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A collection and list for some building ideas for Minecraft on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and handheld devices, enjoy! Not all builds are made by us as we aren't as skilled as many people out there but we just want people to be able to easily find a great collection of minecraft building ideas! I see you have managed to keep your Minecraft addiction at bay long enough to find yourself here.
Minecraft is easily one of the most successful indie games in history – a true success story.
On November 19th, 2011, Jens Bergensten, who you might know as Jeb, took over creative control so Markus could concentrate on new things.
Note: If this page loads a little slow, be patient, its got a metric-sh*t-ton of awesome minecraft creations! Keeping the good gaming times rolling, check out this amazing Minecraft re-creation made by Reddit user “eohylanmay” of the iconic E1M1 level from the original Doom! This one is a little older, you can definitely see the evolution of Minecraft after looking at this compared to the others!
Well, here are a few tutorials that might help you get started on your Minecraft architect career :D. Watching other people work on things is another good place to start, and usually helps a lot.
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They didnt build it, they designed a program to convert the world, if you download it, all the buildings are cool, but almost everything is disfigured. I saw Darnassus in a google image search and had to come here to comment… lol The first ones are so awesome! Fucking seriously, every single picture caption reads like the inner reflections of a coked out squirrel on caffeine tablets. Maybe you should do this in creative, on the grass and if it's really cool, we can move it somewhere in the water near spawn? I think each floor should be about 5 blocks high (floor to ceiling space) to allow us to make bars and things inside. If you want it done right, the best thing to do would be find info on wikipedia or something on an existing cruise ship and look at the measurements. As for the colours, I think mainly coloured wool for the bright bits, maybe wood for the inside (around the cabins) for a luxurious feel? Hey man, just some friendly criticism from a fellow shipbuilder!I noticed something I find a bit odd in your quarterdeck's design. Can you also make your ships download ready?i would love to have this on my single player world! Guys I need your help please go on this site: (Ad link removed) worry its no spam i just want a minecraft premium accaount pleaseee!!!
Viking ships are a lot easier to build than the larger, normal ships, like the one in our other tutorial.
As mentioned, both the stern and bow of my viking ship is the same, which makes building a large viking ship a whole lot easier. The remainder of the stern and bow is build in a similar way to our normal ship, but we make it even pointier by increasing the intervals at which we increase the width of the ship. I usually build the decoration piece right after I’ve build the stern or bow, but we go into more detail on how to build this part further down below the page. I usually place the bottom 2 layers underwater, because I prefer the extra height it gives me, but even placed the bottom 3 layers underwater will make it look good, perhaps better. For those looking for a way to create spaces in which viking could place their paddles, using stairs at the edges works perfectly.
The sails of the viking ship are build the same way as the ship in our other other tutorial.

