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So excited to feature the Domestic Imperfection blog today and their paper bag flooring project! Most people probably haven’t thought of putting paper on a floor before, but paper bag flooring can actually be a very inexpensive way to cover a floor. Cooperage is the ancient craft of barrel making; an artform, really, that results in a water-tight, wooden vessel held together by nothing more than the hoops that surround it.
Wooden barrels have been used store and transport all manner of goods for more than 2000 years. As the crafting of the barrels must be absolutely precise, the value of the men creating them increased and the art, and trade, of cooperage was born.
Although a wooden barrel is, at its simplest, a collection of wooden staves held together by hoops, it is the culmination of talent and craft that produces the resulting work of art.
It is the selection and preparation of the wood that goes into making a barrel that determines the quality of the barrel in the end.
The best barrels are made from oak that is hand split to preserve the grain and keep the veins intact, but often saws are used today to reduce both time and cost.
Staves are created in varying widths to accommodate the construction process of alternating stave widths to increase strength.
Staves may be create by a junior cooper but are always inspected for quality and standards by a master cooper. The final construction of the barrel is an integrated process that includes piecing together the staves, using the hoops to pull them together, toasting the inside of the barrel, inserting the head(s), and drilling the bung hole. First off the chime hoop is used as a template while the staves are added one by one around the entire diameter.
Once the barrel staves are all inserted in the primary chime hoop, a quarter hoop is placed to more firmly secure the staves. The barrel is now toasted over an open flame – although sometimes this process is completed at the same time as the stave shaping above. Having a great wood floor is something that most people dream of, but you definitely want to make it stand apart from the rest.
Here at the DIYprojectsworld blog we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, home decorating, DIY projects and gardening tips from around the world. This wooden ring box can be used as a ring pillow and re-used later as a place to hold your ring. Douglas fir end grain countertop is made by fusing together the end pieces of wood strips into an offset rectangular pattern exposing the character of the wood rings and graining. When you look at pictures of interiors all day, you get used to seeing the same things over and over — so it's nice to run across something that is completely new.
We spotted this lovely floor at Cartolina, a Candian design house that creates and sells paper products and other sundries, featuring quirky vintage designs that are easy to love. And for further inspiration, here's another end-gran block floor from Atelier des Granges, a French parquet flooring manufacturer.
No matter what size you choose, if you decide to go with this style you'll get a look that is sturdy and timeless — one that looks as good on factory floors as it does in private homes. As a Senior Writer at Apartment Therapy, Nancy splits her time among looking at beautiful pictures, writing about design, and photographing stylish apartments in and around NYC. When cordwood is sliced into disks, called end grain, it can be turned into something quite fabulous.
I know decks and patios are being replaced with concrete and now it looks like that trend is moving indoors.
I’m guessing this floor, featured in a video by Decorative Concrete Kingdom, is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I hope you have a remodel planned because you are going to want to rip up a floor so you can have your very own metallic epoxy floor. They are a flooring surface that is made up of multiple layers of epoxy at least two millimeters thick.

