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The 32 FE understands your fervor for fishing and responds with speed, style and an abundance of features to help you compete in the most intense conditions. Below the waterline, the all new LS Series is an offshore animal built for rough water and big seas. Sorry can't comment on the eye and winch problem (my experience is with other setups) but KUDOS on the camo clad, you did a great job. I think I've got the issue resolved with the simple changing of the roller guide to a 'Y-stop' which is better suited to mate with the flat front.
Well, weather permitting, I'm taking her out on the river for the day tomorrow with my wife.
Looking good, I lke to see a picture of your new winch set up, I kind of have the same problem. Well, today I burned some vacation and took my wife for a day on the water in some of my favorite country. There was a total of twenty four rivets and fasteners I needed to remove in order to get the old transom out. I'm afraid I can't contribute, other than to say you've got a real nice looking rig, and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!
Thanks I appreciate it.I've decided to just stick with leveling out the floor and adding a storage compartment in the front and enclosing the rear.
If you used 5200 or 4200 on those bolts and screws you will not have a problem with leaks; but rivets can be bought from may places, I usually get mine from Western Fasteners. I read that it was at wal-mart also, but after checking 4 local ones, tractor supply, and 3 other auto parts stores, ended up going to one of the boat dealers down the road from me.
Here are some additional pictures I took this afternoon after taking it to the river.Its funny how two pictures taken at different elevations can make a big difference. I need to fix a pole ring (pad eye?) to my mast for a whisker pole, and maybe one day spinnaker pole. You can also machine tap ally masts ,suitable thread M5 .Some times can be easier than getting hold of a suitable rivet gun. For a spinnaker pole it would be better if the ring were on a track so that the height can be adjusted. The solid-riding hull with twin engine configuration enables you to run easily at maximum speeds through deep offshore waters.
Above the waterline she boasts a more luxurious feel with large standard aft seating and a spacious standard bow seating that invites your friends and family onboard. Fishing standards include 23 rod holders, under gunwale rod racks, lockable rod storage port and starboard, and 18-foot outriggers. I’ve spent hours searching the forum looking for ideas on how I’m going to modify the boat.

I was hoping since it was exterior grade ply, it would hold up to a little bit of weathering. I'm in the early stages of modifying so if it turns out the silicone doesn't work, I'll check Wal-Mart and Lowe's for the 3M products.
I ordered it on Monday and had it four days later, which I thought was pretty quick considering I had to send them a check first. A built-in live well in the transom as well as four fish boxes and four additional dry storage compartments makes the boat fishing-ready.
It has Fiberglass Hard top, Bolsters, Bow bolsters, Bow cushion, Fold down Rear seat, Console cover, Compass, Plexiglass Windshield, Spray shield, Gull wings, T-top Life jacket net, Dual batteries and a Porta potti. The bow seating arrangement features a standard hydraulic lifting sun pad and table while maintaining its sleek deck appearance.
A 35 gallon fresh water washdown, 43 gallon circulating livewell, and over 300 gallons of fish box space are also standard.The 325cc is also loaded when it comes to style and comfort.
Let me first start off with the initial pictures.As you can see, the transom is pretty much shot. The boat is garage kept, so if the transom holds up for a couple seasons, I would be more than happy.Is it true I can find the 5200 and 4200 at most Wal-Marts? I would have liked to had a dark gray pigment, but this was one of the few colors they didn’t carry. Should I change anything, as in the supports?I'm pretty sure I have enough weight in front of the trailer axle, but here is a shot of the back.The center support on the trailer I just made today. The bow seating provides ample storage space for all of your gear, and is incredibly comfortable for when flipping through the pages of your favorite literature. The electric bow table converts to a sun lounge at the push of a button, and the roomy head compartment comes with a sink, shower, and china bowl head with macerator and holding tank.
I chose exterior plywood because my local Lowe's did not carry marine grade and I already had the exterior.
I know others have asked what colors Fasco has available so I got the list of colors from Jerry at Fasco and they included: black, white, grey (light), fasco green, brown, yellow, fasco red, fasco blue, Hialeah blue, and beige. In the picture you'll see that the previous owner had a roller bow stop on the front of the boat and on the underside. I'm hoping the silicone will be fine for now, but if I ever go back and use rivets, I'll be sure to use the 3M product.
I opted for the black pigment and I am actually happy I did.The weather was in the mid-70s today with a slight breeze.
I felt it was not the correct thing to use so I put a carpeted 2x6 in its place.I used the bow stop, but I two two U-bolts and mounted it to the 2x6. Photos are of sister vessels, we are the builder and this ad is to custom build a NEW boat.

Designed for ventilation as well as safety while running at night, it is one of many exclusive Everglades standards. I then took a router and recessed the nut and washers in the 2x6.Should I do something similar on the front bow stop, where the winch is?Finally here is an top view of the boat as it is today.
Jerry told me I wouldn't have to remove all of the original paint from the bottom of the boat, but to just scuff it up instead. I then masked off the area that I had planned not to paint and I finally wiped the area down with acetone. I chose to go with stainless steel screws as opposed to rivets because I had them on hand as well. My father and I began by mixing small batches of the epoxy (about a half a quart at a time).
I picked up some marine grade sealant and added some into each hole before inserting the screws.
I may just go over it a little bit.I'd like to get the leak taken care of before I begin any decking or carpeting inside the boat. The directions that come with the Steelflex are pretty thorough, so there was new confusion on what needed to be done. I haven't taken the boat out on the water after replacing the transom, so this weekend should be the leakage test. I ended up having a little more than half a gallon left over after doing two coats on the boat. NAVIGATION: International running lights, compass, Livosi Instrumentation, waterproof DC breaker panel. I'm hoping the sealant will hold up, but if it doesn't, I'm going to have to find rivets large enough for.Does anyone know where I can pick up rivets similar to those that I drilled out? Here it is in a back channel we drove into.Nice place for a picnic spot, don't you think?You need to come in here slowly.
Though you do not have to rush when rolling the Steelflex on, you do need to work at a steady pace. The final picture gives you an idea how well the epoxy seals the rivets up.If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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