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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Many flooring installations start in the middle of a room to ensure even spacing and allow for two installers to work at the same time. Starting with the type of wood flooring, real wood flooring is completely timeless and beautiful.
Feature floors are seriously on trend at the moment with new technology meaning that new designs can be created from wood or engineered wood flooring and needn’t mean a huge price tag. I have got a real thing for herringbone or chevron patterns in the flooring at the moment – they just look absolutely stunning! Words just fail me on just how amazing this floor is – each plank is cut in line with the shape of the tree to give a curved edge to each board and meaning tons less wastage per tree so good for the environment too. We have built a few wood countertops before (we, haha…I mean Adam) and this time he decided to make things simple and create one out of wood flooring. The unfinished wood was actually a little hard to find, Adam got some maple from a place called S & S Wood Floors in San Antonio. To make the countertop he just cut a piece of plywood to size and started gluing the planks on. Have your husband tape the template to the counter (after careful measurements) and trace it.
Have your husband put on his creepiest sweatshirt, haul the counter out to the garage, and cut the hole out with a jigsaw.
I too have a husband who can’t read my mind or my creative vision, but in all fairness, I think I broke him. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, is the dresser standing 6″ away from the wall then?
I have to say I understand wanting the counter dark and think I know exactly the look you were going for, the maple is nice but not when you wanted dark. Making your own cleaners can be fun and economical.  This series is all about must-have ingredients, recipes {free printable},  labels {free printable}, and how to make homemade cleaners. There’s a whole section of recipes for cleaning your floors naturally in my book,  The Organically Clean Home!

Scented oils typically use fragrance and essential oils are the actual product (lemons) distilled down into the oil. I’m reviewing some of your recipes and am confused why two different ones are listed for your hardwood floor cleaner? I have a question, when our floors dry after cleaning with vinegar and water, they seem dull or there is a haze. The spline, also known as the slip tongue, is one of the most critical pieces for a flooring installation.
Here's some practical tips & design inspiration for choosing your wood flooring to add real style. The wood brings so much warmth and character to a room and works for tons of styles and looks. There are some fantastic engineered wood flooring companies out there where the finish when laid is on par with a solid wood floor, but with added practicality and at less cost. Most types of wood flooring will come in differing plank widths so you can choose the best size, or sizes to match your room. Usually you make them out of wood planks (like we did in our other bathroom and for our farmhouse table) but to do it right you need a joiner, table saw, planer (or belt sander), kreg jig and bar clamps.
For this project Adam wanted unfinished solid hardwood, but we used engineered and prefinished flooring (leftover from our floor) for the countertop in our laundry room. You should have told him that the furry butt-hair stain would have hid his manly shave-stubble. Its going to take some customization the make it work and I’m pretty sure the middle drawer is going to be a false front. Sounds a little weird, I know, but I think it will look really great (and brighten up my tiny dark bathroom).
I guess for the sake of both of you getting your way, if you’re not committed to the green you could make that dark.
We always got comments on how clean & shiny our woods were and used that method for 7+ years with no issues. While work to keep clean with 3 teenage daughters they are beautiful when clean and not dull or hazy.

I used this, and used lavender essential oil cause that’s all that I had in the house, and it cleaned well and smelled so nice! The purpose of this is to allow for changing directions during an installation or hardwood boarders. It is subject to humidity levels and so the wood will expand and contract in differing humidity and so it needs to be carefully chosen and installed to ensure it stays looking fantastic for a long time. They are much less expensive than wood or engineered wood flooring and don’t require expert installation. We borrowed what we didn’t have in the past but this time Adam just wanted it to be simple.
His family owned a custom cabinet shop growing up so he does appreciate the natural beauty of wood.
Glue this little piece of wood into a groove of your wood flooring to make a tongue out of it and start installing in the opposite direction. In it’s basic terms, engineered wood flooring is a layer of real wood to give you the right look and feel, that is then backed by core made up different woods to bring in strength and durability.
First I went to Sherwin Williams with a sample (shelf) from the entertainment center and a piece of yellow pine and they custom made a stain color for me to match then I used a wood conditioner (made by Minwax) before applying the stain which helped with the splotchiness. There are options for the top wood layer, dependent on durability needed and budget but you want to see a good layer of colour on the side profile so you know the depth of the wood colour – really important to make sure your flooring stays looking good for a long time.
If damaged, any scratches can’t be sanded out (as they can with the other two types) and if they get really wet (lets say a wet dog on a rainy day or knocking over the mop bucket) there is a chance of staining, bowing and flaking. Take a look at these two walnut floors – despite being large rooms, the wide planks help to make the left hand side room seem much bigger than the thinner planks on the right hand side. I am not sure how it will do over the tung oil though, you may have to sand them again, The guys at Sherwin Williams really know their stuff maybe they could answer that question.

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