I associate with Diane Keaton in her early Woody Allen movies. If you let each layer dry completely, you can add more, for details or whatever, as often as you want.
1) Once i’ve made the cirlce and after it has dried, is it possible to cut it open just like the picture at the bottom or would it be better to cut it open using plain old paper mache? Ha, well I was looking at the page about outdoor sculptures and when I clicked on this I was expecting a “lifelike?” statue of a snowman!! A cutting mat, wheel cutter and straight edge will come in very handy but aren’t completely necessary. To create the polka dots I made squares of paper with holes in them which we’ll apply over the white base like scales. Also cut a 1″ strip of your colored tissue paper and cut it into various sizes of triangles, these will fill in any bare spots of color later, I have more detail on this below.
You can apply the color squares while the balloon is still wet, or you can let it hang to dry while you put the white layer on more eggs.
To apply the color start at the top with the knot and overlap the squares covering as much white as you can as you go along. If you have some spots that the squares don’t reach simply cover it with one or two of the smaller triangles you cut.
To fill cut two places down from the hole in the top, making sure to avoid cutting over a polka dot as we’ll be covering the opening with more colored tissue to seal it later. For our niece and nephews Scott drew this awesome picture on a puzzle card which we broke up and distributed between the eggs. Last note: These are based on a Halloween project I first saw in Martha Stewart Living magazine in October of 2001, thePapier-Mache Treat Balls can also be found on the Martha Stewart website.
RD – You know the sort of vacuum molded plastic packaging used for inexpensive items? I was thinking you could do the solid colour first – a couple of layers, and then at the end put on some white dots. Gustoso – The tissue paper is too transparent and the polka dots would be difficult to see. Do you ever get angry emails from the people at Martha Stewart because you’ve out-done them (yet again!)?
I made these to decorate the table for lunch on Easter Sunday and they worked out quite well. I was not able to find liquid starch here in Australia so I had to use powdered starch mixed with water. I ended up having to make 2 extras eggs at short notice on the Saturday evening and they had not quite dried in time by morning. Beccajo – I did consider filling the balloons beforehand but the tissue is so delicate that applying it while holding a heavy object would possibly be too difficult. I thought I should do them for my class for Easter trying to gather supplies but I don’t know what baskets to do.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to find liquid laundry starch easily so I found a recipe online using just water and cornstarch.
Lisa – Cost Plus World Market store had a whole bunch of them in different colors last year. I am so excited to do this project but am having trouble making the holes in the tissue paper.
Anna – I would try to find a wheat paste or Mod Podge at an art supply store and water it down.
Thanks I love it and I think it is a nice present to for children (and adults).I will make it for sure. We tried them with a smaller symmetrical flower punch, looks pretty from a distance but the colored tissue bleeds into the white areas, any tips for this. I have balloon eggs hanging from paperclips stuck on chopsticks all over my kitchen right now!
Evit – If you can find small round balloons it might work but I was using the egg shape of balloons specifically. Wow, I came here looking at your felt mums, saw these on the sidebar, most incredible thing is that I had just told my husband that I needed to get started on our son’s dinosaur eggs for his 2nd birthday which is in 6 weeks. Could you roll some acrylic paint over the tissue paper with a small trim roller if you want is more opaque? How to Make Paper Mache Paste – About Family Crafts is great image for your collection and this design is free to use with high definitions resolution. When you purchase a book through a link you find here, the small commission I receive will help support this site. They are colourful and for the older children fun – an opportunity to let off a little steam. I chose my colours based on the tissue paper I had – which was salvaged present wrapping! I have to confess, he loved it so much, that I didn’t have the heart to actually use it as a pinata ,I think he would have cried. Use masking tape to cover the open top of the bag, and to cover any folds.A  Push and poke your bag until you get a shape and attitude you like. I used plastic (Scotch) tape because I didn’t want to cover the bottom with paper mache clay (large flat surfaces tend to warp when they dry). If you give him away as a gift or make some to sell at a craft bazaar, you would want to cover the cardboard bottom with white felt.
When I'm not catering to the needs of my obnoxious cat, I make videos, create stuff, and play around with paper mache.
I usually end up with one thin layer for a base, and then I add some more where details are needed or where I want to add a texture that didn’t get done in the first layer.
I created them using small water balloons and tissue paper then I filled them with candy and toys and sealed them shut. I used watered down wheat paste (the fancy stuff bought at an art supply store), watered down Nori paste and watered down Mod Podge.
I cut a 1.5 inch strip of colored tissue, fold it in half, fold it in half again, then fold it in thirds.
