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Having read some of the amazing mysteries of the pyramid one would like to know how to use this power for gaining success. First in order to energize yourself both physically and mentally you may meditate sitting in the centre of the pyramid shaped structure. When the sides of the pyramid are in place, they will be forming an angle of 52 degrees 51 minutes to the base, a miniature replica of the Great Pyramid.
Start with drawing out the measurements, then cut out the pieces with a very sharp knife, use a steel lineal when you cut. A massive ritual stage, designed to give the faithful below an unobstructed view of what is happening at the top. The structural configuration natural to sun worshippers, who see in a pyramid the shape of sunlight radiating downward from behind a cloud. The inevitable shape of primitive monuments whose builders want to pile one structure on another on another on another without having the whole thing fall over. In the profusion of notions about pyramids, the foregoing are true, or might as well be true since they have been plausibly suggested and not proven false. The only hypothesis not yet proposed (but give them time) is that pyramids are formed by volcanic eruptions. At Saqqara, 15 miles from the center of Cairo, Imhotep conceived what is now known as the Step Pyramid.
Succeeding generations of pyramid builders filled in the steps with facing stones, smoothing the sides to the now familiar geometrical profile. The Great Pyramid at Giza has measurements which embody the Pi quantity, about which the Egyptians supposedly knew nothing until a thousand years later. In the odd parade of scholars, adventurers, and eccentrics who have rummaged the remainders of ancient Egypt, few approach the Anglicized Italian circus performer named Giovanni Battista Belzoni. In The Tale of Two Brothers, one of the Egyptian folktales recovered on papyrus, the architect commissioned to design a treasury for Pharaoh Rhampsinitus is said to have shaped and fitted a massive stone so perfectly that one man could move it aside. From the archaeological evidence, many entrances including that of the Great Pyramid were indeed closed by means of enormous stones, balanced to pivot open for the priests who knew which stone and where to push. Since the deceased were often interred with a lavish complement of earthly goods and ornaments, the robbery of tombs was an ancient and thriving industry―and still is, though the booty now finds its way to art collectors and museums instead of merchants and bazaars. Piazzi Smyth, Astronomer Royal of Scotland in the 1850’s, did not care for the metric system. Napoleon, a century after Newton, took an entourage of scholars along with his army in the attempted conquest of Egypt. Still, the savants carefully catalogued the pyramids and debated learnedly over their observations. Lord Kingsborough, around Belzoni’s time, became fascinated not with Egyptian pyramids but with the truncated pyramids of Central America and the ancient codices unearthed there. Although their pyramids did not match those of the earlier Egyptians for size, Aztec and Mayan builders may have been headed in that direction. Progressive enlargement of the Tenayuca pyramid, expanded once every 52-year cycle of Venus and the Sun as reckoned by the Aztec calendar. It’s been suggested that the occasions for these rebuildings were the coincidences of the two main astronomical cycles used by the Central American Indians as the basis for calendars. A physicist broke the mold, deciding that the main purpose of the Egyptian pyramids was political. Whether by accident or by design, the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops to the Greeks) has proved an astonishing source of mathematical, astronomical, and geographical intrigue. It is the greatest of three pyramids which stand with the Sphinx on the Giza plateau near Cairo, a city originally built with facing stones stripped from the Great Pyramid.
Awesome in its magnitude and fabled as a storehouse of secret knowledge, powers, and treasures, it has incited ceaseless speculation and exploration ever since the Egyptians lost track of how or why it was built.
Its orientation to the points of the compass is the most flawless of any known structure―truer, for example, than the celebrated observatory of Tycho Brahe. Considering its enormity, the pyramid’s exactness of dimension and angle is all but incredible. A main interior passage thrusts 350 feet through solid limestone blocks with no deviation greater than ¼ inch. Did the Egyptians really know the diameter and circumference of earth and the sun’s distance 4,500 years ago? One explanation offered by skeptics is that the Pi ratio might have been inadvertently built into ancient measuring devices. The same might be true if the measuring device were a cord unrolled from a cylindrical spool or drum with a one-cubit diameter. When Herodotus visited the site, Egyptian priests told him that the area of each pyramid face was equal to the square of its height. Finally, it has been seriously maintained that the great Pyramid is an expression of (and possibly a message about) all of the astronomical and gravitational properties of a solar year, including the distance of earth to sun, the rate at which the earth is falling into the sun, the specific gravity of both, and the speed of light. In the proportions of the Great Pyramid, analysts have discovered one baffling surprise after another―ratios which exhibit either profound significance or nothing but coincidence and post-facto rationalizations, depending on which side one chooses in the continuing controversy. Another theoretical model puts the sacred cubit at .4618 meters, giving the pyramid a design width of 500 cubits and an apothem of 400. Not surprisingly, these conclusions have been vehemently challenged on various grounds, including disputes about the actual measurements (which must infer the additional mass of missing face stones and capstone) and doubts about the length of cubit the builders actually had in mind. Since early prehistoric thatch huts, pyramid roofs have topped residential structures around the world.
