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Taking inspiration from the well know iPhone Bulldog clip stand but not having any bulldog clips to hand. If you have a 3G phone first strap two pencils together with one elastic band at either end to make the horizontal phone support. If you are using it on a slippery desk surface and have a pencil with an eraser on it use the eraser end on the desk to give added support and stop the leg from slipping. An alternative to using two pencils for the horizontal piece, you could always substitute one of those fat carpenter’s pencils.
Good use of a few pencils and some elastic bands, do you work for apple because this could be their next big product! I think when serving cupcakes or mini cakes, they look so much better when served on a cake stand.
To attach the satin ribbon around the side of the cake boards use either a glue stick or double sided tape. Please visit my tutorial section if you want to learn cake and cupcake decoration techniques so you can make fantastic creations to put on your cake stand. Your cupcake stand gave me an idea of how to make a 3 tiered display for a doll show on October 17, 2015 in Carson City, NV!

Speaking about cake stands… I have some cake stands at home, but not as many as I want.
This idea is useful to have different cake stands when we take pictures of our cupcakes, for example. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Use strong double sided carpet tape so that the cake dummies stays in place on the cake boards. My daughter will be able to show off her character action figures that she has sewed that go with her comic books in a very unique way. I have posted your question to the site to see if any other viewers are able to help find an answer. I am making a cake pop wedding cake for a friend and having a difficult time finding a styrofoam cake dummy.
I have to do 60 cupcakes for our Yr6 Prom Nights 11 July 2015 and was wondering how to display them that would wonderful. Here is a quick and easy Pencil and Rubber Band Stand that you can build from some office supplies in a few.

Note: Remember when you have assembled the cake stand with cakes on it, not to move it around too much. Then please take your time and read through the comment section as you may be able to find links and answers on where you can buy the materials.
I plan to put the display on a lazy susan to make it “interactive” to attract more customers to her side of the table that I rented!
I’ve experimented on different types of styrofoam pieces and have found that some are very hard, and some too loose. I tried with a very hard piece of EPS foam and it was nearly impossible forcing the lollipop stick into the material.

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