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When the ping pong balls would get stuck, he found a way to push them through using his tinker toys. Ahoy there me hearties & welcome aboard the Jolly Roger for some swashbuckling pirate party fun! Pirates are not known for their finesse so I’m sure the children will feel right at home. You could decorate the sandwiches with sword shaped cocktail sticks but they are quite sharp so I will leave that to your discretion. Hidden treasure – as described in the decor section, this is a good one for younger children but older ones will enjoy it too. Walk the Gangplank – if you can safely balance a plank of 6 inch wide wood so that it is no more than a foot off the ground, let the children, two at a time, have a pillow fight. Hand out in treasure chest picnic boxes, paperbags decorated by the children or plastic pirate bags. We ventured out to our local farmers market yesterday and it was so nice to be around all the hustle & bustle of eager stall holders and shoppers.
I hope your weekend was really lovely… it always makes me feel so much better prepared for the week ahead when I have had an enjoyable and action-packed weekend. Always seeking new ways to get organised… this yearly file crate system seems super efficient!
Take a photo tour of this most amazing craft room… I desperately want a space just like this! Thanks MJ – so glad to have discovered your lovely blog – I always look forward to a new update!
I'm Hana, a Mama and creative soul who is always looking for new ways to surprise and delight my little ones.
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It’s an old joke that children have more fun with the box their gift came in, than with the gift itself. This is our 2nd year of the Pirate Halloween house complete with a creaking pirate ship, treasure chest, lot's of pirates as well as pirate music.
Click The Link Below For More Information: Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans Review-Is It Worth The Cost? Why not create a little rocket for your little space people with this really simple and quick tutorial?

Besides price the biggest difference between this ship and a pre-built ship is the rounded edge 24 members. Instructions to make a cardboard pirate treasure chest from recycled materials and craft materials.
From This cool Viking Ship was built out of nothing but a milk carton, straws, some string, a plastic bag and masking tape! I remembered seeing this one on Pinterest, so I emailed a picture of it to my husband and asked if he would pick up a few cardboard boxes on his way home from work. These boys are so blessed to have a creative Daddy. He really enjoyed this game and it was a great way to squeeze in a little number learning for the day, since we ditched our lesson plans in favor of creative play. This could either be a paddling pool or plastic box part filled with sand & could form part of a game such as finding treasure in the sand. Put some sand in a couple of large plastic boxes & bury treasure in it for the children to find. Cut 5x 1 litre or 2 litre bottles in half across the middle & discard the bottom halves. Start your next project for how to make a cardboard pirate ship with one of our many woodworking plans. Doc insists that the end-of-year project for all physics classes be a challenge to build a boat of cardboard and race across the school's pool. I made a few knots on the other end, but when Little Man showed us that he could successfully pull the knots through the hole, I pinched a binder clip over the knot.
Daddy is building built-in shelves, but there are some big brothers who are famous in these parts for showing some cardboard and duct tape love. Make a treasure chest from cardboard or decorate a large cardboard box with a lid & use to hide prizes or as part of a game.
This works well at the end of the party but in this case, use a plastic box with lid that can be hidden away until you want to reveal it. To make clearing up easier, you could serve individually in treasure chest picnic boxes or how about making a cone out of coloured paper & serving fish fingers & chips? Put a bundle of small Jolly Roger flags in a cup at each end of the table or insert into half an orange.
Draw an island shape onto it & decorate with different features such as Long John Silver Sands, Captain Hook Hills, Whispering Woods, Jolly Roger Rocks etc.
Once a team has found all their letters (let them know how many there are), they must arrange them to form a name.

Yellow Moon also sell mini wooden treasure chests which the children can decorate & make great going home presents. You don't have to do Jack Sparrow you can do any character from any show or even one of a celebrity or yourself. For the full recipe, Disney Kid's Party Cakes is available now from newsagents and supermarkets. For younger children who may not like to be blindfolded, decided beforehand where the treasure is hidden but don’t mark with a cross. Sure, it just looks like a pile of cardboard and foam (and it is), but soon your friends and enemies will gasp in terror and delight. Not many children will fit round the box so you may need more than one if they stay until everything is found or just time their hunt so they move onto something once they have found say 3 items. Give the children clues (different for each team) to find each piece & the first team to complete their map wins a prize. This could be used as part of number 3 in the treasure hunt above but set a target figure for the team to reach before they receive the clue OR the team with the highest score wins an extra prize.
Decorate the hat further if required & then attach to the headband using staples, glue or tape. When dry, paint the tubes black or brown along with a third tube that hasn’t been cut.
On a large box (we used a banana box), draw round the larger end of the bottles & cut out the circles but make sure you cut inside rather than outside the lines so that the bottles will fit snuggly. Once dry, push the bottles from the back of the box through to the front, hooks going through first.
Send each team to a different section (marked out in the room) where they must complete a task in order to receive a clue. Slide the smallest tube into the middle one & tape the other end of the thread inside the middle tube at the top. This might be the treasure hidden in the sand as described in the decor section or a treasure chest full of prizes where they each get one – part of their going home present. Repeat by taping the last 2 pieces of thread to the top of the middle tube, sliding inside the biggest tube & taping the ends to the top of the biggest tube by the cardboard strips.

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