In a recent experiment, 35 men set out to move a one-ton stone a distance of 4 ½ miles, without benefit of truck, tractor, or winch. Yet a thousand years ago, pyramid and temple builders in Central America were quarrying stones estimated up to 200 tons and moving them for many miles.
In the Great Pyramid near Cairo, there are roughly 2,300,000 stones averaging 2 ½ tons each. The problem remains of supplying comparable implements to the Maya, the Aztecs, the Inca, the Easter Islanders, the Druids for Stonehenge, and the Chinese for the Great Wall. Remnants of dirt ramps have been found around two pyramids, suggesting that stones were dragged up these inclined planes, possibly in an upward spiral around the work. All of these wondrous benefits are said to flow from the psi-force, orgone, or resonating energy which the pyramid shape captures and concentrates. The energy pyramid is known for many applications.
The Great Pyramid of Gizeh was built according the priniple of the most optimal energetic characteristics. To learn more about dimensions of the pyramid check in Constructing the Energy Pyramid. Now that you know how to choose the right proportions of your energy pyramid you need to know how to make pyramid.
For beginning it is the best to start with cardboard. Once you learn how to make pyramid you can experiment with larger size pyramid and try to use other materials. Now when you built your energy pyramid you can learn about pyramid energy and application of energy pyramid. Cairo, the Jewel of the Orient, the City of the Thousand Minarets, and the Melting Pot of Ancient and Modern Egyptian Civilizations.
Pyramids, permanent structures built by the people of some ancient civilizations, found mainly in Egypt, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Peru.
1519.The Egyptian pyramids differ from the American in their shape but have some similarity in their use.
It is the one and only Wonder which does not require a description by early historians and poets. The kings of the early dynasties had tombs at Abydos and aqqarah built in imitation of palaces or shrines.
Pyramids are formed by connecting every point of a plane polygon (the base) to a point not on that plane (the tip) shows a triangular pyramid (three-sided base), while another look A illustrates a pentagonal pyramid (five- sided base). The architecture of the Old Kingdom the designation used by historians for the 3rd through the 6th dynasties can be described as monumental in the sense that native limestone and granite were used for the construction of large-scale buildings and tombs. The temples and tombs, built of stone and constructed for eternity, provide most of the available information on the customs and living conditions of the ancient were made to be included in the tomb to serve the spirit in the next life. Pyramids, their construction and utilities baffled scientists and archaeologists for centuries.
Contrary to the common belief, only the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) rather than all three Great Pyramids is on top of the list of Wonders. This the most logical theory with one clause, it still doesna€™t cover enough of the pyramids area. It is important to know that the many divinities of ancient Egypt and the myths about them were not just important to the Egyptians of that time but also had great influences on the mythologies of many later civilizations. You can make your own decisions in deciding who you think built the pyramids or how you think they did it just try to think things through completely and look for any possible setbacks.
Today, the Great Pyramid is enclosed, together with the other pyramids and the Sphinx, in the touristic region of the Giza Plateau.
The Great Pyramid is the finest of the original eighty or so that were built in Egypt, thirty of which still stand today. Nothing about the Great Pyramid is accidental, its position is the exact centre of the earth’s landmass. A story goes back to the early 1930s when Antoine Bovis claimed to have rediscovered the `power of the pyramid’ shape to affect matte.
Bill Kerrell and Kathy Goggin-two pyramidologists, have conducted numerous experiments, with remarkable results.
Not only can plants and organic matter be influenced by pyramid-shaped structure-but so can human beings.
