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Students may NOT use plans or kits purchased or copied from the Internet.  Originality will be rewarded!
The fastest car will be determined by measuring the time it takes the car to cover a distance of 3 meters. The farthest car will be determined by measuring the distance the car covers until it comes to a stop. You are only allowed to edit your own group's MTC Project Page - not anyone else's!  Changes to these pages are emailed to Mr.
Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. January 6, 2012 By Mandy Beyeler 16 Comments Want the awesomest most fastest Pinewood Derby Car?? First, from the engineer in me, a little review of the physics behind the race (for a complete physics review, go here or here). Theoretically, the fastest the car can go is the speed at which it would be traveling as it fell right before it hit the ground. So in essence, we want to maximize the potential energy in your car and minimize the losses due to friction and other forces.
WeightThe easiest way to maximize the potential energy in your car is to make it as heavy as possible. One commonly used method is to make the car just a little heavy, then remove material at the race site by drilling a little wood out of the bottom of the car. Another area of friction comes from where the inside part of the wheel hub contacts the side of the car body. About Mandy BeyelerMandy is a craft blogger who loves to blog and enjoys all things crafty, sewing, and DIY - she feels that if she can do something, you can too, and provides tutorials to help you along the way. Bicicletas elegantes y con estilo y, ademas, fabricadas con madera, un material sostenible y ecologico.
Muchos de los mas entusiastas ciclistas, los que, no solo usan la bicicleta para pasear el domingo por la manana o desplazarse al trabajo cada dia, sino tambien realizan rutas mas largas, mas costosas, eligen bicicletas de fibra de carbono, ya que es un material que absorbe las vibraciones que producen los baches de las carreteras. Eso si, los modelos fabricados con madera son algo mas pesados que los construidos con fibra de carbono. Si se ha sustituido la madera por metales y plastico es porque es mas dificil de trabajar, pero ofrece mejores propiedades.
Ademas, se puede elegir una u otra especie de arbol segun el peso y hasta el estilo de conduccion del ciclista. La mayoria de las bicicletas de Renovo estan construidas de maderas duras tropicales provenientes de Africa y America del Sur. This week is a guest blog by Steve Wright from Whirlwind Steel Buildings, a manufacturer of pre-engineered steel buildings and components.
Whether you are remodeling or having a home built, making it more energy efficient should be on the list of Must-Haves. Before you go through these energy saving projects, have someone do an Energy Star® Home Performance test; this will help you establish a baseline and show you where to start. These and other projects designed to make your home more environmentally friendly should maximize health and comfort while minimizing energy waste. A cool roof is designed to reflect more sunlight (high reflectance) and absorb less heat (high thermal emittance) than a standard roof.
A cool roof has been shown to be about 50 degrees F cooler than a traditional shingled roof in the summertime.

Most people don’t think about the water heater when seeking to reduce a home’s energy usage but water heaters and other options have come on the market that provide hot water faster, wasting less water as you wait for it to warm up.
One way to get this effect is simply to move the water heater closer to the fixture, but that may not be practical. On-demand and “tankless” water heaters are available that are about 25% more efficient than a tank variety; however, these can be pricey.
Leaking air is a problem in both summer and winter; in fact, leaking air can add up to 20% to 3-% of your heating bill. Once the test is done, the first thing to do is seal the attic before you add more insulation. The problem with excess moisture has more to do with mitigating mold and mildew within the house and insulation. Always be alert for water entering the house or condensing around pipes, ductwork, and windows. To keep humidity down in the bathroom, install a humidistat or other blower that will automatically turn on when the moisture level gets too high. Seal around all the plumbing penetrations in the walls and the floors, especially in the subfloor around the hole for the drain. Find out what the maximum weight is (usually 5 oz) and make sure you are right at that weight. On an inclined track, this will give you a little higher center of gravity, which means a little more potential energy.
You can move through several different grits to eventually get down to a very fine (1600) grit paper. We added a little graphite powder to the steel wool and rubbed it into the axle while it was spinning. A #44 bit is the perfect size, but may be hard to find at your local hardware store, so I’d suggest ordering it online. We made many cars with our oldest three boys and are just about to start making more with our youngest two boys. Sin embargo, algunas estructuras hechas con madera pueden ofrecer mayor poder de absorcion.
Se han realizado pruebas de golpes en tubos del cuadro hechos de titanio, acero, aluminio y un material compuesto de madera de Renovo.
Whirlwind Steel metal buildings are manufactured and designed to meet the highest quality standards. With the increase in energy costs, you need to find ways to keep the money from leaking out of the house. It is probably easier to install demand pumps to drive the hot water along the lines to the faucet. You can get one with active circulating pumps and controls or a passive system without the pumps. A blower door test can help you locate leaks and determine how airtight your home should be. Expanded foam insulation has the best R-values per inch plus the best infiltration reduction. Adequate and balanced ventilation, especially throughout the attic, will keep insulation and other materials dry without overdoing it.
It sounds like a lot of work, but when you see your utility bills and maintenance costs get smaller, you will know it was worth the effort.

Friction losses come from the rubbing of the wheels against the side of the car, against the axles, and against the track. The axles that come with the car are really just small nails with imperfections from the manufacturing process. However, I would not recommend using them as they are usually not square, meaning they will cause your wheels to be ever-so-slightly out of alignment, which could pull the car to one side or the other and slow it down, especially if the wheels ride against the edge of the track. The new hole needs to be drilled in perfectly straight, so either use a drill press or a guide (like the one below).
Porque es diferente, porque es sostenible, pero, sobre todo, porque es, en su opinion, el mejor material tecnicamente hablando para construir medios de transporte.
Se produjeron abolladuras profundas en el acero y el aluminio, y apenas se nota nada en el titanio y en los tubos de madera.
The solar portion of the water heater is a solar collector that preheats the water before it goes into an insulated storage tank. Reducing the framing material in the walls can open up some space with the added benefit of paying less for framing materials. Ventilation chutes between rafters can improve the airflow; soffits, gables, and attic vents will take care of the rest. Install plastic vapor barriers on the warm side of any insulation to prevent water build-up and moisture penetration. The combination of moisture mitigation, leak reduction, insulation, and cool roofing materials will make you get your magnifying glass out to see the numbers on your bill. If you’re big into painting your car, you can also help create a smoother surface by not painting the area of the car where the hub will rub. Make sure the vents are above any insulation; install them at a ratio of one square foot of vent to every 300 square feet of attic floor space.
Just be careful not to put so much weight back there that it causes your car to do a wheelie. These fins sit right where the wheel spins and will cause a lot of friction and must be removed.
In my opinion, it should be fun for the boy but a little bit hard too, so that he remembers the effort that it took to build. Fold the sand paper in half and push the exposed rough edge down gently on the head of the axle. If you get a chance, do a few test runs as this will allow the graphite to work into the wheels. That way, when he sees his car going fast down the track, he can equate hard work with positive results. Be careful not to pull too hard as you could bend the axle, which would really slow things down.
After painting, we very lightly sanded the hub area and rubbed it with graphite powder to create a smooth surface. Winning isn’t everything, but teaching your son that research, correct application of principles, and hard work creates positive results is a valuable lesson.

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