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Is there an expert on here with Tube bending that can help me set up these dies to bend the light metal parts? If you have only a couple to bend, fill it with soapy water and freeze it, work great also. If it's a small volume job, Just fill the tubing with fine sand, and pack it down, block off the ends, bend around a form of the radius you want. Depending on the tube you almost certainly will need to anneal it for any back yard bending effort to stand a chance too. If you want a reflector to play with lighting, but don’t want to shell out money for a real one, you might want to try making an aluminum foil reflector. Also, some people choose to crumple up their aluminum foil before attaching it to the board, since this provides a softer and less directional light.
I chose to use a cardboard box since it was cheaper than a foamcore and could be folded up and tucked away, while having enough surface area to provide a significant amount of light. These reflectors can help you add fill-light to an outdoor shot where harsh lighting would otherwise cast unflattering shadows on your subject. As you can see, the reflector can help you overcome undesirable lighting conditions and can add a glint to your subject’s eyes that brings any portrait to life.
As a photographer I always get asked for advice on buying cameras and what is the least amount needs to be spent to achieve professional results.
When photographer Steve Arklay discovered his photo on someone else's Instagram account, posted without credit or permission, he didn't send a takedown request.
Once this was the most glorious building of Romania but since 1990 it’s been abandoned and slowly but surely falling apart. Camera technology has come a long way in the last two decades; heck, it's come a long way in the last 5 years.
Noise reduction for night sky photos can be tricky, because the algorithms at play often reduce the sharpness of your stars while removing noise in the darkest parts of the sky. Want to see what kind of work goes into turning a masterful photograph into an iconic print? Back in April, Adobe released a Lightroom 5 public beta, a preview version meant to iron out bugs. Edelkrone's tag line is simply "reinvent," and that's exactly what the company is doing with their new StandPLUS: they're reinventing the tripod.
Apple's iPhone 7 has long been rumored to sport dual cameras, but the smartphone might have another interesting photographic trick up its sleeve when it arrives: optical zoom.

When Fujifilm offered to pay photographer Zack Arias to create a promotional video about their products, Arias didn't simply create a typical behind the scenes or gear review video.
News broke back in February that Russian camera manufacturer Zenit was going to come back and take on Leica in the luxury camera market. Loss and desperation, love and respect, bravery and triumph, these are the themes that COOPH is exploring in their newest video, and they're doing it by reviewing some of the most powerful photographs ever captured. In this article I will describe how to construct a simple reflectance transformation imaging (RTI) setup using an Arduino microprocessor and a 3D printer.
There’s nothing like a spot of macro photography for making you stop to appreciate nature’s tinier gems. For thousands of years humans have engaged in making visual records of the world around them. Artist and photographer Fabian Oefner is constantly working out new and interesting ways to create his art—whether it's splattering paint using a spinning drill bit or 'disintegrating' a car piece by piece.
This Nikon D750 Review by Ross Harvey was originally published on his blog, and is being reprinted in full with permission.
What this review is: a real world account in a professional environment from a gear lover with high standards. I have done a lot of reading online before even starting and I've decided rather than start with a charcoal foundry as most hobbyists do - I've decided to jump right to a propane fueled furnace. Right now - I am waiting for the cement to dry before I can really test it out - I'm not known to be the most patient - I hope I can hold off! One final note - I plan on doing lost foam casting - so if anyone knows where to get the "Dow Blue" rigid foam - let me know! Ok - playing around with the burner and I definitely got something that works - and works really well! This is stuffed inside the pipe with the intention of keeping the end full diameter of the bullet exactly at the tangent point of the bend, so the pipe has an internal support. Simply modify your board to the size and shape you want, and attach aluminum foil to the surface. Instead of choosing, I covered both sides of my cardboard with aluminum foil, with a different surface on each side. You can also spray paint the foil to change the color and quality of the light you reflect.
It usually happens when I'm photographing a wedding, which also means I rarely have time to properly address the question.

Instead, he started a dialogue with the photo thief, trying to buy a print of his own photograph. The building is now listed as a historic monument by the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs of Romania.
But sometimes even decades old tech can keep up, like the Nikon F3H SLR and its burst mode that maxed out at a blazing fast 13fps in 1996! In this video tutorial, photographer Dave Morrow shows you how to avoid this issue altogether using a simple, effective editing technique.
Pablo Inirio, the master darkroom printer who works at Magnum Photos' New York headquarters, has personally worked on some of the cooperative's best-known images.
The Pixelstick from Bitbanger Labs, which may just be one of the coolest ways to express your creative side after the sun sets. Today, Adobe brought the program out of beta testing and has officially launched it in its final form for both Windows and Mac systems.
Or rather, they're throwing the tripod out altogether in favor of a different sort of camera holder.
A new patent from Apple shows how they could make this happen without making the phone bulkier. And in this video, he shares some tips that will help you capture some of that iconic style in your photos as well.
For his latest series 'Corona,' he turned his attention to petrol and achieved unexpectedly beautiful results.
It's not intended to be a catch-all review, it's specifically tailored for my own needs and shooting style. See if you can find the Diacro bending manual online, they have many good tips on tube bending. A number of his marked-up darkroom prints have appeared online, revealing the enormous amount of attention Inirio gives photos in the darkroom. Poor man mandrel bending can be done by stuffing the tube, either with ice or really well compacted sand - low melting point alloy.

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