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Originally designed in the late 1930s as an observation aircraft, the OS2U Kingfisher had a remarkable career aiding the Allies in rescue and reconnaissance missions during WWII. Blue Seas Dual USB Charger SocketDual USB Charger Socket Easy to install in existing 12V DC socket hole providing convenient access for charging mobile devices.
Cigarette Lighter & Dual USB SocketCigarette Lighter & Dual USB Socket Features: Overload protection.
Switchgear EnclosureSwitchgear Enclosure Small Hatch with internal surround for mounting hardware. Hella 2-Pin Plug Water ResistantWater Resistant Chrome Brass Plug Chrome brass plugs and sockets for exterior or interior installations.
Hella 2-Pin Socket Water ResistantWater Resistant Chrome Brass Socket Chrome brass plugs and sockets for exterior or interior installations. The Dornier Do X passenger airship with a take-off mass of 48 tonnes was in its time the largest aircraft in the world by far. HYDRAULIC REVERSE: Jet-mounted Hydraulic cylinder which connects directly to the reverse bucket, simple rugged design that is very effective and saves considerable weight by doing away with control shafts and linkages. HYDRAULIC CONTROLS: Both trim and reverse can be operated off a single pump with a valve body or from two individual pumps, reverse is operated by a joystick and trim is controlled by a steering wheel mounted toggle switch.
TRIM NOZZLES MANUAL ADJUSTER: All jets come with trim nozzles as standard equipment, but they can be rigged with a manual adjuster for fixed trim positions.
STEERING CONTROL: Steering can be activated with a push-pull Morse type cable system or the conventional rope and pulley system.

Scott Waterjets are available in commercial, recreational and sprint applications, and as both two stage and single stage versions. HYDRAULIC TRIM: This is fully mounted on the jet (no messy brackets to fabricate and fit as it comes already mounted).
LED TRIM and REVERSE INDICATORS: These show the position of the trim nozzle and reverse bucket on the boat dash board. It has been used as an upgrade option for older boats, to improve performance, handling and fuel efficiency. Development of Scott waterjet units and accessories are always at the cutting edge of technology, with proven world-class competition results being built into our continually updated and expanding product range. It's a 6.1 inch two stage jet suitable for smaller higher revving engines and is currently in testing with various 2 and 4 stroke engines. Fully mounted on the jet, super quick and powerful operation, 2-3 seconds from full forward to full reverse. This features a 3 position detent lock system for positive forward, neutral and reverse engagement. Sometimes the cost of reconditioning and upgrading a 3 stage with new impellers and trim system is not much less than fitting a new jet. On 21 October 1929 the Do X took off on a round trip with a ten man crew and 159 works employees.
The jet will feature trim and reverse, a full size intake grate, super tough impellers and Scott performance.

A new 825 not only adds considerable all round performance gains, it lifts a boat's resale value considerably.
At that time the number of people it carried was a sensational record that stood unbroken for 20 years.
We have been testing in our new 3.3m Puddle Hoppers and having a hoot while testing, due to the extreme shallow-water capabilities of this new boat. On 5 November 1930 it took off on an international promotional flight intended to demonstrate the luxurious comfort and safety of the Do X.
The jet has been getting a serious workout and is proving to be seriously tough and still maintain excellent performance while processing trash and running with quite a lot of debris in the intake grate.
The journey went from Amsterdam, via England, France, Portugal and Gran Canaria as far as Portuguese Guinea.
The biggest cleanout so far has been 40 stones in the grate and performance was still good.
Given the nature of these small boats the jet not only has to perform well but it has to be able to deal with trash and take serious abuse as it will continually be operated in extreme environments. Konrad and his son Cody who now works at Scott Waterjet have a test boat each and have done a considerable amount of testing with more scheduled.

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