Sophisticated biofeed-back equipment shows that a trained meditator (or anyone trained to control his brainwave pattern) is influenced by the lowering of an open-structured pyramid over his head. Other experiments have shown that people sleeping with a pyramid over their heads need fewer hours sleep and that they awake considerably more refreshed. They took children (who knew nothing about pyramids, fairly obviously) and on a very casual basis gave them the opportunity of going on or out of one place on the ground in their own back gardens. When the children were inside they were asked very casually if they’d like to stay in there and what if anything it felt like. Nobody knows as yet how likely it is that certain electromagnetic waves are concentrated and condensed by the particular configuration of a pyramid.
Greater readings were produced with metal pyramids, but even this is strange because classical magnetic theory would have it that the magnetic materials of the frame should shield the interior of the pyramid from the magnetic forces. But magnetism is not the only explanation of pyramid power because similar magnetic fields do not produce the same effects as those produced under a pyramid.
It’ll probably be decades before pyramid power is really understood, but there certainly seems to be enough evidence to make further study worth while. According toA  an expert on Cosmic Energy, who has been studying the Pyramidical effect for quite sometime, states-Peer means aged person and peeri-old age is a peer meaning pain or disease. The most powerful source of Physical, mental and spiritual energy is The God-The Supreme Soul. While meditating our Yogis used to strike a particular pose sitting cross legged, back straight up, hands on the knees, with a choti up straight-the choti used to work as an antenna.
The pyramids of Ancient Egypt, constructed some 5,000 years ago, remain one of the greatest wonders in the modern world.
Contrary to the general belief, it is now presumed, that, the Pyramids were actually places where one could concentrate and reinforce his energies. Water that has been placed under a pyramid loses its chlorine taste and if one experiment is to be believed might actually have curative properties. The experiment was then repeated with the girl unable to see which water was being used and she still obtained repeated relief from the ordinary tap water. Some researchers claim that pyramids put a brake on the ageing process and some lowly forms of life have been positively affected by pyramids. Pyramid power resurged in the sixties, when pyramidal shapes were explored for physio & psychological alchemy. One piece of empirical evidence recently surrendered by the Great Pyramid appears to have, as one might expect, universal application: A pyramidal shape with the previous ratios of the Great Pyramid, and centered on the true north-south axis, seems to reflect, generate, accumulate or in some manner make available certain energy fields. The excitement over homemade pyramids was ignited in 1970 by the publication of Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain, by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder, where, in the section on Czechoslovakian research, they recounted coming across various small pyramids as razor- blade sharpeners. Turning his attention to metal, Drbal then toyed with the idea that a razor blade, whose edges have a crystal structure that dulls with repeated use, could be returned to its original shape & sharpness when places in the heightened energy field of a pyramid. Tarnished jewellery & coins are polished by the energy forces working within a pyramid.
Polluted water is purified over several days, and water further treated so seems to aid both digestion & the healing of wounds. Milk remains fresh for days on end when stored in a pyramid and, eventually turns into yogurt whereas milk placed in a identical container outside the pyramid sours. I was an extraordinary message to the present world.every human being should have a pyramid at home and practice meditation daily. Easy Kitemaking: How to Build a Pyramid KiteThe shape is a tetrahedron, which is just one kind of pyramid.
Instructions for Printing and Making your own 3-D Enterprise PyramidInstructions for constructing a paper pyramid.
Paper Pyramid CraftFor over a thousand years, Egyptians built pyramids as tombs for their .

Orgonite ContsructionQuestions to consider when making orgonite and orgone devices: What molds should I use?
How to make a simple origami pyramid: page 1This page is for those who want the instruction to fold a simple origami pyramid. These incredible Pyramid connectors allow you to construct a pyramid withup to about a twenty foot base.I have made an all copperPyramid with a ten foot base, pictured belowThe results are incredible. The connectors are painted gold in this photo to show the connector and the ease of which to use. Thanks for looking, I provide all the help and measurements need to sent up any size pyramid feasible. The home made pyramid can be made in thick cardboard or wood .
Pyramids do indeed double as cisterns (but not tombs) in Mexico and Guatemala and as tombs (but not cisterns) in Egypt. These striking monuments have been characterized in every imaginable role from tabernacles of prophecy to repositories of mysterious forms of energy. Ironically, the Great Pyramid which was to follow―one of the most remarkable achievements of architecture and engineering and one in which leading scholars such as W.
