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To all those people who spent a boat load of money on your houseboat just to find out the pontoons are shot, fear not.I found a company in Ohio, owner lives in Houston Texas that make plastic pontoons. I recommend that you patch any leaks in pontoons then ziebart them with a rubber coating just as we, northern people, do to out carsand trucks to stop corrosion and leaks. Hi we had steel pontoons on our houseboat here in Qld Australia, being over 55ft you are support to have insurance to get the boat registered, but to get that you need to have an out of water survey done, but to get the boat lifted out at a marina to do this you have to have insurance. One group of friends wanted to go out on the water and have some fun in the sun, but needed to stick to a budget.
Here's the beginning of the project - just some 2X4s arranged in a rough outline of the shape of the raft. Once the bottom portion of the raft was put together, they used more wood from the pallets to reinforce the raft for sitting and standing. Here's the pontoon raft all put together, with the plastic barrels placed to make sure the raft remained buoyant and balanced. Hanging with friends on a pontoon raft sounds like a pretty great way to spend a summer afternoon. Godfrey Marine manufactures Sweetwater Pontoons, you might be more familiar with their Hurricane Boat lines but rest assured that the same quality and value still holds true for Sweetwater.

For 2013, Sweetwater restyled the entire lineup with major upgrades in design, materials and options available. Marine Connection is showing the 2286 Cruise Triple Gate model in our West Palm Beach showroom and it is a beauty!
Over the weekend I spoke with the mechanic at the marina explaining that I wanted to have the boat pulled out of the water and the pontoons checked, coated, repaired, whatever was necessary to ensure their continued performance. This will make your pontoons last a lot longer and though it may not look so hot, you will be able to count on the pontoons lasting longer.I agree that aluminum pontoons may set you back a lot, I have been searching the net for a suitable set of pontoons but aluminum is out of the qustion as I plan to put it on salt water or tidal waters. They did things a little bit differently and built their very own pontoon raft using old wooden pallets and plastic barrels for buoyancy. This may not be the easiest DIY project, but it's certainly a lot cheaper than buying a boat. They offer the best-valued Pontoon style boats out on the water and with three different model lines, you are sure to find a perfect match for your family.
Options available are the half dozen flooring options of carpet, easy-care vinyl and mahogany-ivory synthetic teak, Ski Tow Bar, Livewell for Fishing, Changing Room, Porta-Potti, Upgraded 27” Diameter Tubes, Stereo with Sirius Satellite, and Playpen Covers. It comes well equipped with Full Boat Covers, Sony Marine Stereo, Changing Room, Livewell, Bimini Top, Burgundy Color-Matched Upholstery Accents and the Coastal Edition.

I was shocked to find out that pulling the boat out of the water was not even recommended because of their age. Even then most insurance companies are not interested we had to go through an insurance broker. While this isn't quite a replacement for a real boat, it's still an awesome project that will ensure some awesome times with friends. The mechanic explained some of the steel is probably paper thin and putting the boat on a trailer could damage the pontoons beyond repair.
This way if there is a leak you wont lose your whole house.As far as insurance goes, ask the insurance companies what you must meet for specs to qualify for insurance. I don't even know what the cost would be to replace the pontoons, or if it can be done.I had no idea that my boat could become obsolete. Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates.

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