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I think the dish pan was used more for boats this week than it was for dishes, and there was a constant supply of little drips to clean up of the counters and floor!
One discovery that the boys made was that the thicker base pieces made better boats because they could sink down in the water a little without letting water in through any cracks. The boats would sink down about the depth of the thicker base pieces, which worked pretty well. You can have the latest posts from Frugal Fun for Boys delivered to your inbox every Friday! October 20, 2014 by Sara McClure 4 Comments If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. While the paint was drying, Jonah was in charge of measuring lines with a ruler on a piece of cardstock and coloring the red stripes on the viking boat sail.
Once the edges were reinforced, I used my scissors to poke a hole through the top and bottom in the center of the sail.
To make the oars, I used a single hole punch to punch three holes in each side of the boat. Next, we threaded three barbeque skewers into the holes and used some brown craft foam hot glued to each end to form the paddle on the oar.
To make the dragon head on the front of the viking boat, I folded a piece of brown craft foam in half and roughly cut a dragon profile.

I just love the whole viking post and the viking ship is an awesome idea for kids, just love it! Build toy car moves pink stripey socks, I love painting things with chuck, but sometimes i yearn to make things that actually move or do things.
Radio control model sailboat t37 rc pond yacht radio, Radio control model sailboat rc pond yacht radio control sailboat radio control pond boat radio control pond yacht radio control toy sailboat radio control sailing. Rc sailboats tippecanoe boats, Welcome to tippecanoe boats: rc sailboat, radio controlled sailboat or remote control sailboat - three ways to say the same thing, one great way to have fun!. Build sailboat sandbox – canadian home workshop, Build sailboat sandbox build inexpensive fanciful sandbox kids.
The one in the picture above was the first one that Aidan built, and he was shocked to discover that it didn’t float! They might inspire my little boy to have a go at making boats-machines were the flavour of the month after Venetian bridges.
I used a skinny, but sturdy cardboard tube that was recycled from a package of glow sticks. Using hot glue along the top and bottom edges, I reinforced the viking sail with barbeque skewers.
Build a robotBuilding a robot can really induce the feeling of achieving something engineer-like and this is a must do!7.

Thanks for visiting!While learning about Vikings during our Viking Unit Study, the kids wanted to make a Viking ship. Using some common household materials and some recycled materials, we came up with a Viking Ship Craft that has been played with over and over and extended their learning through small world play. I often find the kids, mainly Jonah, pretending Lego men are Erik the Red on a voyage or Leif Erickson on his way to North America. Design a boat that floatsMake a boat that can float and the kids will be proud of what they achieved.4. Build a catapultKids love throwing stuff and doing that with a self-made catapult is awesome.
Make your own geoboardThis will allow them to practice screwing while playing with the board.2. Be a junk modelerCardboard boxes can be found easily in the house and with just a little bit of patience, you can create amazing stuff with cardboard.1.
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