But at the time the ancient Greeks were visiting Egypt, this information had either been lost or was considered a secret. According to Professor Brian Fagan in The Rape of the Nile, Belzoni spirited more antiquities out of Egypt than Napoleon’s army. One was the 1820 account of his tomb and pyramid explorations, Narrative of the Operations and Recent Discoveries within the Pyramids, Tombs, Temples, and Excavations in Aegypt and Nubia.
It was used to scale the walls of Aquileia and win a battle in 1420 between the warring Castello and San Nicolo families of Venice. Histories, popular tales, and architectural remains all show great preoccupation with the problem of concealing these repositories.
The French had introduced the meter as a fraction of the meridian through Paris of all places, and then slightly miscalculated even that. By Newton’s day, the earth had been circumnavigated but not yet measured, and an accurate figure for the circumference was the only thing holding up his general theory of gravitation. Naturally, the presence of these noncombatant, non-load-bearing academics and the rations they consumed were not much appreciated by the hard pressed French regulars.
Having built one of their truncated pyramids, they would subsequently add another layer, and later another―changing the pyramid but also enlarging it. A modest structure (A) believed to date from the year 1247 was overlaid by successive additions in (B) 1299, (C) 1351, (D) 1403, (E) 1455, and (F) 1507.
They had calculated the 365 day solar cycle and a 260 day cycle of Venus, which they divided into 13 months of 20 days each. Yet a surveyor who studies the pyramids at Giza finds that their real function was that of survey markers, which he announces in a book called The Pyramid Riddle Solved.
In a provocative study of the great age of pyramid building* Kurt Mendelssohn concludes that the principal invention these structures represent is that of the nation-state. But what has promoted several centuries of scholars to join the search along with mystics and grave robbers is mounting evidence of almost uncanny precision in the Great Pyramid’s design and execution. A careful check around the perimeter of the 13-acre site failed to find any point more than one inch out of level.
And how could they have been building in Pi ratios when, by all available records, Egyptian mathematicians did not arrive at the concept of Pi until the pyramid was 800 to 1,000 years old?
Its perimeter is equal in length to a half minute of latitude, and its apothem (the line from the apex down the middle of a side) equals a tenth of a minute. But if the above figures are accepted, a case can be made for the pyramid inch and the pyramid cubit as the ideal units of reckoning for both time and space. And nearly five thousand years ago, Egyptian pyramid builders were doing roughly the same thing, in both cases without the wheel, even without draft animals.
Tellefsen’s model calls for a sturdy wooden arm pivoting on a fulcrum and using counterweights. Borchardt as the Egyptian means for lowering granite slabs to seal or open the pyramid's secret entry. The Aswan granite quarries were on the same river, albeit far upstream, and the Egyptians had sturdy boats of bundled papyrus stalks which might have been lashed together as barges. They hailed their own accomplishments by scratching the names of their work crews into some of the larger blocks they moved―the Victorious Gang, the Boat Gang, the Vigorous Gang, the Enduring Gang.
British scholar Moses Cotsworth pointed out around 1900 that the outer core stones themselves might have supported such a ramp if they were laid in an upward spiral.
Get your Cheops scale model pyramid kit, and you may never have to buy another razor blade: kept in a pyramid, oriented to true north, razor blades stay sharp indefinitely and old ones regain a keen edge. Some enthusiasts feel that the pyramid’s geometry alters the gravitational and magnetic fields. The energy pyramid can be used for water purification, meditation and relaxation, increase of growth rate of plants, preservation of herbs or sharpening the razors. Your personal pyramid should be built with the same proportions, only smaller in size. You can choose different materials.
The material is easy to acquire. If so, enter here, wander through the chambers and passageways of the Great Pyramid, and learn about the pharaohs for whom these monumental tombs were built. Cairo-the Triumphant City-is the glorious capital of Egypt, the cradle of civilization and the beacon of religion. The Egyptian pyramids are pyramidal in form, with four triangular sides that meet at a point at the top; the New World pyramids are four- sided, flat-topped polyhedrons. The Egyptian pyramids served as royal tombs, and recent excavations increasingly indicate that tombs in the Americas were sometimes incorporated into pyramids as well. It is the one and only Wonder that does not need speculations concerning its appearance, size, and shape.
The largest, the Great Pyramid, was built as the tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The earliest complex, built about 1200 BC, is at the Olmec site of La Venta in the state of Tabasco in southeastern Mexico.
