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August 12, 2013 by Brittany Dixon 32 Comments It always surprises me how one great weekend day can make me feel like I squeezed a week’s worth of relaxation out of it.
As a very enthusiastic mountain biker the mountain bike trails are what first pulled me to the park. Itusi Trail: Hiking is also allowed on the Itusi Trail, although hikers must yield to mountain bikers using this trail. If you are remotely interested in camping at Lake Norman the first thing I advise is to go reserve your spot now. Vanessa and Gail, if you ladies come up call me and we'll try to get together for a coffee or lunch.
Less than 20 minutes from most of the Lake Norman area this 1,328 acre park holds activities for everyone and truly holds the key to getting locals outdoors.

Formally called the Itusi trail system the milage currently is sitting 22 miles at with several more miles currently under construction.The longest trail system in the Lake Norman and Charlotte area with different trail loops depending on how difficult and how much climbing you would like to endure. Dedicated hiking paths that you won’t need to worry about mountain bikers flying up to you at 12 mph, but you are also able to hike all the miles of the Itusi trail.
The trail crosses the picnic area, circles the peninsula between Norwood and Hicks creeks, and then skirts the edge of the lake.
The Itusi Trail is not just a mountain bike trail – it is designed for hikers as well. I also must note that while we are talking about hiking trail running is super popular and highly recommended. Take a short side path to the dam and view the spillway and gates that control the lake’s water level before returning to the trailhead.

It was beautiful, scenic, amazing lake views, walks and it was perfect for a family camping trip.
If we forgot something we were only 20 minutes from home and all of the campsites are well taken care of.

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