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While there is no simple way to really explain the content of this show on a web page, partly due to the complex nature of the artist's work (i.e. Bird Radio and the Eames Chair Lounge (2002-2011) and Bird Radio for Afghanistan (2010) consist of a set of jerry-rigged bird calls, a video, a radio transmitter, a microphone, a series of drawings, blueprints, photographs and a 52 page guide book.
Bill Burns was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1957 and has lived and worked mostly in Vancouver, Toronto and London, England. Bill Burns has published several books including When Pain Strikes, a critical anthology about pain and pain relief, published by the University of Minnesota Press in 1999. Burns has received commissions and awards from l'APAPE in France, the Danish Arts Agency, the Pollock-Krasner Foundation and the Wellcome Trust.
We are also pleased to offer the following multiples and books in tandem with the exhibition. Dogs and Boats and Airplanes told in the form of Ivan the Terrible is a 192 page, linen bound book published by Space Poetry, Copenhagen, 2011.

Three Books and an Audio CD About Plants and Animals and War is a boxed set edition of three books and a compact disc. The work above, the photograph, is called 'Meeting of the Board' - below is a recent installation from one of his gallery shows. His work about animals and civil society has been shown in solo projects Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (2008), Cristina Enea Foundation, San Sebastian, Spain (2010) and the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2007) and the Wellcome Trust, London (2002) as well as in major thematic shows at the Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul (2002); the Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Copenhagen (2010) and the Museum of Modern Art, New York (2006). His work consists mainly of sculpture, photographs, multiples, books and reworkings of everyday materials.
Other book titles include Analgesia (1993), How to Help Animals Escape from Degraded Habitats (1996) and Urban Fauna Information Station (2002) and Safety Gear for Small Animals (2005). These diagrams provide the user with a complete list of materials and methods used to build replicas of the guard towers and prison cells at Camp X-Ray.
He is known for his Safety Gear for Small Animals (SGSA) series, and the accompanying museum, where gear for animals and guides on how to assist them are displayed.

The edition also includes a large-format, screen printed playlist of the metal, hardcore, rock and pop songs played to prisoners at the camps as well as a set of three long play vinyl records containing songs from the same list. His book works and artists' editions are included in major museum collections throughout the world. His animal rescue works have also been exhibited at the Seoul Museum of Art in Seoul, Korea and El Basilisco in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Burns participated in the Forum Arte y Vida at the Havana Bienal in Havana, Cuba in 2003 and at the Bienal del Fin del Mundo in Ushuaia, Argentina in 2007.
The project includes an extensive body of photographs as well as a children's choir whose entire repertoire consists of the sounds of dogs and boats and airplanes.

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