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Summer sun and fun has had me thinking about simpler times when we used to blow bubbles, play with jacks, run outside all Summer and watch a pinwheel spin!  So when I was asked to decorate tables for a Sunny Summer BBQ I knew exactly what I wanted to create!  PINWHEELS!  Just wait till you see what fun I had with them! Then pull one side {do the same side on each one} of each of the four triangles towards the center and hot glue in place. Once all four corners are brought in and glued, staple the center to make sure it will hold tight. I decided to do two different colorways since I was using them as table centerpieces and wanted one pinwheel on each side of the stick so it would look great all the way around the table. Next I found some large buttons to attach to the pinwheel centers to finish them off.  The large round circles are also found on the daisy fabric and ties things together even more. Attaching the buttons with hot glue didn’t hold them securely so I took orange embroidery floss and stitched them down, and then glued one pinwheel of each color to the pinwheel sticks. You must know that I was so excited about these darling sticks that I made them first, put them in a tiny crystal vase and stared at them all day as I made the pinwheels and napkins!  I’m in love! So I had a million different ideas spinning around on what to place the pinwheels in for these centerpieces, and each one of them would have been fabulous!  Then inspiration hit once again when I turned around in the store and saw these Fanta Orange Soda cans {and on sale for $1 a six pack}!  What says Summer BBQ more than Fizzy Orange Fanta?
Once I hot glued each of the two different colored pinwheels to the stick, I realized how you could see the colors on the pinwheels behind coming through.  I like how the colors mixed well together.
So ten cans, ten fabric wrapped sticks, ten stitched fabric napkins, and 20 bright and buttoned paper pinwheels later… my centerpieces were ready for the party! Sitting on top of the bright and cheery fabric napkins {that I made} these pinwheels couldn’t look any cuter, don’t you think?  Perfect for a Sunny Summer Day!
I love your pinwheel, gonna make one as a gift for the students and for the english course promotional gift ?? . I’m just a girl in a hat, who loves to have fun and share my creative views with the world.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our History of Paper Airplanes page and see why this plane is the grandfather of all the paper airplanes you see being made today.
The other thing to note about the Dart is that its design is the basis for many (if not most) of the other popular planes we love to make. Step 2 – Start with one corner, fold it over and line up the edge with the center crease.
Step 2 – Flip the paper over and do the same with the other side, making sure to line the edges up as close as possible. Step 3 – In this step fold the plane in half, with the folds on the outside (as shown).
Step 4 – Now simply fold one side down onto the center crease, making sure to line up the edges for a better plane. If you want to make a really cool plane, check out our other paper airplane tutorials like the Condor. To make the petals: Take one sheet of tissue paper, fold it in half and cut the top left corner off with a large curve. Unroll the crepe paper and cut a piece that is the width of the tissue paper, but only half the height. Scrunch the bottom of the petal together; try to gather it with quite even folds, it will now look like a petal.
Wrap the pipe cleaner around the bunch and twist it together really, really tightly so the paper has nowhere to move around. For more DIYs, as well as food, beauty, interiors, kid-wrangling and stiff drinks visit Ladyland or follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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Already colored orange and with an opening just large enough for a pinwheel on a stick!  I did dump out the soda, clean cans, and then filled them with glass pebbles for weight.
I’m putting these on a string with straws for spacing to use as a garland for a birthday party! You’ll read about how the patent filed by Butler and Edwards in 1867 set the stage for our favorite hobby. Then take another whole sheet and wrap it over the ball and gather it all together in a bunch.
Keep hold of the bunch with one hand and add the next petal so that it slightly overlaps the first, then add the next. The registered office of Immediate Media Company Bristol Limited is at Vineyard House, 44 Brook Green, London W6 7BT. Cookies perform functions like recognising you each time you visit and delivering advertising messages that are relevant to you.
First, as we’re showing in Step 5 below, when you fold the sheet in half if the folds are on the outside in this step they will be hidden beneath the plane when you finish. You did a fantastic job (or should I say FANTA-tastic job, hehehe) with all your decorations and creativity!
Instead, you can fold the sheet in this step so that the folds are on the inside when you fold the sheet in half, which will result in a different finished look with the folds visible on the top, but giving the plane a smoother underside.

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