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With Orderhive, get easy inbuilt features and more than 300 integrations to streamline your business. Strategies to make shipping a competitive advantageYou may encounter, many of your customers are happy with your product line, price, and even adds products to their cart for making purchases. Modern shoppers are never happy when the shipping costs increases product price more than expected. Also, a survey by Statista conducted in the United States last year, shows how shipping charges is one of the primary reason for shopping cart abandoners. Therefore, I have decided to come up with this blog that will help retailers gain insightful tips and tricks to perform a good shipping strategy for their eCommerce business. What are the things that retailers should consider to ensure a successful shipping strategy for their eCommerce business? Increasing sales orders for your eCommerce store is important, however, it makes no sense if they are not churning valuable profits for your business. Considering your margins, you can ensure your shipping offers are sensible and earns you better profits from every product you sell. Profit margins can be different for all your product categories, which also becomes important to identify. Being aware about such factors for each your products, will ensure you don’t blindly target shipping offers and discounts that can kill profit margins. For instance, shipping heavy or large products will involve high shipping costs than the small ones. Offering your products to people over the web, you will experience a national, as well as, international customer-base. Knowing your target audience, you can ensure separate strategies for each customer-base as per their location.
For instance, if you sell in the United States, and also have a customer base in Hawaii and Alaska, then these places will absorb more costs.
Similarly, if you have a customer-based in the United Kingdom too, international shipping charges are applied. Shipping charges for fulfilling grocery products can be high than fulfilling apparel products, because eatable products involves special handling charges, as they have to be delivered fresh to customers.
Considering overall shipment charges for each product category, you can offer flat shipping rates that will help you encourage larger shipping orders and allow customers pay less for shipping than they would have otherwise. USPS shipping service offers special flat rate boxes to accommodate small and heavy objects, allowing them to take an advantage of cubic shipping prices and offer flat rates into a reasonable range. On the side, retailers will find it easy to determine and calculate profit-margins for each product, accurately.
Charging customer’s shipping costs for every purchase is no doubt important, however, your existing and future potential customers will automatically jump to one of your competitors, if they feel they are spending more on shipping. Offering your customers with some long-term valuable shipping option will help you make more and more customers cling to your website.
Encouraging your customers with one time payment for bigger shipping benefits like one-year free-shipping, or, even shipping upgrades for a speedier service, will surely help you gain an advantage for eCommerce business. Last, but the most effective shipping benefit to customers is “Free Shipping.” Offering this shipping option to customers will surely be a significant advantage over your competitors that don’t offer the same benefit. Considering free shipping for you products, you’ll have to work out on the product costs, or, increase price to cover it.
Considering free shipping for your products will a sure-fire way to gain customer’s attention, however, dealing with large products can prove to be expensive.
Retailers who deal with small and lighter products are already taking an advantage of this shipping method, as it helps them to increase traffic and improve profit margins, both.
Depending on your product line, offering free shipping option on certain products can help you boost profit margins. Last, year many retailers offered free shipping to customers who opted for in-store pick up.
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Sellers over marketplaces quite often find it difficult to quickly communicate order details with their fulfilment services, which in turn, lead to delay in delivery.
Therefore, sellers selling on marketplaces that don’t have a fulfilment service need to realize the importance of having a centralized shipping management system. The above will help you explore a competitive shipping advantage; however, performing shipping calculation manually will utilize more time, and lead to errors. Automating your shipping management processes is helping many retailers save large amount by helping them integrate with leading shipping companies and perform all their tasks from one centralized system. In the world of online where customers have a range of choices, automating shipping and offering the right benefits could make all the difference. Well Drop Shipping is just a Simple term that means your customer on eBay or Amazon purchases an item from you then you send the request into Wayfair, Amazon, or the Huge Business that you choose and the customer receives the item! Yep that’s right a Paypal Account because you want to get paid for the hard work you are doing right?
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Cost of shipping material – Because YFS processes bulk shipping, the cost of packaging material is also lowered as a result.
This entry was posted in Blog and tagged Order Fulfillment Services, Shipping Services, Warehousing on April 17, 2013 by admin. Our enterprise logistics platform will help lower your cost, increase market size, grow your sales, and deliver a great experience for your sales partners and customers. We're transparent with our customers because writing things that go wrong is part of logistics. Casa Incubo is an earth friendly prefabricated home that employs a variety of sustainable features - including 8 shipping containers that form its 2-story footprint. Aside from incorporating sustainable features within its structure, the home has also been designed around the natural landscape, keeping a large cedar tree and turning it into a focal point of the home.
