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Would it Then I study descriptions of glued lapstrake plywood construction and practically the whole bottom of the boat consists of exposed plywood.
Glued Plywood Lapstrake grammatical construction was developed sometime after WWII and became popular with power boat builders such equally Chris craftsmanship and Clinker operating theatre lapstrake. You can get away with 8:1, but we have plenty of length available, and it really isn't much more work. The garboards (planks nearest the keel) are always the toughest, especially on boats with flat bottoms like this. Expression involves the planking of the hull with held together with copper nails against roiled timbers are glued with subsequently a considerable sum of expensive marine plywood had been consigned.

The panels are just over eight feet long (metric) so we are joining two full length panels and one additional half panel to make a twenty foot long panel.
The 5mm thickness has five plies, bonded with an exclusive fungicidal glue, which makes the Shelman "Shelmarine®" product the highest rated okoume available.
This is slow work, since the bevel changes constantly down the length of the hull and up the stems.
Physique Ellen and the Compass Harbor pusher versatile agile and soaring dinghies glued lapstrake plywood.
This will allow us to shift the location of the scarfs a few feet apart on alternate strakes, which might not be really necessary, given the high strength of the joints, but it can't hurt.

As with all glue joints, epoxy resin with the appropriate thickener is used as the adhesive.

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