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Goli MohammadiI'm a word nerd who loves to geek out on how emerging technology affects the lexicon. The pedal car i'm making is scale 1:4 (axe to axe 60cm) just like the beetle pedal car my son is driving now.
If you make a mold out of polyester (fiberglass) and start popping them out, put me on the list for one._________________67 Ghia coupe, Retired military.

If it will be a model just to hang it on the roofrack for the shows - OK, but if it need to be functional as children's toy may be car must be bigger? Let's say I have the technology to make fiberglass bodies, but demand will be so low and the price can't be low too (because of the low demand, initial cost for the plug, etc.). She is currently pursuing a degree in robotics engineering and has a wide range of interests, from baking to pyrotechnics.

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