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This listing is for a beautiful 15' 1985 West Wight Potter that we've enjoyed sailing for a little over a year now. 2002 Saga 35’ sailboat with considerable amount of new equipment including brand new unused sails. Corbin 39s are heavily built blue water cruisers designed specifically to take a couple anywhere in the world. We bought the boat before my wife started graduate school, and now we simply have no time to sail!
The main drops easily through jiffy lines into a stack pack with a Tides strong track system and has two easy to set internal reefs in the boom.
Perpetua is one of just a few Corbins located on the West Coast, and, to the best of our knowledge, the only one in Oregon. Normal signs of wear and tear for an '85 vintage boat, but there is no egregious damage whatsoever.
She is well equipped for blue water cruising and completed a round trip from Portland, Oregon to Hawaii and back during the summer of 2007. The previous owner did a good job making repairs where necessary, so it's in really good shape. The riggings (main, jib, and genoa) are all in very good shape, and are ready to go on day 1. She has four independent water tanks, a good assortment of sails, and lots of extra equipment.
She makes a great liveaboard, with hot & cold pressure water, water source heat pump for heating & air conditioning,A 2007 upholstery, and plenty of room & storage.

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