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Darklands x32 medieval resource pack minecraft texture pack, Don't forget you need to use mcpatcher or optifine for this texture pack to look perfect, it uses connected textures. Minecraft basics ' crafty business peachpit, As suggests, minecraft game ( harvest collect) materials, craft items . Assuming you start around daybreak, you have 10 minutes to gather all the resources you will need. Right click on the table, and youa€™ll see another screen with your inventory and a crafting area; this time the crafting area is a 3x3 square.
You can break down your crafting table to bring it with you, by whacking it with your pickaxe. Tip: Dona€™t wander too far from the site where you first spawned; if you die you will be returned to that location, and you will want to be able to find your house again! Sheep: if you see three or more sheep, it might be worth killing them to get the 3 blocks of Wool you need to make a bed. With your pickaxe, start digging a new home, The doorway should be 2 blocks high and 1 block wide, opening up into a larger space inside. Dona€™t do too much at first: as soon as you have a bit of space inside, you will want to do some more crafting. Place 3 blocks of Wood in the top section (a€?Ingredientsa€?) and 2 Wooden Planks below (in the a€?Fuela€? slot). Place the door by right clicking on the floor in the doorway and your house is now a safe refuge!
You might want to use any remaining daylight to collect more wood, coal, or any other nearby resources. When ita€™s dark, you can see about expanding your new home, squaring things off and maybe building some new rooms. You will probably want to use your Crafting Table to make better tools using Cobblestone instead of Wood Planks.
Tip: Make sure you light your home well by placing plenty of torches, otherwise monsters may appear!
You will also want more wood (quicker to get now with your new axe!), maybe some leather for armour, and more. Find out about the world of Minecraft, the mobs you'll meet, and how to craft items, enchant your gear, brew potions, and build with redstone.
Wooden Planks can be made with or without the use of a Crafting Table, since you only need one slot to make them.To make a Wooden Plank, you just need one cube of any type of wood. I think everyone should experience the terror of sheltering in a dark burrow overnight, but leta€™s now see how to do things properly.

Start by scouting out the area; you will need trees for wood, and you would really like to find some coal and some sheep. Approach a tree, and punch it (by holding down the left mouse button) until a chunk of wood breaks off.
Select the Crafting Table by pressing keys 1a€“9 (or use a scroll wheel) and right-click to place it on the floor. Make sure your home is well-lit at all times - no corner should be more than 6 blocks from a torch. You will survive the night, and you have light by which to get started on some home improvements.
Ita€™s too small for monsters to get through, but a skeleton might shoot arrows through if you are unlucky. A good rule of thumb is that no square of your floor should be more than 6 blocks away from a torch. There are various different qualities of pickaxes, but they are all basically made the same way.
The world of Minecraft exists for you to build it and transform it into anything and everything imaginable. Place the wood cube into any slot of the crafting section of your inventory, or the Crafting Table, and you’ll get four pieces of Wooden Planks from it. Use your furnace to make sand into glass; you can read more about furnaces and efficient use of fuel first if you like. The game Minecraft, and all trademarks and copyrights associated with it, belong to Mojang AB. During nighttime, the world is covered in darkness, allowing hostile mobs to spawn on the surface. Many blocks can be destroyed more quickly with a sword, although it comes at the cost of 2 durability points to the sword.
For example, to make a Stone Pickaxe, replace the top row of Wooden Planks with a row of Cobblestone, which you get from mining regular Stone cubes. To harvest resources, hold down the left mouse button until the cracks in the block cause it to break. Once the block breaks, you can walk near it to automatically place the item in your inventory. Keep in mind that your night-one shelter should be a simple covering designed to keep monsters out. Press ‘E’ to open your inventory, where you should notice the 2x2 crafting grid to the right of your character.

When you place wood into the crafting squares, each piece of wood can be turned into 4 wooden planks.
Crafting tables are the workbenches by which you will build most tools and items in Minecraft, so be sure to place it in an accessible location.
Sticks are required to build tools, so place two wooden planks in the crafting grid, one on top of the other.
Or you can get super fancy and make use Redstone Dust to make redstone circuits to open your doors.Arrange your blocks as shown in the pictures below.
The purpose of your night-one shelter is simply to protect you from monsters that spawn during the night. Ideally you have already identified your desired location by placing your crafting table, but if you find you need to move your crafting table you can do so by punching it with your fist to pick it up. If you can’t find any visible stone, use your wood shovel to dig through a few layers of dirt or grass until you start to see some. To craft the furnace, place one block of cobblestone in each of the outer crafting squares, leaving only the center-middle square empty. Open the furnace, and place a wooden plank in the bottom square and a few wood blocks in the top square to make charcoal. Your first piece of charcoal can be used to keep the furnace lit while you continue to convert wood blocks into charcoal. Open your inventory crafting space or the crafting table and stack charcoal on top of sticks to make torches. After making torches, you can place them inside your shelter to give yourself an inside light source. Achievement, in-game description, prerequisites, actual requirements if different, version.
Your night-one shelter is finished, and you should have a set of wooden tools, some torches, a furnace and a crafting table. You can spend your first night crafting a new set of stone tools, digging deep beneath your shelter, or exploring the darkness outside.

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