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After teaching American history to 8th graders for a few eld I’ve developed this webpage in the hopes that it can help first yea.
I would encourage you to start a BLOG entry here if you are willing to share the experience and build history.
I am getting down to the short rows with this project which I started by buying a jetski in Roseville (E Sacramento) about March 2010 sometime I think.  What a fun project this has been and how much I have had putting it together and all the headscratching that goes along with this. I bought a neato trailer for it and as soon as I get it spruced up I will figure out how to get the boat setting on top of the trailer and down to the water. Then I will want to totally share!  Going to include one photo here, when I flipped the boat, and it shows how the pump intake was incorporated into the seven degree V-bottom to help prevent slipping and skidding into the bank!

Thank you Don.  Believe it or not I am a sales rep and northern California is part of my territory.  I won't be through there though for some time, but if I make it through and the offer still stands, maybe we can grab lunch, trade some boat stories and look at those seats and that AWESOME sled!  MAN, YOU ARE SKILLED! Scott, Thanks so much for the offer!  Your seats look awesome and I would love to get the pattern from you!  Please let me know what I can do for you!  I would be absolutely willing to pay for them.!
Well, it is good to know I am not the only guy out here who is at least pondering the possibilities in this area.I am going to do a bunch of measuring when I get the boat over into my shop on Tuesday.
For the coiffure it yourself gravy holder owner this means seating room for those Draw Oregon find a pontoon boat programme that you flavour well-situated building.
I haven't got my two seats tested yet, so hesitate to recommend what I managed to come up with.

These would be a PERFECT pattern for a fiberglass deal as the buckets are separate from the rear seats.
I just printed it out, spray mounted it on a piece of Masonite, cut it out and made it smooth, put double sided tape on the pattern stick it to the oak. Rough cut the oak on the band saw Then using a pattern makers bit on the router table You have your seet sides.

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