It’s frustrating to need to wash and dry your hands each time you need to cut more tissue.
I went with shorter and shorter sizes so that we didn’t end up with too much overlap at the top and bottom ends. First I tried using lots of strips of overlapping white tissue and working my way around the balloon but I found the tissue was too delicate for this application.
Since the surface of the balloon is still we you can place a dry polka dot square where you’d like it, then smooth it down using the wet brush. Now wait until the balloon slowly deflates, it makes a most impressive noise while this is happening. The papier-mache is flexible and this slit will give us enough room to get those small foil wrapped chocolate eggs inside. Maybe I can paper-mache with pages from my casebooks, or the federal rules of evidence… oh, the possibilities! In my trials I found that a watered down adhesive of any sort was tricky to work with as it caused the delicate tissue to stick to fingers and the shot glass and it would rip.
I’m not sure about the safety of the laundry starch, and for the eggs we gave to kids we only included wrapped candies. I always credit when I’m taken inspiration from a Martha Stewart project — this one came out of a Halloween 2001 idea, ten years ago!
Even though I used substantially more starch than the ratio suggested on the pack it just wasn’t strong enough.
I discovered the hard way what happens if you pop the balloon before the papier mache has dried – as the balloon shrinks so too does the papier mache egg! One way to make it a bit easier to fill the egg is to fill the balloon with the goodies before you blow it up.

I wish I could send you a picture of the finished project so you can see how they turned out, I enjoyed making them and my son is really excited about his eggs.
We found that papering all the way up to the knot of the balloon created a tiny and easy-to seal hole. As for the dented tops I did have to do some poking and reshaping before sealing off the top. My sisters Nd I have all the grandkids and nieces and nephews over to our house every year before Easter to dye eggs and we have lunch and surprises for them. How to Make Paper Mache Paste – About Family Crafts is part of the popular collection wallpapers. I found once I done this, that my hole at the top wasn’t centrail, so I cut some of the mache away and repositioned. If you add the arms later, drill a small hole through the clay, plastic and some of the newspaper inside, put a dab of glue on the end of the twig, and then poke it in. It also makes it easier to move it from your work table to a warm place to dry after the clay has all been applied.
I want to make a paper mache snowman now for Christmas, and maybe do a Father Christmas if I’m feeling brave enough!
It sounds like you have a great plan, and I hope you let us see your snowman when it’s done.
You normally use it to fill in the space between two pieces of plasterboard when building a wall.
The egg can hold a surprising amount of candy and the tissue paper seems delicate making for a delightfully heavy and yet fragile object, much like real egg. In the end I found that liquid landry starch right from the bottle was the least sticky and the easiest to work with considering the delicate tissue paper, so I stuck with that.
I also tried cutting white tissue into a bunch of squares and applying it one layer at a time but found it was difficult to tell which part of the balloon I had already covered and it left a few areas of tissue that was too thin. You can also use the tip of your wet brush to pick up and place the tissue paper so you don’t have to constantly pick up and put down the brush. I’ll be spreading the word about your wonderful (and so amazingly detailed!) tutorial.
That said, previously I’ve done tissue papier-mache with overlapping colors and it can produce some lovely effects.
I ended up using PVA glue (polyvinyl acetate or wood glue – not sure what it is called in America) diluted with water. Follow the directions as above and then when you pop the balloon a the goodies are already inside. I was planning on doing papier-mache eggs just with paper and paste, but the tissue and starch makes for a much prettier final product PLUS my son is not to keen on getting his hands all icky with paste had no problem with these (which is good because they’re for his class!) I did find ours to be somewhat frail. Did I do something wrong and is there a solution to the balloon not coming out how i can get them to before sealing it shut. Here you can find some new design about How to Make Paper Mache Paste – About Family Crafts for your current screen resolution. But I do have a bit of winter cheer in my house, because I made this goofy little snowman by stuffing a plastic grocery bag with old newspapers and covering it with paper mache clay.
Dip your brush in the starch and brush the tissue from the middle up to the top, letting the tissue crinkle and gather.
Ultimately applying the white tissue paper in whole sheets wrapped around the balloon easier and more straightforward. Or maybe I should say it’s like one of those water bottles made of very thin eco-plastic. I kept a couple of extras not filled as decor and I don’t want to pack them away now that Easter is over.
I know there is some drying time involved and am wondering if I will be able to pull this together in 2-3 days. Great project for our craft support group; where over the last two saturdays we made five.
You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer.
I did just the squares and strips method and no dots – we’re mass producing here!
Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. It’s actually difficult to break it open, which is why I included the string to get it started.

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