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If you reuse your spare and useless things and you have good habit of recycling things then this post will surely attract you. You can also make planters for succulent plants by using large wide planters to grow plants. When I think of a kazoo, I think of the little plastic ones that are often found in birthday treat bags.  Even though kazoos have been around as long as I can remember, I had no idea they were invented so long ago.
And that’s how you make a PVC pipe kazoo!  This satisfies several Cub Scout electives.
This entry was posted in Arrow of Light, Webelos, Wolves and tagged Air of the Wolf, Maestro!. Cub Scout Ideas is not officially associated with nor endorsed by the Boy Scouts of America. When I saw this idea for pool noodle lightsabers on Jessica’s Coupons (linked to Money Saving Mom), I knew my boys would LOVE them!
This is the perfect boy craft because they take about 5 minutes to make, and then you can hit things! These lightsabers are very light weight and don’t cause a lot of damage indoors – a double win! Escuela Infantil GRANVIA Vistahermosa » Archivo del weblog » 5 Juegos infantiles caseros ?con churros de piscinas!

You can have the latest posts from Frugal Fun for Boys delivered to your inbox every Friday! Now drawing straight line and measuring on round surfaces is hard, so the best method is to get a large sheet of paper.
If you line one edge of the paper with this line you can get straight lines going down the pipe.
With these methods you should be able to draw good straight lines all over the pipe dividing it lengthways into quarters.
1) Cut out a rectangle from the base about 5 cms in, so we can easily attach it to whatever we want to. Today I am going to tell you that how you can recycle PVC plastic by making DIY PVC pipe crafts. By using different sizes of PVC and by cutting and joining them you can make cute frames for mirrors and your photos as well. Just cut PVC pipes with the help of cutter and hand them on the walls of your bathroom to make tooth brush holder. Just use cutter and cut PVC pipe of about 6-8 inches length then make holes in that piece with the help of cutter as shown in the picture given below. Before you do the cut, drill a hole in the corner to improve the structural integrity of the material.

These projects will not only help you to decorate your house but due to recycling you can keep your environment clean as well. You can also cut pieces of PVC pipes, stick stylish beads or laces on them and make cute pencil holders from PVC pipes.
To make planters take long PVC pipe pieces and then make circular holes on the pipe with equal distance as shown in the picture.
Now take these circles and using adhesive paste circles of PVC pipes around the mirror to make a pattern just like the pattern shown below in the picture. To add creativity you can paste picture of your loved ones on the pipe and then you can use it as a vase.
In most of the PVC pipe crafts projects you just need PVC pipes of different sizes, PVC pipe cutter and Glue for sticking pipes.
Another idea is to paint PVC pipe fragments with acrylic spray paints and after that you can arrange fresh flowers in that vase.

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