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This project was to build my own 5 string banjo on as low a budget as possible, yet still making something that looks good and sounds nice. Quarter inch cables are an essential part of just about every electric guitar rig on the planet.
Through the valley, over the mountain, and across the sea, the Conch's cry echoes.To hear my conch, click here! Swapping out pickups is one of the easiest ways to drastically change the sound of your guitar. Ever wanted a microphone to chat on skype or yahoo or aim with your friends but dont wanna buy one well heres your answer to that dilema.
After my first attempt at luthiery with a Cardboard Ukulele, let's take it up a level.It's not quite a mandolin, or a banjo. As part of my residency at the Pier 9 Workshop, I explored the analog roots of some audio effects that are very commonplace in the current digital music world. My daughter came home a few weeks ago with a science project to build a musical instrument. This is the story of the ups and downs relating to turning the kernel of an idea, into a fully fledged musical instrument.
My lovely wife bought me the littlebits synth kit for Christmas, and I spent several days annoying everyone with screechy sounds. So, I had an small, child-size guitar sitting around that I had been using as a baritone ukulele.
Im entering this jnstructable into the musical instruments contest, if you like it please vote for me cos I'd love a new synth!
Introduction Hello Everyone, First, I would like to thank you for viewing my instructable.
I had wanted a Ukulele banjo for some time but being unable to find one for a reasonable price I decided to make one under a budget of 30 quid .
The service entrance for electrical house wiring grounding wire is just a copper wire made for that purpose. The copper line typically exits through the side of the house toward the bottom and attaches to the grounding rod or the plumbing if metal pipes are used.Grounding rods are about 4 feet long and made of copper. From there, it goes out of the breaker box and on to the first outlet, (receptacle) or switch, (lights) or hard-wired appliance (water heater, electric wall heaters and heat pumps).The breaker box has removable round tabs on all four sides giving access to the wiring. Steampunk styled external HDD-case or external HDD inside of the mystery case with usb access lock protected by MAGIC. Learn how to make an easy magazine holder just using wood dowels, copper 90º elbows and fabric. Hi,In this instructable i am going to show you how to make a simple but entertaining spin art machine that's a great activity for children (and adults to be honest)I saw this being done in a workshop using a small motor and lego.
Making a mitered plywood box with paracord handles.To store wooden building blocks I made a box from plywood with mitre joints and handles made of paracord. A self-balancing scooter built with 3D printed parts and an Arduino as the micro-controller. This is a design of mine, made to keep track of the temperature in a room.You give it the parameters you want and it will light a blue LED if it is too cold, a red LED if it's too hot, and a green one if it's just right. In this Instructable, I will be teaching you how to work with Blender to create a 3D flashlight body.
If you ever wanted a really massive, fully 3D printable divers watch desk clock - your dreams have been answered! I took 33 empty crayon wrappers, cast them in polyester resin, then turned them on the wood lathe. Lately, through experimenting with different light setups when filming, I've come across several small tips and tricks that can make a drastic difference in film quality.So today I'd like to share with you my top 3 film lighting tips that are simple to execute yet produces remarkable results.
If you're planning to sell your house, a few relatively minor upgrades to the interior and exterior of your home can pay off big time.You'll be thanking yourself later for investing that bit of money and elbow grease when you see the offers start rolling in.Good luck, and have fun!
I decided to make a seed box after not finding anything that I liked for storing my vegetable and flower seeds. Alsace is perhaps best known for its crisp white wines, beautiful architecture, nesting storks and quiche but also has a whole host of delicious lesser known recipes, including this thin crust, quick bake pizza. Today we will show you how to monitor a fridge using an Arduino MKR1000 and the Internet of Things platform thethings.iO in order to keep your beer (or other beverages) at a cool temperature. After looking around quite a bit, here is a PVC Kayak Cart I made from various different designs I found online to suit my needs. This instructible will get you out on the water to fish without pulling too much cash out of your pocket.
I recently purchased a 14' aluminum Springcraft with EZ loader trailer from a local classified site for $500.00. Make your own quick and easy zip tie & ply mini boat - maximum fun for the least money! Intro, Braving the elements?I'm entering this build for the 'brave the elements' contest as this project has enabled me to get out there and experience the elements in my local environment. In this part of the Greenland kayak instructable you will be getting the gunwales ready for building the deck of the kayak. Cut a patch from a shower curtain and use PVC pipe cement from your dad's garage to patch a leak in a PVC air mattress, inflatable boat, dry bag, etc. I'm starting this topic to both log my experiments and to petition contributions and ideas from others. Spring was just starting to arrive in northern Minnesota, and after a long winter, I was getting anxious to get back out into my little wood shop and start another project. I have a large canoe (approx 17 feet long and 4 feet wide at the middle) and more often than not I am the only one physically able to move it (at least until the wee ones get bigger MUH HAHAhahahaha). This Instructable will describe the construction of a heavy duty milk jug raft built out of recycled materials and capable of supporting over 700 lbs.