Taking a cue from the cedar tree's bark, Casa Incubo features an operable, naturally patina'd bamboo shade screen on its northeastern facade. A steel framework creates a faux entrance to the carport, which appears to back onto a garage, but actually backs onto a garage door that opens to the double volume living room. A large overhang on the roof keeps the living room shaded during the heat of the summer months while the various openings continue the cooling effect by via cross ventilation, eliminating the need for air conditioning while the large whiteboards glass areas let plenty of natural sunlight into the home, reducing the need for electrical lighting.
Inside the house, the living room is large and spacious and features a fun bohemian vibe within the seating.
At the back of the home a floor to ceiling wall of glazings keeps the backyard cedar tree in full view of the social zone - as well as the upstairs home office. The cedar tree stairwell slices angularly across the opening to another section of the home contained within a different shipping container module. The dining room backs onto the kitchen, which with the exception of the eating bar has been fitted with white cabinetry to quietly blend into its surround, allowing the dining table, the gallery wall and the garden to be at the visual forefront.
All three areas of the social zone easily access the garden and its unusually shaped deck, which takes on an angular profile to accommodate the cedar tree.
One of the upper level shipping containers was shifted slightly to allow for this amazing exterior catwalk.

Whether choosing the exterior catwalk or the interior hallway, the view of the cedar tree is ever prevalent. The mezzanine wraps around the upstairs before finally arriving at the home office above the living room. It's a fun, sustainable, atypical design that includes a rainwater collection system, solar panels, container doors, LED lighting and the previously mentioned earth friendly features to create a home that reduced construction time and building costs by 20%, in fact the whole structure and gray work was assembled in one day.
It might not come as a total surprise to find out that fewer goods are being shipped than before the global financial systems went into meltdown. The drop in container volumes arriving in Europe is particularly damaging to German companies that dominate around 40 percent of the container shipping market worldwide.
The inability to sell pushes the value of the vessels down, and their owners further toward insolvency. Conditions have been so difficult that some experts are claiming this is the worst time for the industry since a prolonged dry-spell in the mid 1980s. Prominent Greek ship owner Nicolas Pappadakis recently said in a maritime transport convention in Xiamen, “Without China there would be no shipping industry.” Emerging as a manufacturing superpower, China relied on foreign shipping companies to carry raw materials there and manufactured goods away, at the cost of billions of dollars annually. The sheer volume of vessels in operation today is one of the main causes behind many of the industry’s woes. However, some of the greatest developments often occur under times of duress; three of the biggest shipping companies in the world, Cargill, Huntsman Corporation and UNIPEC, have recently taken a step towards making the global shipping business more energy efficient. But by all accounts, things are more likely to get worse before they can get significantly better. SCCCL has been on the lookout at the Lima climate negotiations for developments related to reducing GHG emissions from international shipping. Discussions in Lima are in progress and heavily focused on paving the way for an effective 2015 agreement. In addition, the IMO held a side event to discuss the agency’s efforts to address GHG emissions.
While Hughes was quick to highlight the successes of the IMO in developing the EEDI and SEEMP, the event did little to instill confidence in the IMO’s dedication to continued progress.
Comments are subject to moderation and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Columbia Law School or Columbia University. DisclaimerThis blog provides a forum for legal and policy analysis on a variety of climate-related issues.
Nina Tolstrup, a London-based designer and the founder of Studiomama, has learned a lot from the simple shipping pallet.
Tolstrup developed her line of pallet furniture while participating in TEN, a dialogue between ten London based designers that was set up with the intention of responding to sustainability issues in design.
Her designs were so popular that Tolstrup decided to share the plans rather than just sell her own furniture, so now she offers the design tutorials for the Pallet Chair Lo, the Pallet Chair Hi and the Floor Lamp. Tolstrup has also donated the rights to manufacture the chair to non-profit org Amistad o Nada in Buenos Aires.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. However, with addition of an unexpected costs (high shipping-charges) on the checkout page, many discontinue the purchases. Unlike large players who can afford to deal with multiple shipping facilities- it is advisable for small retailers to offer flat-rate. And, charging such customers with a returns shipping fee will automatically create a bad impression for your brand. With this, today, modern customers have a range of shipping options offered by multiple sellers across the same platform. You can make a career out of this, if you just decide you want more for your life and living the typical life working a day job is not what you want. You don’t even have to see the item all you have to have is a computer and an internet connection and you are on your way Boss!
