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19 gallon aerated livewell is located under the driver's seat, providing easy access, enhancing the weight-forward design.
Jet console is rugged aluminum with a molded gauge pod attached for optional dealer installed gauges of your choice. Jet motor is elevated above the bottom of the boat, while the tunnel design directs water to the intake, for outstanding shallow water performance. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, specifications and measurements are approximations and subject to variances. If you are a guest, have a look around by clicking on the Forum button up top and browse our public areas.
Will be leaving tomorrow morning for a 2000 Km round trip to collect a hull I purchased today. You guys will have to help me out on this one, I am seldom stumped,this one I don't even want to try on my own.
The bottom work on this one, will have to be a VJB project with a huge amount of input from the members. Dont suppose you would be lucky enough to have a hull identification number on the starboard side transom?
Location: USA You want the depth (height) of the tunnel to be no more than three inches.
Adding a jackplate will also get you some additional height on the jet foot, even without modifying the boat hull.
I can go through water that won't float a canoe, but I have to be loaded fairly light to show off my skinny-water fly bys.

A hydraulic jack plate would let you lower the motor to reduce cavitation in choppy waters, but would add some weight.
Also, my parts contact said some guys use UHMW polyethelene to make the wings on the foot intake. Location: Arkansas jet tunnel Hi i'm thinking about modifiying my jon like the one you showed in the pictures. The boat works quite well the way the photos show, but you have to think about the weight all the time.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. G3 Boats does not guarantee such accuracy and can't be held liable for any errors or any reliance upon this information. At first glance I thought Nordic or Daytona Then looked up Centurion and now Brendella and none of them have the step in the gunnel behind the driver, I am left with no clue.
I have just gotten a similar year 16 ft alumaweld sled that I am looking to put a tunnel is as well.
The water goes up and down with the weather and lot of thought has gone into the problem up here. I can keep it just on step without too much air problems if I keep speed down in waves and serious ripples. Have you installed fins on the jet intake or done other mods that helped the boat run better.
The placement of the consoles, far forward of the usual location, provides a quick hole shot, along with weight distribution that trims the boat for shallow draft running.

The transom height raises the jet engine above the bottom of the boat, while the tunnel design directs water to the lower unit intake to provide the ultimate in shallow water performance.
I wonder if an impeller or sleeve or any other parts could be manufactured out of plastic or composite?
It has custom paint, custom interior, 454 Chevrolet engine, manual trim, swim steps, storage boxes, tilt wheel, ATJ SD-309 - jet drive and a JVC CD stereo system.
Each G3 jet model delivers the durability and value that have made Gator Tough® jons famous with fishermen everywhere. Either of the three would make a great hot rod What kind of keel is on it or do you know yet. I think I would measure the width of the center to make sure it will accommodate an intake, it should but I know Murphys law real well. I hit much fewer rocks this way, and I suck alot less gravel when trying to get around in shallow bars. These unique boats can deliver you to new fishing and hunting territory, while others are left behind.

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