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Location: Southern England Renato Levi Wrote three books on the subject of designing Powerboats.
Best book currently available on powerboat hydrodynamics is Hydrodynamics of High-Speed Marine Vehicles, by Odd M. If you are working in Aluminum, go to ABS, Lloyd's, or ISO and get rules for construction of high-speed vessels. Jet boats are tricky, most major water-jet manufacturers have lots of data on what works, talk to the supplier.
A phenomenon known as porpoising can occur if you are not caqrefull of what you are doing on the bottom, particurly in the 6' infront of the transom. Make the delta pad on the bottom nice and long, no-one says that the boat needs a 'keel', where the bottom sheets meet to form the vee.
Look at other jet boat manufacturers and what they do, we spend many hours making sure we get it right so we can sell a safe and well performing product. As has been said the key is power to weight and planing area in both laden and light conditions. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: Gunnedah NSW very small jet boat bouncing hi my very small jet boat on plain bounces rapidly on top of the water up and down real rough and every now and again it will be smooth for about 5 seconds then back to rough.
Frosty Previous Member   Looks like good fun --I love the air filter. You will have to get up out of your seat and move your wieght around to see what it wants, ie lean forward to see if it stops - or tie that spare wheel to the bow for a test run.
Ps theres some guys on this forum will go nuts when they see that car engine-- totally out of regs-- well for the Us any way.
Try with the plate exactly parallel to the bottom of the hull, then add a degree or two downturn. Assuming you have a nozzle steer, wedges may be available, depending on the make of jet, to vector the jet down a degree or two, and also provides a good solution.
Location: Gunnedah NSW thats the best i can do for now but ill see if i can get one tommorow. Frosty Previous Member   It looks to me like some one had tried to make that an adjustable sort of trim tab. If you got it to perform better but not perfect it looks as though adjusting the angle of the jet would not be a big job. Location: Gunnedah NSW so which way would i want to angle the jet as ill just whack some washers in there to muck around with. Location: Australia Would probably help to make the plate twice as long as it is, ie where it ends now, make about half way.
Too much angle will cause the bow to plough, and get bow steer, and unpredictable handling, so if you can adjust your nozzle, don't make radical adjustments.
Location: Palmer Alaska Mokai jet boats So any ideas on a different motor for this boat? Location: Eagle, Alaska Kawasaki Jet Ski 300cc engine, couldn't weigh much.
Location: Eagle, Alaska I have to disagree with all of the above, as do aftermarket impeller and engine performance manufacturers.
Most motors run a 3600 rpm so I don't see how more horses help when you still are turning the impeller at the same rpm.

I tried the canoe thing they become very unstable with speed and turning is a whole subject to it's self. Location: Sitka, Alaska Having just purchased a few Mokai's, and only going out on them once, I am not the formost authority on them, but man, I got drenched on quite calm seas.
Location: Gulf Coast USA I have emailed them many times and they have never replied, so I figured they are no longer in business. Location: Sitka, Alaska Wierd, in all my dealings with MOKAI thus far, they have been pretty customer service oriented.
Location: Palmer Alaska Contact with mokai Am really surprised that you have had a problem getting in contact they are great with customer service. You do get wet when you play in chop and waves the spray skirt works will, a rain coat keeps top side dry. I have had mine for 4 years and love them as much if not more than when I got them not a boat for everything but will get you where no other boat can follow.
Location: Gulf Coast USA I've emailed them numerous times from three different email addresses but they have always ignored me. Location: South Australia Home Built Jet Dinghy's from New Zealand Just thought some of you might like to see these little home built aluminium jet boats from New Zealand. There are quite a few on youtube, some with Jetski engines, others running 600 to 1000cc motorcycle engines directly coupled to PWC jet pumps.
I just came across these on youtube etc and thought members here may be interested in seeing them, or even be inspired to build one them self.
I was merely searching the web for small 8-10' speedboats as I am wanting to build one suitable for a 25hp short-shaft Merc outboard I have. Location: South Australia Here is a link to the page showing the plastic sheet being made and fitted, with his explanation. We have a great jet-sprint series here in Australia, back 15 or so years ago we even had a course here in South Australia at Currency Creek built on the side of our lower Murray River system near Goolwa. It was a perfect location where the course sat in the bottom of a natural amphitheatre and the crowd watched on from the high land around it, and the sound of those big V8 engines at full power echoed off the hills. Location: New Jersy Where can I find some hull photographs or manufacturers that make very good hull designs ? Assuming a boat about 20' & V8 The attached perspective drawing shows you what I did on the Cherubini 20 bottom for the jet drive. I have used a similar bottom for the Saetta 20, which originally had an inboard drive, and I have just reshaped the hull for a jet drive using a Hamilton jet.
Boat should not bow hook or become airborne unless I am stupid or showing off like a nut in a 21' X 4' boat. From the perspective view and the side (below) it looks like you have effectively taken a chunk out of the bottom to produce a flat for the jet intake.
When we built the hull molds for this design, the hull plug was carved out of foam at DLBA Robotics in Virginia, and it had the full V, not cut away.
Location: New Zealand Had you considered the merits of running the flat area (which we refer to as the 'delta', not sure of the origins but it could be due to the triangular shape) from the transom to just forrard of amidships?
Yes, in fact, I did go through a rendition of the hull lines with a flat on the bottom exactly as Mat-C describes, not inclined like Speedboat's photo, and got all the way through general arrangement drawings. If I had to do it over again to provide a jet design in a speedboat, I would do it the same way with the bottom shape that I have developed, which I have used on a number of boat designs--the boats trim out and handle very well. The merc sj175 does offer a reasonable amount of thrust, but the downside is that in their infinate wisdom, Mercury put the exhaust from the engine in the cavity between the hull and jet unit.

