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The Akademik Shokalskiy is part of a long line of ships that have become trapped in ice in the Arctic and Antarctic polar oceans.
While the voyagers on the Akademik Shokalskiy seem to be safe and healthy-they have been tweeting and making Vine videos-the crews of previous expeditions captured in identical situations have not always been so lucky. But 7 years after his notification, I can expose that, far from disappearing, the Arctic ice cap has broadened for the second year in succession a€“ with a surge, based upon on how you measure it, of between 43 and 63 per cent since 2012. To put it in a different perspective, an area the size of Alaska, Americaa€™s largest state, was open water 2 years ago, but is again now covered by ice.
The most trusted measurements of Arctic ice level are the daily satellite readings issued by the US National Snow and Ice Data Center, which is co-funded by Nasa.
This was the maximum level recorded on that date since 2006, and signifies an increase of 1.71 million square kilometres over the past 2 years a€“ an impressive 43 %.
Other figures from the Danish Meteorological Institute would suggest that the growth has been even more extraordinary. Benjamin Fulford: June 22nd 2015: Bush, Rothschild prosecutions, new disclosures, Greece, all signs of accelerating cabal take down The Devil Is Coming To Detroit! Ernest Shackleton set off in 1914 on his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, aiming to make the first land crossing of the Antarctic. How do you top finding the worlda€™s most famous shipwreck that had remained undisturbed for 73 years, nearly two-and-half miles down on the bottom of the Atlantic?
Shackleton's own diary entry for November 21, 1915, was brief but heartfelt: 'I cannot write about it'The South Pole continues to lure the brave and the foolhardy, and the frontrunner in the race to find Endurance is David Mearns, originally from New Jersey but now based in Sussex.
It has been a fraught journey so far, interrupted by spats, dashed hopes, damaged ships, insults and questions over ethics. His research and enthusiasm are not in doubt; all he needs now to get there, find it and make it back are the two things Shackleton himself always struggled to get a€“ ships and money. He estimates it will cost in the region of $15-$20 million, for two ice-breaking ships, an autonomous underwater vehicle, and at least $1 million just for fuel. His ambitious plan failed when their ship got caught up in the polar ice before they could even start the long hike.
The ice held Endurance in its grip for ten months and she drifted before the pressure finally caused the giant timbers to break, and she disappeared to the bottom of the sea. So he set sail from Elephant Island with five men in a 23ft boat, the James Caird, through gales, blizzardsA  and across 800 nautical miles of the worlda€™s roughest ocean. They might have hoped their journey, described by Shackleton as a€?one of supreme strifea€™, was over when they reached South Georgia Island, but then they had to hike across mountains and glaciers to reach a remote whaling station.
If they manage the double feat of the small boat journey and the trek they will be the first to do so since Shackleton in 1916. An unmanned underwater vehicle similar to the one David Mearns hopes to useAttempts to copy the boat journey have so far failed, including an Irish attempt in 1997 that ran into a sustained force-ten storm. Sony's Playstation VR will go head to head with Facebook's Oculus Rift and HTC's Vive next year. The Halo series of games has won more than 750 media and industry awards in the last 14 years and has generated over US$4.6 billion in worldwide sales to date.
This year's eagerly-anticipated offering from EA Sports - available to buy now - received over 500,000 pre-orders in the UK alone, and it's frighteningly good. Microsoft has revealed detailed of its new Halo 5 game, and has revealed Xbox One owners will be able to play Xbox 360 games for the first time this year. As the name itself suggests, ice-breakers have a special design which helps them to clear the navigation waterways for other ships.

