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I'd been involved in archery and bowhunting when I was younger, shot an old PSE wheel bow, chased deer around the woods of New Hampshire.
Begin by inspecting the wood, check for any splinters, cracks, knots, if you can work around them great, if not, go get another piece. Here's where it really get's scary, we are gong to start bending the bow to get a smooth curve. Do you think oiling the bow or waxing it would prevent it from talking on water and warping?
Working my dream job in the Telecom industry, so chances are, i'll never have time to respond to comments or messages, nothing personal. Bending a piece of wood to turn it into a bow seems an impossible task at first – any strip of wood will break the moment you try to bend it.
Bring your kettle up to a boil, and then position  it so the spout is inserted into the steamer box though the opening. Keep the kettle on full boil and keep it inserted in the box for around 30 to 60 minutes, allowing the steam to continue pouring into the box and softening the wood. Once 30 minutes have elapsed, turn the kettle off, open up the box, and take out the wood (keep yourself at a distance so you don’t get a faceful of steam the moment you open the box).

After you have formed the wood into a bow, use clamps and a fixed object to hold it that way, and allow it to remain this way for up to a week (or however long it takes the wood to dry). A recurve bow is an ancient hunting bow and weapon, used by the Mongol and Hunnic tribes that ravaged Europe in the. If you are in an area with any beech trees, this is the best material for making a simple recurve bow. Natural Bows & Arrows Making your own recurve bow is not impossible, and for archery enthusiasts this project is as inspiring as it is challenging. I also live in tassie and was planning on doing this build but wasn't sure about the availability of the wood or if Tasmanian oak would have the same properties. However, the secret to making bows for archery lies in steaming the wood, until it becomes soft, and pliable.
When buying the steam box, make sure the size is such that your piece of wood fits in comfortably. Allow the steam to fill the box – this will help in softening the wood so it becomes more pliable and easier to bend without risk of breaking. Meanwhile, keep checking the water level in the kettle, and make sure there is plenty of water in there – if all of it boils off without anyone realising, the activity could result in a fire. Once it is completely dry, remove the clamps – your strip of wood will now have conformed to the bow shape.

The task is far from difficult, and using a couple of tools, it can easily be done at home. Once you have put in the piece of wood, ensure that the steam box is sealed completely, and that there are no openings anywhere other than the hole at the bottom of the box for the steam, and another opening which lets the water out.
If you feel and hear some sort of resistance in the wood as you bend it, do not persist; put it back in the steamer box, and let it steam some more, to make it flexible.
Not wanting to design another weak bow, I entered the dimensions of the Pop Mech bow into Solidworks and recorded the displacement under a 20 lb load. I then designed the the new bow in Solidworks such that an applied load of 50 Lb resulted in the same displacement as the other bow. I had to reinforce my homemade target because it kept blowing arrows straight through the back and into my shed.

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