This instructible will teach you how to build a 17 foot long Greenland kayak that will weigh between 30 and 40 pounds and cost less than $300 in materials. Have you ever stood on the shore and looked out at people boating and wished you could be out there too? Alright, Finally got a little time to do some work so I made new seats and motor box for the back of the boat.
This Instructable documents how I built a small sailing boat out of a mussel float, and advice on how to build your own!
This is a small cabin boat that sleeps 1 person with lots of space and great to have for kids to play in even in the swimming pool.

I tried to build the lightest and cheapest (~150€ total material bill) sail-boat I could come up with. I've been wanting to combine my two favorite hobbies - woodworking and sailing for a long time, so I thought I'd build a boat. I set out to make a simple rudder that did not cost the typical $250 but at the same time was a bit more effective than a plank on a stick. Browsing Imgur one day I saw some guys that made a duct tape canoe, and decided to try my hand at the same. Sometimes I like to get on the water by myself and sometimes a canoe will suit me just fine. Living in Cambridge near the historical Charles river and watching people kayak down it's length, I nurtured a growing desire to be able to interact with the natural structure on my own schedule.
Epilog Challenge VI: I have entered this into the Epilog challenge please vote on it if you like the build.
If you are not looking for super-speed, or want a quiet way to fish, get around the lake, or extend your camping trips, an electric canoe is the way to go! We haven’t really used this dinghy much in Vizag, the water here is just too polluted (and smells of ammonia and sulphur) to want to go sailing in harbour and the beach surf is too rough to risk putting to sea from the beaches.
A friend who runs a maker summer camp contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I would be up for doing some welding at her camp. Use my easy to follow homemade BBQ smoker plans and build your own smoker this coming weekend. With these homemade BBQ smoker plans friends and family will marvel at your ability to produce great tasting BBQ from your own hand built smoker. I've specially designed my homemade BBQ smoker plans so that anyone can build a smoker in just one weekend.
If you answered yes to those questions then with my plans you really can build your own smoker. I've spent a year researching designs, building prototypes, finding faults and continuous improvement to give you a product that is easy to build, cooks well can be made out of regular building materials.
You can hot smoke using a gas burner and you can cold smoke using a portable electric hotplate. Cooking area of 588 square inches and sufficient height to smoke a large Thanksgiving turkey. A hanging system for drying and cooking fish - Now you can make Scotch smoked salmon at a fraction of the cost you buy it in the supermarket. You will be admired not only for your smoking skills but also your ability to hand craft a smoker.
You get a set of plans, pictures and method statements with supporting videos so that you can easily fabricate the individual panels that come together to form the finished product.
Plans drawn by me so that you can cut the boards to size, make the drill holes in the right places and screw everything together. Also included is a full bill of materials so that you will need so you only need to make one trip to the lumber yard or DIY store.
You can see from the list of chapters that everything is laid out in a structured fashion so you can easily read chapter by chapter as your project comes to life.
As a free bonus and so you get the best out of your smoker on your very first cookout I'm giving you my favorite smoker recipes in the last chapter! I know it's only a small financial outlay on your part to buy these plans but I want you to be comfortable that my book is worth every cent.
Use this link and take a look inside, you can read a couple of chapters in advance and evaluate how I've laid everything out and explained it all to your satisfaction. When you've read a few pages and you're happy, you can come back here to make your purchase.
In order to read your homemade bbq smoker plans ebook you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
I'm using sub-par recording software; it can't capture the true richness of the sound, so you'll have to make one and hear for yourself. As time went on, drums were made into newer and newer materials, until there were medals, plastics, and many others. It also doesn’t require any power tools to build, which makes it a perfect project for anyone who is both bored and experiencing a power outage of indefinite duration. It has been a path of numerous knock-backs and challenges, of great highs and some deep lows.
After a while I wanted more control over it, to sync it with other things, or to play it from a proper keyboard. I will give you simple instructions to follow so that you too can build your own unique instrument. From this point, ita€™s a matter of laying out the many circuits and mapping them throughout the house.The dedicated electrical house wiring circuits will be the easiest to map out because the entire circuit goes to just one appliance such as the range, or the water heater, or the clothes dryer to name a few. If you have electric heat, you will need to find out the specifications on voltage and amperage because some heaters use 120 volts and others use 240 volts. It may look like a mess at first because there are so many symbols in such a small area to work with on paper, but youa€™ll get used to seeing and understanding the diagrams and blueprints long before you begin construction on the actual circuitry. You can create custom art for your home with tools and materials that are available at just about any hardware store. Remote control function coming soon!The self-balancing scooter balances itself using data from a 6-axis IMU and a PID control loop. I made this because I love ghost Pokemon and the Litwick evolution is one of my more favorite ones.
If you have no experience with Blender, I will be teaching some Blender basics along the way.
The following indicates the different options available:Blitz has typical time limits of 5 minutes for each player for all of the moves.
But the tried and true classics, are forever ;) Follow these easy steps, To create these delicious and simple to make soft oatmeal cookies! The seller of the movement offers pre-sanded mantel clock cases ready for final sanding and finishing, clock kits, and plans for mantel clock cases. Yes, it is spicy and it is traditionally had with dishes like Dosa and Idly.To have an Indo twist, Red coconut chutney which has a strong coconut flavor can surely be used. Summer is coming!We use a one wire waterproof temperature sensor DS18B20 to measure the temperature. I live in a town which is surrounded on three sides by water, in the middle of a river estuary.