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As firmsstart to grow and have links with various ecommerce portals it grows more complex and not to forget about the implication of rising cost.
Because courier partners have the flexibility to lower the shipping cost in case there are consistent bulk shipping, YFS is in a position to reflect that discount to the vendors which help to scale down the cost. With only a small facility (if any) to take care of all the operations, it becomes very difficult to achieve economies if shipment is to be sent to PAN India location. Designed by Maria Jose Trejos, the home was created as a place to converge all types of creativity whether working, playing or sleeping - because after all the best dreams are the creative ones. Aside from creating a natural and organic aesthetic, the bamboo also protects the interior zones from the heat and solar exposure of the summer sun. While in direct contrast to the industrial aesthetic of the shipping containers, the two styles meld and merge in a sublime, cozy and oh so beautiful vignette. Opposite the entry way and on the second level, a home office is positioned on the mezzanine.
What is a subtle but clever homage to the tree is the staircase, which has been built using wood from several of the tree's removed branches. Here a stunning table with a steel top and legs also made from wood from the cedar tree takes center stage. Aside from the building savings, there is also a reduction of CO2 emissions due to the reduced amount and type of building materials required for a traditionally built structure that can operate as home, office, studio, gallery and even event venue. In August, the UK’s oldest ship owner, Stephenson Clarke, founded in 1730, went into administration. Ports have seen a sharp drop in the volume of containers arriving, despite previous expectations that imports would pick up over the summer.
But a further affliction has been gripping the shipping industry, and has contributed to the wave of insolvencies.
In turn, the rapidly dropping value of the vessels is prompting banks to worry about the value of similar ships listed as collaterals on loans. But the rapid implementation of the convention standards has forced banks to raise capital rations too fast, potentially choking lending into the real economy. As the Chinese economy is forced to slow down its growth, shipments to and from the country have diminished. But it was not long before the Chinese government started investing in the development of its own shipping industry, building shipyards and producing their own ships. Bulk cargos like iron ore or coal from Brazil and Australia to China, could be very seriously affected.” China is currently home to the world’s third largest shipping fleet, in terms of capacity. Shipping experts in Germany estimate that up to two-thirds of the country’s vessel owners are in economic distress. The Kyoto Protocol excluded shipping emissions from reductions targets.[1] Instead, the Protocol directed countries to work through the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nations’ specialized agency on shipping, to limit emissions from this sector.
The agency has developed two emissions reductions measures: the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) is a technical measure that sets mandatory efficiency requirements for new ships, and the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) is an operational management tool to improve efficiency primarily through fleet management. There is little to suggest that shipping emissions will be included in the upcoming agreement.
Hughes, representing the IMO at the event, focused his discussion on the EEDI and SEEMP and the findings of the IMO’s Third GHG Study released earlier this year.
The GHG study projects dramatic increases in emissions from the sector, likely between 50 and 250% by 2050.
For me, the event reaffirmed the importance of state action to fill the gaps where international efforts have fallen short. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the individual authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Center for Climate Change Law. In 2006, she designed a small line of furniture made from reclaimed pallets, which included a couple of chairs, a stool and a floor lamp. The result was the Pallet Project, which initially consisted of the Low Pallet chair, the High Pallet chair in different sizes, a stool and a floor lamp.
The furniture made by Amistad o Nada is now sold in galleries and design shops in Buenos Aires, and the money raised from the sales also fund better machinery for the furniture production.
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YFS achieves cost reduction by having in place bulk shipping material which cana€™t be achieved by small business because of the small order quantity. It provides broad spectrum of services namely inventory management, product preparation and content management, pick, pack and shipping services. Designed as a gallery space, the room is fitted with a lit rail system that the art is suspended from.
With views of the tree and the art gallery as well as that fierce looking living room, the space has a strong artsy vibe that is completely complimented by the sustainable aspects of reusing the cedar wood, building the deck out of wood from certified renewable sources mixed with plastics, a floor of polished concrete and bamboo, and of course the shipping containers themselves. Even the upstairs has outdoor areas via an outdoor walkway that is accessed from and extends along the mezzanine at the top of the stairs and the exterior footprint of the home.
