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The design goal for this paddle was to develop a low cost, easy to make, adaptable paddle for a kayak, canoe or any other small boat that requires manual propulsion. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. While cleaning out my storage, I found a model of my old suspension bridge model from summer school many summers back. This part of the process is placing the string you determined from the previous step into the holes of the deck. There are many ways this bridge can be built and I am curious to seeing what different spins members of this community have to put on this build.
Thank you for your guidance, I edited it to make it more accurate but kept the parabola reference for those who might not know what catenary is.
To change things up from my regular posts, I decided to write instructions on how to make a simple catapult. When finished, I found that the best items to launch from this type of catapult was mini marshmallows commonly found for a few dollars at a grocery store. I chose a simple design that would be easy for the boys to follow and would allow plenty of time to launch marshmallows at a target.

Step 2 – Tie another rubber band tightly around the opposite end so all 7 sticks are bound together.
Step 4 – Insert the 7 sticks banded together through the 2 stick bundle as shown in the illustration below.
If these instructions helped you in anyway, please leave me a comment or link to this page so others can find these instructions as well. Graphic and modern, this wreath is simple and inexpensive to make, and looks great hanging on a door or wall. Turn the hoop slightly, making sure it is still on top of the drawn circle and glue on the next stick. Flip the hoop over and apply paddle pop sticks in the gaps between the sticks a centimetre or so out from the embroidery hoop. The end result is a double-paddle that costs about $15 to make, and can be lengthened, or shortened, to suite the application.
I’m a Den Leader for my local Webelos cub scouts group and we are working on the engineering activity badge.
Many designs (including the one provided in the scout handbook) were fairly complex and would require a long time to built.

It's also not too Christmas-y looking so can be left hanging up all year long as a little piece of DIY art. Because it is built in two sections, it can even be used as a single paddle for canoes or for just leaving the dock, or positioning the boat for launch.
This means they are pulling straight up on the deck so there is no sideways tension in the deck. They absolutely love decorating them with felt pens, and shooting off anything they think won’t put an eye out.
The design is not intended for rough water use, such as river rafting, but it can be ruggedized by adding a dowel to the entire inside of the handles, and by increasing the thickness of the paddles. This catapult can be used as a craft idea for kids on a slow weekend or it can be used as a school project. After following these instructions, it only took the scouts about 10 minutes to complete everything and start participating in trying out their new catapult.

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