I tend to think of those that do as 'old school', and perhaps we should scrap the shuttle and fly the appollo missions again.
As in aerospace, the trailing edges create a vortex, much like the tips of a wing, only in water that usually means that air is bled off, if that air makes it to the intake the pump will cavitate causing loss of thrust. If you can set up a mount for it there that is adjustable like vertical plate welded to the ride plate, and vertical plate fixed to the jet, so you can drill thru both and bolt together.
It angles the outlet down slightly to reduce bow lift, which is usually the cause of porpoising in a jet. The things you can do to tinker with a jet drive to make it go faster or have more torque are varied and many.
Who cares if Honda doesn't warranty that little engine, he paid too much for that whole setup anyway, its a $500 dollar kayak with a 350 dollar engine and a 200 dollar jet unit.
Minimum bottom angle ~10 deg helps in keeping intake free from bubbles generated at spray-root forward. Jetsprint boats run a transom deadrise angle up around 24*, I've used 19* extremely successfully with a warped bottom. The same gusset blocks will be used on both sides of anything holding the marine plywood skins on.
The flat area forrard becomes quite narrow so as to minimise the effect of 'slamming' etc that you suggest. I suppose I always assumed it would be done as a horizontal version of what speedboats has pictured, as in the pic below.
As I remember, they are nigh impossible to get hold of (you may have to order directly if you can find the website) but they are well worth reading. If you have a 'rocker' the boat will bounce around, or porpoise, if it has a hook it will bow steer badly, possibly causing the boat to spin in a turn. Look at not only straight line performance, but also where any vorticied will end up in a tight turn (if you terminate your strakes ahead of the intake), if the unit cavitates during a turn and you loose thruse, a real nice jet spin often occurs, sometimes at an inconvient moment!!! The full length of the jet unit to the end of the nozzle would help, and then a slight downturn may help. Make the plate from 6mm aluminium, same width as the jet unit with a slight taper to the end. I would have though it would create a bit of turbulence in front of the jet, as well as a possible area of 'negative pressure'. Although it does rotate the jet giving a 'trim up' effect, depending on the pump you use they have a 5* down angle on them anyway (to allow sump clearance for the motor to the bottom of the hull.
That would give a flat 'pad' for the boat to ride on - quite common in many faster boats I believe - but avoid any potential turbulence problems. Most were outboards, though some were also fitted with sterndrives and I think even a few jets. You act like this is brain surgery or something rather than the Jethro engineering it really is.
I would be willing to bet that he could put up to a 12 hp engine in that thing and have a lot better performance, as long as it fit in the engine compartment.
Obviously, a company is not going to make something like that go 25mph, they would get sued because of all the idiots out there who would try crazy turns at high speed and get instantly swamped, but I know that thing could go faster without spending an arm and a leg or hiring a professional jet boat engineer.

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