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Whenever we think of doing something involving a little art and craft, we always tend to buy art and craft material from the store but hardly notice anything lying around our house that could be used as perfect crafty materials.
If you have a daughter who loves playing princess then this is an amazing opportunity to help her build her own royal castle. Whenever we think of planting some indoor plants, our first step is to head to the nearby store and buy some seedling containers.
If you have a penchant for painting and drawing characters out of comic books or create your own fantasy characters, then you can easily give life to your hobby by drawing them over on toilet paper rolls and placing them in your children’s bedroom or you can even use them as showpieces in your living room. Kids are highly fascinated by rockets and they always make their parents buy all sorts of rocket toys on every small occasion.
Once you have the rocket design created, consider adding glitter, paint and other extras to add your own unique flare. For older preschoolers, you can have them cut out their own shapes for this project and practice their straight line cutting skills. If you make this project with your preschooler, I’d love to see how your rocket turns out! Some days I find it hard to be crafty with the kids– the markers dried up, the tape is gone, there’s no more construction paper, the play dough dried out, the list goes on.
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For example, the common toilet paper rolls, which usually end up in the garbage bags, are very good craft materials for making numerous artworks for your children as well as for yourselves too. These toilet paper rolls can be easily used for the castle decor like turrets and towers and for the nearby tree trunks.
However, we always fail to see that the usually discarded toilet paper roll can come in handy as seedling containers for your indoor plants.
This is a great way to nurture your inner drawing skills and inspire your kids to combine art and junk materials for producing beautiful artworks with their own hand and without spending any money. Therefore, here is a great idea to engage your kids this summer in making their own rocket ship out of toilet paper rolls. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. Little monsters: Alisa Burke has captured our attention again with these high-energy characters made from  toilet paper rolls (you could even make the Royal Party to go with your toilet paper roll castle!). Marble Run: Teach kids about gravity and speed with this easy to make and super fun to play idea by TinkerLab. Toilet Paper Catepillar:  Follow this step by step tutorial to make a very hungry caterpillar with your kids. Heart Stamps: I love a simple spin on an ordinary object- like making a heart stamp out of a circular toilet paper roll. Rocket ship: You can thank No Time for Flash Cards for this styling rocket ship made from a toilet paper roll.

Therefore, presenting your own princess with her own castle will really inspire your kids to be more creative in the future too. So, why spend your hard-earned cash on some small containers when you make one yourself at home. For example, if you want a heart shaped stamp then just mould the circular toilet paper roll into a heart and use it as a stamp. These kinds of projects will not only be highly thrilling for them but will also help them learn how to use their creativity.
Rust & Sunshine shared this idea on their blog and I think they are just the perfect size for toddlers! If you don’t have colored paper, you could use any kind of paper and either color it or leave it as is. If you want to talk about art, this could also make a great theme inspired collage project for your preschooler.

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