Simply fill the handy rocket-shaped moulds with your favourite cordial, juice or milk flavours and freeze! The sturdy base ensures that your ice lollies won't fall over in the freezer and make a sticky mess, and the design allows you to remove and refill one lolly at a time without the temptation of eating them all at once!
Each handle features a built-in stick and drip guard to avoid sticky fingers if they melt too quickly, and is made of a durable food-safe plastic. By using our website, you accept the use of cookies in order to enjoy an optimal navigation with offers relevant to your interests, and to allow us to perform web analytics. Canada's search for the ill-fated 1845 Franklin Expedition, lost on a quest for an ice-free shipping route across the Arctic, was crowned with success on Tuesday, as one of the two ships was found in the Northwest Passage, where melting Arctic ice has unlocked the very shipping route Franklin was after. On May 19, 1845, the British Royal Navy ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror departed Greenhithe, England on a much-heralded Arctic expedition in search of a Northwest Passage, with a total crew of 134 officers and men. After entering the eastern Arctic Archipelago later that season and enjoying initial success, the expedition soon began to fatally unravel. A somber message left at a heap of stones on Victory Point, King William Island, revealed that both ships had become trapped in ice in late 1846.
After Franklin and several others perished, 105 remaining survivors recorded their intention to desert the ships and proceed on foot in the direction of Back's Great Fish River. AMSTERDAM - A replica Viking ship made of 15 million ice-cream sticks is to be launched in Amsterdam on Tuesday by a former Hollywood stuntman who hopes eventually to sail it across the Atlantic.
The Viking longship, which is 15 meters (about 49 feet) long and took Robert McDonald and two volunteers two years to build, is to be launched in Amsterdam harbor with a crew of around 25 for what is intended to be a 90-minute excursion in a bid to set a world record for the largest sailing ship made of ice-cream sticks.
The ice cream sticks used to make the ship were provided by Unilever?s ice cream maker OLA and by children who collected discarded sticks around the world. Christopher Columbus was acclaimed for centuries as the man who discovered America in 1492. But in recent decades, more evidence has come to light showing that Icelander Leif Ericsson and the Vikings were the first Europeans to set foot on the American continent around the year 1,000. Viking longboats let Norse warriors land, pillage and plunder large parts of Europe and sail off knowing that no other vessels could catch up.
A replica Viking longboat made out of 15 million ice cream sticks has been launched in Amsterdam harbour.
The ship was painstakingly glued together by former Hollywood stuntman Robert McDonald and two friends - a job that took two years.
The 45-year-old, from Jacksonville, Florida, is president of the Sea Heart Foundation, an organisation which runs projects for children in need.
A former Hollywood stunt man now living in the Netherlands launched his greatest project to date Tuesday: a 45-foot replica Viking ship made of millions of wooden ice cream sticks and more than a ton of glue. Rob McDonald named the ship the "Mjollnir" after the hammer of the mythic Norse god of thunder, Thor.
He said he was confident the ship would float, but organizers had prepared an alternate press statement just in case something went wrong. McDonald set the previous record in 2003 with a smaller version of a Viking ship built from 370,000 wooden ice cream sticks, which has been approved by the Guinness Book of World Records. McDonald, an American who lives with his Dutch wife and their son in the city of Emmeloord, had help from a host of advisers, sponsors and neighborhood children. He estimated that in all, he used up to 2.2 tons of glue and 15 million birch wood ice cream sticks donated by an ice cream manufacturer and found by neighborhood children.
McDonald and his son Rob Jr., 11, fixed a final ceremonial "15 millionth" ice cream stick, made of gold, shortly before the launch.

Rob Jr., sporting a Viking helmet and a wooden sword, appeared ready to go on a voyage of looting and pillaging. The inside of the boat was reinforced with fiberglass and it can be propelled by its modern mast and sail, or oars, or a backup motor. Afterward, the boat was moved back onto dry land and will be on display at Sail 2005, a major show for antique ships that begins in Amsterdam on Wednesday. The Akademik Shokalskiy is part of a long line of ships that have gotten trapped by sea ice. These expose that a€“ while the long-term trend still displays a decline a€“ last Monday, August 25, the area of the Arctic Ocean with at least 15 % ice cover was 5.62 million square kilometres. LIKE and SHARE this article or leave a comment to help direct attention to the stories that matter.
Since American oceanographer and undersea explorer Robert Ballard first discovered Titanic in her dark and silent grave in 1985, explorers have considered an even tougher challenge, to search for a vessel whose name is synonymous with a golden age of British heroes.The great prize for Ballard and many other shipwreck hunters is Sir Ernest Shackletona€™s Endurance, which lies in the icy wasteland of the Antarctic.
He is surrounded by charts, log books and spreadsheets offering co-ordinates for possible locations of the ship.a€?Ita€™s way more difficult than the Titanic,a€™ he says. But Mearns managed to film the wreckage and prove it had been deliberately sunk using explosives placed in the shipa€™s hold. Alone in the Antarctic, Shackleton realised he had to go for help to save the lives of the 27 crewmen. He trained as a marine biologist and geologist'Ia€™d been in a situation before where there were two people competing and therea€™s no sense in that, ita€™s crazy. With stellar design, beautiful aesthetics and the best multiplayer to date, Halo 5 simply cannot be missed. When sailing through extremely cold oceans where ice is likely, an ice breaker ship is needed. To remove the frozen ice easily, rinse the mould in warm water for a few seconds to loosen. Two European whaling vessels last encountered them in August 1845, when Franklin was waiting for an opportunity to cross Baffin Bay to Lancaster Sound. After the 13 ton boat was lifted into the water by crane, "Captain Rob," as he is known, stood calmly on the stern as a team of volunteers rowed the apparently sturdy vessel around the IJ River behind the city's central station.
Army Special Ops (Video) Pieter Omtzigt: waarom antwoordt minister niet op pedofilie-vragen? This month adventurer Tim Jarvis leads a six-man Anglo-Australian team to replicate Shackletona€™s perilous journey. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters.
But the launch went smoothly, and McDonald plans to apply for a mention in the Guinness Book of Records.
These are the conditions that destroy ships, that crush them and create shipwrecks, and youa€™re actually trying to operate there and find a shipwreck.a€™He has gathered as many original journals from Shackletona€™s 1914 expedition as he can, from museums, the drawers of relatives of those who served on the ship, and by copying down details from items before they were sold at auction.

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