You will be shaping them and you will also be marking them for later installation of the deck beams.
The hardest decision was to design my own or build from a set of plans that were already available. Problem is, I had one canoe of our own, and a truck, but no canoe rack (and didn't want to drive all the way to the river with a 15 foot canoe hanging out the back).
We will show step by step the entire process using materials and techniques proven over many successful rebuilds. This project took me about four days working on and off and in a rush, so there were many corners cut and compromises made. Item's neededHot glue gunWaterproof led strip from ebay12v 6800ah lithium battery The project cost's $40 total.
It's a simple design where the boat sits inside of the loop and stays on by being pushed forward. The camp and canoeists were running into trouble keeping themselves dry while launching and retrieving the boats! Other times the weather is not suitable for a canoe, too windy, too wavy or I just want to cruise the waterways a little more efficiently.
I would use the laser to help me with some really cool projects like laser cut wood objects, led illuminated signs, engraved tile and much much more.
When I found out the details, I was definitely up for it: help some kids build a human-powered paddle boat out of recycled materials!
Or maybe hanging fish to dry and warm smoking them to a beautifully moist and tender finish? I read it cover to cover with barely a break and the pictures really helped me understand what I need to do.
Before I started this project I'd never picked up anything more than a drill so I followed your step by step guide and I built the whole thing in a matter of days.
Dennis is an awesome guy- he had a good idea and instead of starting a company, he started a movement.
This is an instructable on how to play the Drum Set Pick your size drum stick Okay, so there are many sizes of drumsticks. It's free, It's beautiful, It's ugly, fraught with nail holes, knots and cracks but in that sows ear there's a nice purse or a ukulele in this one. This was my biggest project for my senior year in high school and was the project that I took to compete in the 2012-2013 SkillsUSA district and state conferences.
Breaker box grounding is important in case of overload, the electrical current will be directed into the ground. Your service panel box or breaker box will hold all the breakers or fuses and every circuit run in the house will begin at the breaker. Ita€™s important to note that when a cable enters the service panel, the hole needs to have a fastener or clamp to prevent the metal box from possibly cutting the wires.
These are all power hogs and not only do they need their own dedicated circuit, but they also use higher amperage breakers and heavier gauge wiring.There are two kinds of voltages used in residential dwellings, 120-volt for lights and small appliance outlets, and 240-volt for larger appliances. The illustration below shows a simple electrical floor plan with outlets, switches, and lights.
Whatever we do, the result of this project will be something intriguing and pleasing to the eye. In this instructable, I will tell you everything you need in order to make one of your very own. By using solar ovens, you can cut back on smoke emissions and keep your carbon footprint to a minimum.
Her birthday was coming up soon and we thought it would be neat to cast some Nerds in resin and make a few coasters. I have to look at the water every time I cross a bridge or pass a lake, and I envy the people I see on the water. The hot lines are either black or red wires.Each electrical wiring circuit run begins with a hot line (black or red) connected to the breaker, a neutral line (usually white) connected to the neutral bus bar, and a ground wire (bare copper) also attached to the neutral bus bar. The breakers determine the difference between the two voltages.A 120-volt breaker is narrow and only attaches to one hot bus in the service panel.
I found it useful to make several copies of the same floor plan without all the electrical symbols, and then make an overlay diagram of each electrical circuit starting with circuit number a€?1a€?. If something is overwhelming and seemingly impossible to understand, step back a bit, scratch your head a few times, then break it down in your mind to the smallest steps or particles necessary.
You will need to number your circuit runs at the breaker box anyway, so this is a good time plan it out.
When you start to understand it at that level, then move on.When planning your electrical house wiring circuits, you will want to divide up the circuits with two major points in mind.
The big gnarly 240-volt breakers however, are wide and cover both hot bus bars giving them all the electricity available, which is 240 volts. On each plan, include only one circuit run even if it is just your water heater or cooking range.
Draw the circuitry exactly how it will run through the walls and joists and even include measurements in the plans if you want to.
That makes for hot wires and youa€™ll wear your carpets out running back and forth resetting breakers.As a rule of thumb, you probably dona€™t want to put any more than 15 loads on one circuit. Also, the larger appliances have varying levels of electrical current needs, so the breakers are also available in different amperage ratings.
You might even want to laminate the plans because they will help you years later when youa€™re trying to remember where you ran those darn wires.
Leta€™s make a couple of charts with the symbols and numbers we will need to lay out a good electrical floor plan from this point. This is one of those things that vary greatly from region to region so youa€™ll need to consult your local codebook.
The illustration below shows a useful chart of appliances along with the size of wire, size of breaker, voltage requirements, and the required receptacle. Most residential dwellings will use around 30 breaker slots these days.The second reason to divide up your electrical circuit runs is to avoid total darkness when a breaker trips. Romex is cheap and ita€™s easy to run, so try to at least integrate the lighting into several different circuits.

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