From these tombs have come large amounts of pottery, stonework, and ivory or bone carving that attest to a high level of development in Early Dynastic Egypt. Yet another look depicts the solid between the base and a plane parallel to the base, called the frustum of a pyramid. The pyramid complex at Giza where the kings of the 4th Dynasty were buried illustrates the ability of Egyptian architects to construct monuments that remain wonders of the world. What we do know, is that the Great Pyramid at Giza is not simply a super tomb for a great Pharaoh-it is much more-It is by far the biggest building constructed by man. The monument was built by the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu of the Fourth Dynasty around the year BC 2560 to serve as a tomb when he dies.
Egyptians believed the pharaohs held the key to the after life for everyone and the pyramids show this strong belief in life after death. Thousands of Egyptians people worked with architects when they were able to leave their farms because of the season.
This was quickly ruled out in that it would have to be a mile long in order for the slant of it to be somewhat do-able.
This will clearly not work because in order for the ramp to extend from the bottom to the top, the way the ramp would be, you wouldna€™t be able to cover all of the area and you would have a rather lacy pyramid. We believe that there were four ramps spiraling upward, each starting from one of the four corners. As the Egyptian culture and civilization grew and changed so did the gods, goddess, and creation stories. Also in the area is the museum housing the mysterious Sun Boat, only discovered in 1954 near the south side of the pyramid. It has been suggested that there are enough blocks in the three pyramids to build a 3 m (10 ft) high 0.3 m (1 ft) thick wall around France.
A number of corridors, galleries, and escape shafts either lead to the King’s burial chamber, or were intended to serve other functions. For one, the Great Pyramid is aligned so exactly to the magnetic north that it defied modern measuring systems.
Bovis, a Frenchman, was on holiday in Egypt in the 1930s and was amazed to find that small animals that had lost their way and starved to death in the Great Pyramid had not decomposed. They found that they could after the taste of good (for the better) by placing it under a pyramidal structure.
Experiments carried out by Kerrell and Goggin used experienced meditators who were wired up to an electroencephalograph machine, which measures the patterns of waves produced by the brain.
After about 30-45 seconds the alpha the theta waves in the brain increased in frequency and were more than double the normal amplitude.
Kerrell and Goggin have carried out pyramid tests with children who they reasoned, would be far more reliable witnesses than adults who are conditioned to reject or at least be sceptical of new phenomena. Conventional magnetism may be involved in the pyramid’s working too because a Gauss meter, placed at the centre of even a non-megnetisable pyramid (one made of card for instance), shows a positive reading which increases in strength as the pyramid is brought into north-south alignment.
The pyramid shape itself then seems to attract more than the normal of the earth’s magnetic forces.
This seems to confirm that pyramids have something to do with the balance of negative and positive ions in the air, as pyramids seems to produce some of the beneficial effects found with negative iron therapy. It’s quite likely that advances in the near future will come from industry rather than medicine.
When a yogi used to meditate with the Supreme… the rays and vibrations of shakti (cosmic energy) were received through the antena into the body.
Through an intricate system of mathematical measurements, it was found that the Great Pyramid of Cheops had foretold major events like the Exodus, Crucifixion, and the outburst of WWII.. When ever you go to these places you will feel a lot of pure energy and vibrations of peace because of the pure cosmic energy trapped in these places. That means by this arrangement one’s soul-your Zero is trying to communicate with The Supreme Zero. Because of this deviation the revolution of the earth around the sun is not a perfect circle. Clearly this needs repeating and further research is essential before nay medical claims for pyramid water can be made. However, in spite of the astounding finding that skin cells from a 3,000- year-old Egyptian mummy were still capable of life, any claims that pyramids prolong human life must be treated cautiously until more research has been carried out. Sleeping under a pyramid tent was reputed to cure insomnia, calm hyperactive children, get rid of menstrual cramps, and revive a flagging sex drive. They had to abandon the project within a year as their equipment went hay-wire in the vicinity of the structure producing different pictures of the same are at different times, creating more puzzles than it solved. For example, food commodities have been left in pyramids for several weeks, individuals remained inside larger pyramids for a few minutes to a number of hours.
