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Although the pond is probably too small, it is a good visual motivation as I walk past it to get to work every day. The Jet intake was sanded up to 1000grit and polished with a metal polish and a buffing wheel.
I attatched an electric drill to the shaft of the jet drive and tried it out in the bath tub. I've redesigned the stator, impeller and nozzel to see if I can reduced the swirl without needing a honeycomb.
One of the reasons for taking so long was that I decided to make two extra pumps for some friends of mine. I tested out the engine, pump and hull in the water without radio gear to make sure everything was ok.
The 55 went a bit faster than the 50mm but alot faster than the 45mm pitch so I'm guessing that a 53mm would be optimal. I tried reducing the nozzle diameter to make the boat go faster but it just made it very hard to steer the boat.
We manufacture a range of performance jet boats specifically designed for NZ's extreme boating conditions. We design our boats using every bit of the expertise we have built up in the last three decades – building market leading jet propulsion equipment and boats. Last year, despite the tough financial conditions, was our busiest year for producing boats. We like it when customers ask for our advice on all sorts of things when it comes to their boats. As always our boats represent our latest technology in hull design, engines and jets (staying no 1 in jet sprinting globally means we have a constant stream of upgrades and product improvements). Tim came in to Winchester wanting to buy a conventional boat, but tried the Scud and bought one on the spot. Power is from a Nissan all alloy 3.5L V6 pumping out just under 300hp in a very light compact package. The high revving (up to 6,000rpm), high output, all alloy Chev engine is perfectly suited to the high revving 852 jet. When Brent was looking for a new boat he chose Scott because "he wanted to get the best. Brent worked closely with Scott Waterjet to customise 'Hammer Down' including a different dash layout, modified trailer, etc. This boat is one of our earlier Puddle Hoppers and was designed and built to explore anything that contains water.
Building a competitive hull for a jet sprint super boat is perhaps the biggest challenge for jet boat builders.
Scott has a long tradition of building winning hulls - including Konrad's two world championship boats. This boat was built for Merv and Dave McCabe (father & son) of Oamaru, NZ and has a lot of features for their particular use.

We designed and built this boat with a lot of input from the owners to achieve their goals. The sides are 50mm higher than std (available as an option) to give more freeboard and side height for better safety for the kids as well as providing more room and a seating position that is easier to get in and out of. We have most of the bits for this combo set, including the special fittings kit for launching and retreiving the Vegesack. I have been into RC for almost 2 years now but I have concentrated on RC planes (both Nitro and Electric).
You can probably power it with a lead acid motorcycle battery and maybe put in two surplus 12v car fan motors, the posibilities are endless because this thing is HUGE!!! Defending UIM World Series Group A champion Slade Stanley from Australia reckons his toughest opposition for the two round 2012 title being held in New Zealand will come from his compatriot, but doesn’t rule out the Kiwi locals. Winning the title in 2009, Stanley along with navigating wife Vanessa from Wagga Wagga, NSW, will defend their title after a late change in their plans meant they couldn’t compete in the higher specification unlimited Superboat category.
Stanley says he last drove the boat when he won the title late in 2009, having since sold it to Damien O’Leary, who will also contest for the title. Stanley has been warned to prepare for any kind of weather, after the recent Jetpro New Zealand championship round held in the Wairarapa was cut short due to a heavy rain storm. The husband and wife team get their first look at the track on Saturday 11 February, with preliminary qualifying held in the afternoon. Additional entries to the event include the New Zealand domestic Jetpro Jetsprint championship Lites competitors, who will challenge for an event trophy, as their boats are ineligible for world title contention.
The hull has been fiber-glassed and few more trimmings have been added to the hull construction.
We've also been lucky enough to spend thousands of hours boating in NZ and overseas rivers and lakes, and have listened carefully to feedback from jet boat enthusiasts around the world.
Jet boating is our life and we reckon we've done most things our customers will want to do in their boats; fishing, hunting, adventure boating, family boating, etc. Richard is a keen fisherman - and also wanted a boat that would work for his 80 year old dad. Our customer spent an afternoon with us on the Rangitata River in South Canterbury, and knew he needed a boat that could perform at home in Sweden.
It is built around our 14 deg design but features a variable deadrise in the bow entry for better ride quality in rough conditions. The characteristics of this engine are perfectly matched to the 812 two stage jet which features hydraulic trim control and hydraulic reverse control, it is also fitted with our heavy duty intake grill (option on the jet) featuring bissaloy 400 bars and high tensile cast AB2 ends - these grills are unbelievably tough and are essential for vigorous users. The impellers on the jet match the revving of the engine right up to 6,000rpm - delivering massive, controlled thrust. These boats are a hoot to drive and the extra push from the two stage jet and the 2.0L turbo engine (which has the boost set higher to produce 240 hp) gives eye-watering performance and handling. We look forward to following Slade's progress in Australian Superboats this season, and wish him and his team all the best. Dave has a young wife and family and wanted easy access in and out of the boat for his wife and kids, he also wanted a secure dry storage area for stowing gear so that it was not lying in the cockpit.

We built this boat with a windscreen that has an opening centre section to allow for easy access in and out of the boat, the centre section opens on a gas strut which holds the door in the open or closed position.
In its standard form the jet-boat operates without a servo-operated reversing flap on the Mini-Jet propulsion unit, which means that a low-cost 2-channel radio control system can be used. Final qualifying and eliminations take place on the Sunday with the programme repeated the week later (18-19 February) at Wanganui to decide the world champion. We use them for extreme boating, fun and family boating and fishing in the rivers and lakes of New Zealand.
He also gives a 2 hour lesson on how best to handle and maintain your Scott Boat, and has a complete workshop for your scheduled maintenance. It fitted perfectly in a 20 foot container and we are looking forward to photos of the boat n operation - once the ice clears! It features a full open bow with a removable white water cover for extreme conditions, the walk through from the cockpit has a hinged folding door which can be latched in the open or closed position depending on the use, this allows excellent access in and out of the boat.
All around handling and performance are exceptional while retaining excellent fuel economy. The cockpit is roomy and allows for great access in and out as well as an excellent seating position. Merv is not as nimble as he used to be and wanted easy access and a comfortable roomy cockpit, they also wanted to retain maximum performance and handling.
The experienced modeller may prefer to fit a 3-channel RC system so that the reversing flap on the jet unit can be controlled to provide reverse running. We believe Scott Boats set the standard for recreational boats in construction, quality, performance and most importantly safety.
The hull is slightly stretched to make the bottom as wide as possible - allowing it to plane at really low speed.
These boats are used for a wide range of activities - adventure boating, fishing and hunting, water skiing etc. The sides were made 50mm higher than std (which is an option) for extra freeboard as this boat will see some offshore sea use. This boat is small, nimble and liightweight making it the ideal tool for shallow water boating and exploring those waterways that are too small for regular boats. The Cockpit is exceptional roomy and well laid out with all of the controls at your fingertips, the seating is set up for 4-5. It seats 3 in comfort and has excellent performance from the 200+ HP Subaru coupled to the 751 jet, much like a go-cart on water.

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