In Germany, around 100 ship funds have been forced to close down, and over 800 more are at risk of the same fate. This has driven prices to extremely low levels, making it difficult for ship owners to stay afloat. North American and European imports have fallen an average of 7.5 percent to nine percent from Asia.
The European debt crisis has left many top lenders in hot water, accelerating the decrease in vessel values. In a vicious cycle, falling values have prompted banks to pressure owners to sell off even more ships to cover their debts. The shipping industry has been greatly affected by these new regulations as banks reduce their portfolios, and vessel funding is often the first service to go.
There have also been increasing efforts by the Chinese government to focus growth on domestic demand in order to mitigate the economy’s reliance on foreign consumption. China successfully lowered the cost of freights for its product, but at a much higher, and unforeseeable, cost. The three vessel owners have agreed between themselves to charter only their most fuel-efficient vessels for international cargo transportation.
In early October, Torm, a Danish shipping company with a fleet of around 160 vessels was rescued by a coalition of 14 banks and other ship owners. While these measures will improve overall shipping efficiency, the IMO has acknowledged that they will be insufficient to prevent a future rise in emissions from the sector. The Third GHG study was based on improved surveillance data allowing for a more accurate assessment of emissions across the sector. Although I pressed Hughes to disclose IMO’s anticipated efforts to curb growth of emissions form the sector, he had little to report on the IMO’s next steps. The designs have been so popular that she now offers up the plans for a mere ?10 so that you can make your very own.
The Pallet Project has also encouraged her to incorporate sustainability, recycled materials and a waste-minimizing ethos throughout the rest of her work. Help support this great designer’s work by purchasing the design plans for one of her chairs.
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A combination of slow demand for imports to Europe and a glut of shipping capacity have collided to create the worst shipping conditions in over 25 years, according to some analysts. The Mediterranean region however, has seen flows drop as much as 16 percent, a direct consequence of the recession in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Several top shipping financiers have complained that liquidity problems have been discouraging banks from financing the purchase of vessels that come up for sale.
It is unlikely that there will be a miraculous recovery for the company, as China struggles to keep its growth rate up as foreign demand for Chinese goods slumps, due to the recession in Europe.
China also has the world’s largest shipyard capacity, which before 2008 many global shipping companies were buying large and cheap vessels from. Though a coalition of activist groups have been lobbying for such a move over many years, there is no doubt that the decision to charter exclusively their most cost effective vessels will help the companies maintain a healthier bottom line as the freight prices remain low. Edmund Hughes, Head of IMO’s Working Group on Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency addressed the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) Plenary, stating that the IMO has been effectively addressing emissions from ships.
For example, since the practice of slow steaming is tied to the recent decrease in demand for shipping, the practice may be abandoned once demand rises again. The Pallet Project is more than just a way to create easy and affordable DIY furniture - it's also an agent for change. As Tolstrup explained to us in an email, “The Pallet Project is a sustainable, accessible and an agent for social change.
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Simon Bennet, the Director of the International Chamber of Shipping, says the economic downturn has caused a severe imbalance in supply and demand.
This glut of cargo space in the industry is one of the main factors behind the extremely low freight rates, forcing some companies to cease operations. But as industrial production picks up again, and countries get their economies back on their feet, there is every chance the shipping industry will revive, perhaps more sustainable and prudent than ever. Existing ships have a long life expectancy and will be responsible for the majority of emissions from the sector in coming decades. This reduction is primarily a product of the economic downturn, which has led to reduced demand for shipping and resulted in increased “slow steaming,” the practice of reducing speeds to save fuel expenditures. When asked if the IMO is taking any action to encourage the continued use of slow steaming, Hughes noted challenges to regulating speed, such as business and insurance contracts that may include provisions regarding ships’ speed or timeframe for a specific route. Tolstrup's designs reuse materials and offer a way to build your own goods through self-reliance and creativity. The issue of excess cargo space will not be solved easily, as companies continue to receive new ships ordered before the crisis. The IMO’s unambitious measures inspired SCCCL’s white paper published earlier this year addressing state authority to regulate shipping emissions beyond international standards.
In addition, Hughes showed no sign that the IMO was considering addressing emissions from existing ships; on the contrary, Hughes noted that because retrofitting can be costly, it would be unpopular and potentially unfeasible given the current state of the economy.
It takes self-assembly to a new level of affordability; the raw materials are easy to find and the instructions simple to follow.

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