A French firms has even patented a pyramidal-shaped container for making yogurt and an Italian milk concern, pyramidal-shaped cartons for milk. I notice that many students come to my kitebuilding tutorial in search of how to make a pyramid out of straws and paper. Pyramids certainly conceal secrets of the Ancients, even if only the secrets the Ancients were keeping from each other―such as where mother is buried, a piece of intelligence many an ancient high priest or pharaoh tried to keep from many an ancient grave robber.
Originally a four-step structure, it was then expanded to a six-step design, and the basic pyramid shape was in place for all time.
Flinders Petrie see the decisive vision and supervision of a single genius―was designed by an architect whose identity is forever lost.
The word  Pyramid also incorporates the letters P and I, and between those two letters, spelled backward, is the name of the mother of Jesus. Still less did Smyth like the British inch, which was officially defined as the length of three grains of barley. On his rough sketch of the Giza pyramids, he noted the calculation that they contained enough stone to build a ten foot wall around France. Sued by the paper supplier, Lord Kingsborough spent his last days in Sheriff’s Prison in Dublin. Every 52 years, the two main cycles ended and renewed at the same time, and a new pyramid was built. Various mathematicians have seen in the Great Pyramid a giant model and monument of the mathematical knowledge of the day―possibly with a touch of nostalgia for a time when society accorded to mathematics its due stature. In one vast public works project, the scattered villages and separate kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt were united in one country, and government jobs were created for over 100,000 farmers idled each year during the three month inundation of the Nile. If their shape suggested nothing so much as some then-familiar variant of the crumpet or cruller, then that might be the most descriptive term to use for the folks back home―in which case the pyramids were named in the same manner as the wedding cake buildings on Park Avenue. Even then, their calculation of the quantity (3.16, as shown on the Rhind Papyrus) was cruder than the precise ratio the great Pyramid seems to express. What Herodotus did see was the remnant of a causeway and a large road from the Nile to the Giza hill, apparently for the hauling of stones.
Either way, the spiral ramp could extend upward bit by bit as the core stones were laid, then gradually be removed as facing stones were placed, starting at the top and working down. Get a pyramid large enough to sit in or sleep in, and you will feel better, relieve any pain or ill, gain composure, and increase your intellectual, psychic, and sexual powers.
Others say it causes local changes in the time-space continuum or that it funnels energy from the Van Allen Belts.

For beginning you should start with small size pyramid. It is the largest city in the Middle East and Africa and lies at the centre of all routes leading to, and from the three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. Because both the Egyptian and the American structures are called pyramids, many people have erroneously assumed that the Egyptians influenced the rise of civilization in the New World. The American pyramids were also used for military defense and served as platforms for temples and palaces; they are called temple mounds or platform mounds by archaeologists. When built, the Great Pyramid measured 147 m (481 ft) high with a square base measuring 230 m (756 ft) on each side. Presumably, the later ceremonial centers in central Mexico, the Mayan region of the YucatA?n Peninsula, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Andean region of Peru were based on the Olmec plan. The Egyptian language, written in hieroglyphics, or picture writing, was in its first stages of evolution. And finally, A a truncated pyramid, the solid between the base and a plane cutting all lateral edges.
The chambered superstructures of private tombs were usually decorated with scenes of the occupant enjoying and supervising those activities in which he took part in life.
When Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798, he expressed his surprise at the workmanship, genius of the craftsmen through his famous quote: “Soldats! The most impressive pyramid, that of Cheops (or Khufu), took 100,00 people working over a twenty year period. Also the angles would we so sharp that you wouldna€™t have been able to move two tons blocks around jolting corners.
In 1989 Lehner and his friend Hawass uncovered remains of a bakery near the site of the great pyramid.
However, some scholars believe the worship of this one divinity lingered among the people of Israel, who had settled in Egypt, and became an important part of the religion that was developed by their leader Moses.
Eric Von Daniken has written books (such as Chariot of the Gods) suggesting that this was too great a feat for humans alone and that they must have had help from outer space. The boat is believed to have been used to carry the body of Khufu in his last journey on earth before being buried inside the pyramid. For example, the construction of such an enormous building 2000 years ago almost defies imagination.
