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How to distress wood, make new wood look like barn wood and Build a simple Rustic Sofa Table. You can see some of the other amazing salvage wood walls I used for inspiration in my Pinterest board.
Now, are you ready to learn how to install a wood plank wall plus a few tips and tricks for cutting all those boards and angles?
I can’t even begin to tell you what a huge difference this wall has made in the room. Would you believe I have a table positioned identical to the one in this room, coming out from under the window, that we use every day for school work? Complete with frustrations, how tos, how not tos, and hands on advice to other intrepid homeowners about to remodel, build, or add an addition to their home. Unless specifically noted in a post, I have received no compensation for any of the products or services mentioned on My Home Redux.
The key is in the hardware which you can order online from specialty hardware sites like this one specializing in ice boxes. This is some how innovative idea of making refrigerator to old fashioned Ice box.I like the website link of icebox makers. This incredible wine cellar project even included creating a tasting area – perfect for sampling some of the great vintages stored there. With two generations of contracting experience to call from, these two brothers know quality – which is why it was FauxWoodBeams they turned to when they were hired to complete an exciting wine cellar project. Their clients were in New Jersey – and were struggling to find a basement wine cellar that did justice to their impressive collection of vintage wines.
Featuring floor-to-ceiling wine racks and an innovative curved roof, the new wine cellar the brothers dreamed up was brought to life using a variety of different materials – including a rack of our false timber beams. We love the opportunity to feature in shows like this – as it highlights just what incredible things can be accomplished with our faux wood products. FauxWoodBeams Our custom timber beams are used to create this truly unique and beautiful lighting feature. FauxWoodBeams Revitalize your home for spring with our Real Wood Weathered Beams, part of the Heritage collection. A post-op Heidi Montag crowds the Obamas off the cover of People magazine and inside she dishes on the ten procedures she had done on November 20. She had her breast implants increased to DDDs, a brow lift, a nose job revision, lipo on her stomach and thighs and a butt augmentation, among other things.

I was made fun of when I was younger, and so I had insecurities, especially after I moved to L.A. For more pics (including a topless Heidi during her breast procedure) and the 7-page interview, buy the magazine, on newsstands now. In addition to making it a feature wall, A I wanted to maximize the art hanging space with some ledges.
Before I took on this project, I did a little research and ultimately decided to take the risk.
If your rows are separated by a window, be sure to check that both sides are level with one another or you’ll have some out of sync rows when they meet again on top of the window. The hardware on top of custom cabinetry panels completely transform this refrigerator into a 20th century ice box. Otherwise, you can hire someone who has the necessary carpentry skills to do the work for you. As you can see from the video, it took very little time for Terry to attach our faux wood beams; using nothing more than trim head screws to secure them.
Alongside the other design elements the Brothers On Call introduced, our beams help create the look of a classic Tuscan wine cellar in a modern New Jersey home. As a LEED Accredited Professional and longtime contributor to Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn, her focus is on healthy, sustainable living through design.
I recommend you do your own google search and decide which information is relevant for your project.
If you are nervous about potential chemicalsa€”or potential hazards of pallet wooda€”go ahead and paint or seal your wall.
This pictures are awesome and I like your work to make this types of an Old-Fashioned Ice Box.
We want to paint some of the trim to give it an updated look, but don't know where to stop.
It’s an accessory designed to point out the beauty of the decor and complement or add a touch of originality to the room. The classical headboard designs are always beautiful but there are also some more unconventional ideas that might interest you.
Here are a few examples:View in galleryYou already know that pallets can be used to make almost anything. Here’s an example that shows how they can be used to make an original headboard for the bedroom.

Drive screws into the pilot holes to give the ledge enough strength to hold any boys that might try using them as rock climbing ledges. You can decorate them as you like and the result will be a casual, almost improvised decor that is nevertheless cozy.View in galleryThis is a more intriguing headboard idea. Also, the color of the headboard matches the furniture and the curtains so it integrates beautifully into the whole decor.View in galleryFor a more rustic look you can try to make a headboard from reclaimed barn wood. As you can see in this case, the pieces were connected at various heights for a more eye-catching effect. Of course, it would help if the rest of the decor shared the same characteristics.View in galleryThis is another version of the headboard presented above. It’s because the wood features different textures and finishes, different shapes and sizes and those are also probably different types of wood as well.View in galleryFor a more modern and practical look you can try a panel board headboard. The idea is to basically turn the respective wall into a storage space with lots of shelves and compartments. It’s helpful since you can also incorporate the nightstands into the design.View in galleryThis natural wood headboard is a piece that could easily become the star of the whole decor. If everything else is kept simple, preferably in neutral and bright colors, the headboard would pop and stand out beautifully. It’s a simple and elegant idea based on contrasts.View in gallery This is another variation of the room divider used as a headboard. The difference is that, in this case, the room divider is more impressive in size and it actually serves its original purpose, that of dividing two different rooms. In addition, it also serves as a headboard for the bedroom area.View in galleryA pegboard headboard would also be an ingenious and practical idea. You can turn this into a weekend DIY project and you then you can use the headboard to also hang some decorations, maybe even a planter for some freshness and a shelf for the alarm clock.View in galleryThis gray headboard is suited for minimalist, contemporary bedrooms.
Also, it’s very ingenious the way the nightstands were integrated into the bed’s design and together form a long shelf.View in galleryThese matching headboards are exaggeratedly high.

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