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Read on and we’ll show you how to select the materials, assemble the parts and attach the cornice to the wall. Design elements within your home should dictate the wood type, molding style and finish that you select. You’ll then want to cut your wood down to size and attach the side boards to your front board.
In order to mount the curtain rod holder, we inserted the aluminum pole (with curtains attached) and place at your desired height. This was a great DIY on a dime — and I love the rustic simplicity of this cornice box!

Good Morning Kelly~ That was a great suggestion and it looks fantastic on your sliding glass door.
How to Make a Wooden Valance {step by step}Make a statement in your home with a beautiful window cornice.
Using off-the-shelf trim from the home center and a compound miter saw, anyone with simple carpentry skills can create a beautiful window or door cornice in just a few hours. Depending on the design, the top either overlaps the sides, sometimes with a routed edge, or is nailed to the top or inside of the box and doesn’t show from below. Today I’m back to share how to build a wood cornice with attached curtain rod — on a dime!
I’ve been searching for a fix for my sliding glass doors which measure about 80 inches wide!

They’ll hide ugly drapery rods and add a touch of custom-made detailing that makes an ordinary window or patio door look like something special. Search online for cornice suppliers and you’ll see that you can save huge money by building your own. There’s no need to cut the tops to width if you choose the right combination of top style and board size. We tried a couple of other things before we finally had the genius idea to create our own curtain hardware and attach it to the cornice box.

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