It ranked as the tallest structure on Earth for more than 43 centuries, only to be surpassed in height in the nineteenth century AD. The King’s chamber is located at the heart of the pyramid, only accessible through the Great Gallery and an ascending corridor. The weight of the Great Pyramid is exactly one thousand trillionth of the weight of the Earth and enables us to calculate the distance of the earth from the sun. Until very recently, it was thought that the pyramid was slightly off this north-south axis, but with the development of more sophisticated measuring methods, it was realised that the ancient Egyptians had got it right and that we had been wrong all these years ! This makes coffee less bitter, improves the taste of wine, lowers avidity of fruit juices, improves the taste of frozen foods and a host of other things. Sometimes the alpha activity ( the brainwave so sought after by the bio feedback experts) was so great that it shot off the top of the recording scale.
In the US, plant growers have already reported increases of 150 per cent in growth rates under pyramids and there are also pyramid-shaped schools, warehouses and recreation areas into existence. Just as a child is more secure, can enjoy a better care free as well as a longer life in the protection of his parents, similarly. And since then, there have been many reports of its strange powers extending far beyond Egypt & centering on all pyramidal shapes, whether cast in cardboard, metal or plastic. Thus while meditating since we are on the same wave length-Zero-we are connected to the Supreme Zero. The year of 360 days was thus divided into 10 months of 36 days, as is evident from the names of the months. Anecdotal reports suggest that women who have been sleeping under a pyramid for four to six weeks noticed that their menstrual cycles were altered. In California, there was even a craze for hat-sized pyramids that supposedly recharged the brain ! All are quite accurately oriented with the sides of the bases in the cardinal directions. By providing high quality all hand made, solid steel, Pyramid Connectors,saves on shipping.
The G in Giza is pronounced soft (like a J) by the Arabs (though hard by the Egyptians) and has been variously spelled Gizeh, Djiseh, and Jeeseh. He simply measured the pyramid’s shadow at the same time of day when his own shadow equaled his height. At Heliopolis, the god Thoth was said to have hidden his library behind an immense movable stone. Each had a facade with symbolic and ornamental carvings markedly different from its forerunner. Historians of religion, science, and architecture tend to see the main significance of a pyramid as, respectively, religious, scientific,  or architectural.
They also point out that any physical object has proportions, and any set of proportions is likely to suggest meanings to someone who is looking for them. Or, using the .4618 meter cubit, one cubit equals a thousandth of a second in the sense that the earth, at its equator, rotates a distance of 1,000 cubits per second.
One researcher warns of the potential health hazard: if pyramid power destroys the bacteria that cause meat to spoil (or mummies to decompose), then it may also kill the useful and necessary bacteria of normal life processes.
On its east side stands the evidence of 2000 years of Islamic, Coptic, and Jewish culture still flourishing to this day. The largest mounds in the New World include the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl at Cholula outside Puebla, Mexico; the Pyramid of the Sun in TeotihuacA?n, near Mexico City.
In the 3rd Dynasty the architect Imhotep built for Zoser (reigned about 2737-2717 BC) a complex at aqqarah, the burial ground near the capital of Memphis, that included a stepped pyramid of stone and a group of shrines and related buildings. The method of representing the human figure in two dimensions, either carved in relief or painted, was again dictated by the desire to preserve the essence of what was shown. This is a completely dumb idea, since we have proof that the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids.
Now that would not be logical at all, so this theory was quickly ruled out by leading researches in the field. No one really knows for a fact how the pyramids were built, they can just make practical assumptions. These scholars have suggested that the Jewish and Christian belief in one God may come from the cult of Aton. It may also serve him as a means of transportation in his afterlife journey according to Ancient Egyptian beliefs.
We still do not know how such an edifice was built, taking as it must have done, many years, hundreds of thousands of men, millions of logs (for rollers to move the stones) and an enormous navy of barges and other transport to bring the stone from as far as 500 miles away. It was covered with a casing of stones to smooth its surface (some of the casing can still be seen near the top of Khefre’s pyramid).
The sarcophagus is oriented in accordance with the compass directions, and is only about 1 cm smaller in dimensions than the chamber entrance. As he was keen rediesthetist, he tried to reconstruct this extraordinary observation when he returned to Paris, for he felt sure there must be some strange forces at work. One hyperactive child in particular was very much happier under the pyramid and was able to stay calm and read school-books for longer than ever before. Even in the day to day life, is y if you are connected to a powerful person, you felt protected. All the Pyramids The Science or Philosophy of Pyramids is based on the Yoga, which is Synonymous-The God. Since the posture of the body if you notice is locked, so the energy received can’t escape.
