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The featured family quote says, "Grandkids Make Life More Grand." Our sample is done in ivory with brown lettering.
Please remember that the background is for illustrative purposes only and the items featured are not included, this listing is for the vinyl primitive sign indicated above only. I love a good DIY project with recycled old wood, and I'm totally in love with this painted ocean wall art piece.
We had a bunch of flooring that someone had ripped out of a house they were renovating and asked us if we had any use for it.
The wood we had did vary in color on it’s own, but we wanted a certain vibe from our artwork. Here are the recipes we came up with- and sorry in advance, we didn’t measure a blessed thing.
For each piece of wood, we used some wood glue and attached to the plywood with our nail gun fitted with finishing nails. To make a triangle shape, cut the ends of two pieces of wood at 45 degree angles- making sure that you cut one in each direction, so when they meet together they make a clean 90 degree angle.
The easiest way to measure and cut the triangle pieces so they fit perfectly is to start with your two 45s and create the triangle shape.
For the horizontal pieces we again cut one end at 45 degrees and made a straight cut on the opposite end.
We loved how the scrap wood art contrasted so well with the white brick walls we’d painted.
The art pieces on either side of our DIY artwork came from a few different local thrift stores.
And just because it made me laugh… look how ginormous I look next to the homeowner Adrienne. If you missed the other amazing DIY wall project in this sunroom, you can check out the Vertical Garden Wall tutorial here.

Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. Made of natural wood that will match all colors and kitchen styles, this would be a great addition to your kitchen, bar, or dining room.
Display and organize your stemware with this useful and convenient stemware holder that mounts to the wall. Place near your bed so you can see your Grandkids before you go to bed and first thing in the morning. I just tossed the ingredients together and added more of certain items until I achieved the color we wanted.
Whether you want to add artistic flair with wall decor, or you're looking for more storage and organization solutions, you'll discover exciting and stylish ways to complete your decor. This sign comes with the two eye hooks already inserted, burlap cording and ten clothespins.
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Oops!)  The wood was in various sizes and not all of it was from the same house, so it was different types of wood as well. We used more of our scrap pieces to add a border around the entire piece and then stepped back to look on the epic art we’d made.
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