For the viking ships that are docked, I use folded up sails and ice to add to the cold looks of the surroundings and to make it look like they’ve been docked for a while. The game has received numerous awards and as of January 22, 2013, the game has sold over 9 million copies on PC and over 20 million copies across all platforms! Noteblocks were introduced, allowing players to create music in Minecraft, and sparking a whole new breed of Minecraft videos: the musical parody. Basically this custom made “Gift” map immerses you in the story of the book while playing minecraft!
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Here's an images of a cruise ship that I thought we could follow, or at least get an idea from. You raised it up above the weather deck guns, and hence put the majority of the actual weather deck under a third upper deck, and hence created a second stern cabin area. I made my own ship a while ago and was satisfied with it but after reading this I can already think of a ton of things off the top of my head that I need to fix (especially after that whole part with the sailso A¦)! The hull of a viking ship is a lot smaller and lower, which means it’s a lot easier to make it look good. As you can see in the image below, I start with the middle of the ship and build up gradually. The hull of a viking ship is generally quite flat and wide, but I also wanted space below deck to use as a storage space or perhaps as sleeping quarters.
Place 1 stairs about once every 2 blocks, with the holes facing sideways of course, and then add a row of 2 stairs on deck on which the vikings can sit and row their ship. Almost the whole piece is made with stairs and wooden planks, with just 2 slabs at the top. The primary motivation was to create an experience where each individual component felt fun. Today we have rounded up some of the biggest, most creative, and greatest In-Game Minecraft Creations!
Io ll be explaining each step, and I hope that this, along with the rest of the guide gives you a better understanding of how I build my ships.
This gives an impression of a sorta twin-decked ship with a fairly bare upper deck.As the diagram of the princely HMS Unicorn, a good o'l Leda (love the Leda-class frigates!) shows, this third deck doesn't seem to be there in the plans, nor have I personally seen this in the majority of fifth rates I've built. The 2 blocks at the top is the point where we’ll start to build the curved end pieces.
So the bottom of the ship had to be at least 2 blocks below deck, which meant there was only 1 design that looked good enough. If you have difficulties figuring out where each block is placed, click on the image below to take you to an image which points out each block clearly.
The ice is first created as 1 hanging row of 3-5 ice blocks and I then add blocks on the sides to make it look better.
If you don’t play minecraft (what?!) you are probably wondering how in the heck this got so popular. Unemployed, but enthusiastic, Markus was looking for inspiration, and it came from indie game development blog, Tigsource.
Minecraft’s central protagonist, Steve, named by Markus on a whim in an interview, got to enjoy a well-deserved snooze (even though he kept his clothes on and slept over the sheets). We have screenshot after screenshot of just stunning architecture created by ordinary gamers like you and me! These could also help you in building things in general with technique and perspective, as it really does look so similar to building with legos as a child (or even with real wood or materials!) when you see how these giant things are built of course these are much more sturdier structures than lego could ever build haha. It is a really cool ship that sailed one nautical mile before it sank xD but it was still really freaking cool.
Those 2 blocks also mark where we build the edges of our viking ship, everything below that will be either the deck or storage space.

Well, gather around children and lets hear a story (a brief story.) about how minecraft became the phenomenon that it is today! Its success has spawned LEGO toys, conferences, and there is even a documentary on minecraft chronicling the Story of Mojang!
The time and effort that people have put into these fantastic structures is just mind blowing and amazing. No deck extends over the weather deck.I've found that this really helps in lowering the free-board of frigates, and also is a bit more accurate.
If you have played the game (which I assume most of you have) it is really easy to see why everyone is playing it (and is addicted lol). This also means I'm not stacking my helm, rigging and other stuff that is found on the top weather deck of 5th rates high up on a deck with a very small taffrail.Did you intend to add the closed roof to the original weather deck on the stern on bow? And that provides a feeling of accomplishment (like most games do, but Minecraft is different. They estimate there are around 3000 unique buildings, all hand made and all fully decorated on the interior.
The wool blocks are used to measure how long is the ship going to be, and also helps me mark ahead the locations of cannon holes, decks, and the water level. The proof is right here in this post – people have been spending days, weeks, months on these colossal in game marvels that are just stunning to look at. Some of the things people create are so huge and intricate that it takes up literally 50+GBs of space (per some of these structures) on servers all over the world.
In fact – they are building the Entire continent of Westeros (and you can watch them via that livemap link!)! Frigates did not had tall stern or forecastles, so I try to keep is as low as I can, conserving the concaved shape of a ship.
Notice here how I made the bow rounded, and as it goes all the way back to the stern, it becomes narrower. If you choose to do this now, Io ll show you an easy way of doing it, using Single Player Commands or McEdit. In a different type of ship, this layout may not be the same, thato s why it is important to study blueprints and pictures. Just like the hull, this will help us have a look at how the sail is coming out, as well as make it easier to patch and look natural.
Once we clean it up, it should look something like this: To add even more realism, we cut certain layers of wool at the bottom, starting from the middle.
For the rest of the sails, remember, decreasing the size as they go up in the mast makes it look more realistic. I start making the shrouds, which are ladder-looking things were we see people climbing to reach the upper sails. I usually have them start from a platform right on the edge of the hull, up to the crowo s nest. You could add some life boats and an anchor, but honestly, it would not very good in my opinion, as you are dealing with big blocks, therefore you have no way of making them small enough to look nice. Also, I'll update this walk through later showing you guys how to roll up the sails to make it look like it's docked.
Again, different types of ships have different specifications such as hull shape, sail sets, and such, but the method is the same. Some ships would rarely sail with their whole sail set, so even what I did here, is not fully realistic.

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