Not for me, because I’d mess it up and end up ruining my floors, but it is so shiny and lovely.
If they can stand the wear and tear of commercial shipping, they can withstand my projects!
They have done an excellent job laying out the steps and providing a really great tutorial for you guys who may want to attempt this one.
The finish is also very beautiful and unique, read this guide on paper bag flooring so you too can get the look at home.
There is evidence that the Romans first used barrels as early as the 3rd century AD, replacing the clay pots and other breakable vessels they had been using previously. Coopers are so called after the German, and Latin, terms for the barrels they create; kupe or cupa which, when expanded, became the term cooper.
A barrel made today is made in very much the same manner it was back then; the selection and aging of the wood, the preparation of the staves, and the end construction are all still very similar. You can see that the processes in both videos are very similar even if some of the tools have evolved. Created from oak that must be straight, knot-free, and properly aged, they are shaped and fitted together in a precise pattern that will render the finished barrel water-tight. As each barrel is completely unique, each head must be measured and created specifically for the barrel it will fit. French and American oak dominate the world barrel market with American oak being used much more often than French these days. The grain should be tight and predictable and the tannin content should be high in order to impart as much flavor into the aging liquid it is intended to hold.
Once the wood is roughed into stave length it is stored in tiers, exposed to weather and elements, to age and mature.
The wood is cut to stave length, tapered on every edge (both sides, top and bottom) to an exacting standard, hollowed slightly on the inside plane, and sanded to a smooth finish. Some coopers use staves of one equal width but many coopers now use a pattern of narrow, mid-width, and wide staves around the barrel. This part of the process is called ‘mise en rose’  which translates to ‘setting the rose’; at this point the barrel resembles an opening rose as the still straight staves bloom outward from the primary chime, hence the term. The partially built barrel is typically set over a steamer to soften the wood allowing it to bend.
Coopers use gas flame, oak fires, or torches to char the inside of the barrel to whatever level of toasting the client has requested. Each barrel may have the same rough measurements, but the exact diameter and shape of each is quite varied. The talent and skill of those who craft wooden barrels is unmatched today as a manual artform.
So, over the weekend I had the pleasure of hanging with my awesome Mom and Dad and catching up. I love this one because it not only has a easy place to hold your ring, but it can be custom-stamped with your names, too.
These ring bowls are a favorite because they keep your rings in a secure place, pop with a bright burst of color, and feature your wedding date. End grain butcher block construction is the strongest and most durable and preferred by chefs because they show less scratches and cradle the knife’s edge. Except that the technique used to create this end grain block floor, with its beautiful, solid, highly textured appearance, is actually hundreds of years old. When the folks at Cartolina decided to make an expansion to the studio, they chose to use end grain block flooring, a style commonly used on factory floors in the 19th century. This one is in a hallway, and the sizes of the beams are a little different, producing a slightly different effect. Here is a video that shows an epoxy floor being put in, start to finish, and it’s really interesting!

They can be used for everything from the indoor shelf to the outdoor porch, like the one we see here. Wood Pallet Flooring from A Building We Shall Go is top of the line in my book and I am excited to feature it today. Interestingly, much like the trade of blacksmithing produced the surname Smith, the trader of coopering produced the surname of Cooper.
There are nods to technology such as the use of band saws and sanders but, at its heart, the process remains unchanged.
Coopers have terms for every part of a barrel and specific ways that they should all go together to make the perfect wooden barrel.
They’re interested in the age of the trees, the location they are grown in, and the growing conditions of the area. This is due to changing taste palettes (American oak imparts a stronger vanilla flavor than French oak, which is more popular today) and cost considerations as American oak is a much less expensive wood than French oak.
This makes the wood stronger and removes any unwanted odors and tannins that may impart a harsh flavor. This increases the strength of the barrel and allows the forces to be disipated more easily.
These days a cable system is often used to bring the lower portion of the staves together so that the final hoops can be applied.
For this reason, each head is crafted individually based on the exact measurements of the barrel it is intended for. Reclaimed Douglas fir colors vary from light rosy pinks, yellow-browns to dark amber reds and is set off by its remarkably straight, handsome grain.
As the name (and the grain) would imply, the floor is made from the cut ends of wood beams. Once he had prepared 850 blocks he glued them to the plywood floor using a non water based, flexible flooring adhesive. Cordwood by itself it’s nothing special but DIYers are getting their hands on it and coming up with some pretty creative projects. An 80 pound bag of cement costs around $3.50, can be stamped and stained to look like wood, has little upkeep, is very durable, and looks so good! Redo Redux has done an amazing job creating a porch from repurposed pallets and I am happy to feature it here today. They are the final decision makers as to what wood is used to craft their wine barrels, whiskey barrels, and bourbon barrels. The shape will be set once the barrel cools and dries resulting in a water-tight barrel without the use of any glue, nails, or screws. My Dad said that from the moment my Mom put his wedding ring on his finger, he has never taken it off. It was back breaking work (so he tells me!) As soon as it was dry he applied a coat of Watco oil stain and 2 coats of oil based clear finish.
The end grain disks are sanded down, arranged on the floor (no gaps!), glued down, and coated with polyurethane to give you a natural, shiny, and durable floor. It’s actually made from a giant roll of craft paper that you can find at the home improvement stores in the painting section. Check out my books: The Handcrafted Wedding and The Inspired Wedding, in major bookstores nationwide.
Like, not even when he had to have stitches in his hand and he told the doctor, sorry, this ring is staying on. Here is the website where you can learn more about this style of floor, the products used, the finish options, and much much more.

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