All the Pyramids, temples and most of the places meant for prayer- are built on the principal of this pose adopted by the yogis, with little variation according to their knowledge and need of the times.
Previously when the axis of the earth was straight upright, the orbit of the earth was a perfect circle. Many said that they were free from cramps and the duration was also reduced in many of them. To start with you may make one out of plywood or out of card board or plastic, PVC, fiberglass and see the benefits for yourself. Needless to point out that while the great pyramid itself is built to the tolerance of 0.01 inch, yours should equally fulfill the accuracy of side and base. From this he reasoned that the British must be one of the lost tribes of Israel, who had brought the true inch with them from the Middle East. So Newton’s theory of gravity had to wait nearly twenty years, until the French astronomer Jean Picard triangulated an accurate earth circumference in 1671.
On its west side lies the Ancient Egyptian city of Memphis (Giza), the renowned capital of the Old Kingdom and the site of the Pyramids, the only wonder surviving of the Seven Wonders of the World. At the city of Giza, a necropolis of ancient Memphis, and today part of Greater Cairo, Egypt.
The prototype of the true pyramid in Egypt was the step pyramid, so called because its successive layers of stone suggest a series of enormous steps. Designed to protect the remains of the king, the great Step Pyramid is the oldest monumental architecture preserved; it also illustrates one of the phases toward the development of the true pyramid.
As a result, the typical depiction combines the head and lower body as seen from the side, with the eye and upper torso as seen from the front. Early pyramids, such as the Step Pyramid of King Zoser (Djoser) at Saqqara by the famous Egyptian architect, Imhotep, illustrate this connection.
At the time of the discovery of the bakery, Lehner had let loose a team of diggers on a field covered with garbage. The Egyptians were the first to discover geometric symmetry-the scale of proportions that rules the `harmony of nature’. He built a pyramid to exactly the same proportions as those of the Great Pyramid and found he could reproduce the mummification process.
Most frequently reported sensations were: a sense of weightlessness, tingling, warmth, tranquillity and relaxation, dreams, graphic visions and time distortions. UFOlogists cite it as the first work of ancient astronauts, stopping by earth to quarry awhile. If you would like to conduct your own pyramid experiments, directions for making one out of cardboard appear below. Indeed, a journey through Cairo is a journey through time… A journey through the history of an immortal civilization. The most famous and best preserved of the step pyramids is that at aqqarah, near Cairo, built about 2700 BC. It was constructed of steps of small, square stones and surrounded by the beautiful white limestone temples.
At the beginning of time, before the earth, sky, gods, or men had been created, the sun god lived alone in the watery mass of Nun which filled the universe, The sun god created by himself two other gods who he spat out of his mouth, the god Shu who represents air, and the goddess Tefnut, who represents moisture. Each side is carefully oriented with one of the cardinal points of the compass, that is, north, south, east, and west.
So basic are the 3-4-5 unit relationships found in the pyramids that scientists engraved the same triangular figures on a plaque sent into space as a means of communication with life on other planets.
A few subjects experienced even more extraordinary phenomena including clairaudient experiences. September is from Sapt ie seven, October is from asht ie Eight, November is from Navam ie Nine and the last month December is from Deca or Dahaca ie Ten. Archaeologists, who dote on cities and tombs, can’t see the pyramid as a city but can easily see a tomb, even though the corpus delecti is invariably missing.
Tafla is a clay that is very strong when it is dried but it is easily destroyed by the swing of a pick ax. Shu and Tefnut then had two children, Geb, the earth god and Nut, the goddess of the sky, who had four children.
The horizontal cross section of the pyramid is square at any level, with each side measuring 229 m in length. Amazed by all this Bovis tried to convince people but they wrote him off as crank, partly because he was also a rediesthetist. The difference is due to the fact that when about 2500 years back, this world split into its present five continents, the earth below the Pyramids got stretched. It's easier to use the Pyramid if you make it without the bottom plate. So if you had a ramp, you could make the ramp out Tafla, you and a big crew could move the 2 ton blocks up the side of the pyramid. These nine gods together made up the Great Ennead of Heliopolis, the most important group of gods in the Egyptian Pantheon. The energy pyramid needs to be built in rightproportion. In the afternoon the sun gets older and at sunset, the sun dies to be born again in the new morning. At the death of the sun, as night came, the sun was said to travel in the underworld through the night before rebirth in the morning.

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