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I sometimes also use large images for wrapping too, like the hydrangea one, shown top right. It’s always fun looking through magazines, so next time it’s raining set aside some me time, put the kettle on and go through that stack! And here is for the eye:Images from around the web about make me gift tags from magazine pages, hope you like them. Using unnecessary big words can often hinder your message from spreading because readers want to read something quickly and easily.  They do not want to pull out their dictionaries to decipher what was said. It’s Lisa from the red thread, and I’m ready to show you another super easy and fun craft this month in my Make Me column (Sorry I skipped the month of July, we had some illness around here).

When that happens, I spend some time leafing through old issues and tearing out the images that I love.
Try to follow and compliment the shapes and forms in the image, or apply a random all over pattern – like polka dots. Keywords: make me a sandwich, make me like you lyrics, make me like you, make me chic, make me laugh, make meme, make me proud lyrics, make meaning, make me move, make me rich, make me gift tags from magazine pages . Use the cropping guides to find the most pleasing part of a photo for your tag, rule lines to indicate the edges, then cut it out.
Write on the back of the tag, find some lovely ribbon, lace or twine and wrap a beautiful gift with a handmade touch.

One of the things I like to use them for is gift tags – it’s a lovely way to upcycle the pages and it’s fun to do. I also have a hard time getting rid of old magazines, so this craft project ticks two boxes.

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